Friday, March 1, 2013

Sangster's Thoughts: Is More Government The Answer to Detroit's Problems?

Governor Rick Snyder has put into motion steps that would see the state of Michigan take over the city of Detroit. If the steps go through, then the state will place an emergency manager over the city.

Judging from what I saw today on Facebook and Twitter many conservatives find it a good idea. Most think it is as Michigan's government is much better at managing things, than the city of Detroit's leadership is. However, this also means granting a government, more powers than it previously had.

Is this something that conservatives should really be for? Of course we want to see the city stop falling into decay and crime. We definitely would love to see the city make a recovery. But should we support government becoming bigger, in order for it to happen? If the only way to save Detroit is more government, than is it worth saving?

In a bigger picture, would we support the US government putting an emergency manager over California, due to it's economic woes? Would we support the EU if they put someone over Greece, Spain, or other countries with failing economies? Would we be okay if the UN put someone in charge of the US, due to our economic troubles? Or on a different area, would we be okay if any government placed themselves in charge of a business or economy was struggling?

No, we would not. There would be outcry in varying degrees, about socialist governments seizing more power. And that brings us to two more questions. Is there a line where government taking control is acceptable, in certain cases? Or are conservatives welcoming the Detroit take over, simply because it's a Republican governor? Does big government become acceptable, when someone on our side of the political line is the one seizing power?

I do think that the people of Detroit should do whatever they can save their city. Maybe the state can even help. The state taking over might be the right answer, but I just have to wonder if it is.

Michigan Governor Declares Fiscal Emergency For Detroit

Governor Rick Snyder declared Detroit to be in fiscal emergency, on Friday.

Detroit's economy is one of the poorest in the US and has no sign of being able to even slow the decline.

City officials will now have ten days to argue why the emergency shouldn't be declared.

If they can not convince the Governor to change his mind, then the state will take over management of the city.

Snyder apparently has already selected a person to take over management of the city, but did not release who that is.

Under a Michigan law, which takes effect on March 28, emergency managers will have many powers including the ability to revise or end collective bargaining agreements.

Netanyahu Will Ask For More Time to Form Government

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will have to ask for more time to form a government.

Parliamentary elections took place, over a month ago, but the various parties have been unable to form a coalition.

Normally there is a four week limit of time, but President Shimon Peres is expected to grant a two week extension, when Netanyahu asks, on Saturday.

However, if Peres doesn't grant the request or a new government isn't formed by March 16, the task would then fall to a leader from another party.

If a government can't be formed, after that, then a new election would be required.

Standoff in Borneo Turns Deadly

Flag of the Sulu Sultanate
Reports coming out of Borneo is that the standoff between Malaysian forces and the Sulu Sultanate may have ended.

A firefight broke out between the two groups, leaving at least two dead, with some sources saying as many as ten.

Four people were injured and multiple arrests were made.

Raja Muda Adbimuddin Kiram, the crown prince of the Sultanate, was apparently present, but managed to safely escape.

It began two weeks ago when two hundred armed Filipinos traveled by boat to Malaysia's part of Borneo.

They claim to be descendants of the former Sulu sultanate, which controlled the area from 1457-1917.

Among their demands are an increase in the money Malaysia pays the displaced descendants of the sultanate.

Malaysian troops quickly surrounded them and would not let anyone in or out of the area.

44 Killed in Bangladesh Riots

Riots continued on into a second day, across Bangladesh.

Forty-four people have been killed and over four hundred injured as rioters clash with police and security forces.

A few of the dead and injured have been police, but most have been protesters.

The riots began after a death sentence was handed down in the trial of seventy-three year old Delwar Hossain Sayedee, the vice president of the Jamaat-e-Islami party.

Sayedee and other Jamaat leaders are on trial for war crimes committed during the 1971 war of independence from Pakistan.

Jamaat is the leading Islamic party and carries a lot of political weight as well as religious.

The government has also begun steps to ban the party from existing in the country.

Northern Japan Dealing With Record Snow Fall

Northern Japan is dealing with record snow fall.

Many areas have seen more snow than has ever been noted in history.

In some places, more than sixteen feet of snow has piled up, making traveling difficult.

That much snow is also posing a threat to homes and other buildings, as the weight from the snow could easily cause them to collapse.

Now, many people are hoping that there won't be anymore snow, this year.

Missing From Alabama: Kenyetta Smith, 18

Eighteen year old Kenyetta Smith is missing from Huntsville, Alabama.

She was last seen on Thursday morning.

Kenyetta is described as five foot seven, one hundred and twenty pounds, with black hair, and brown eyes.

Anyone with information should call the Huntsville Police Department at 256-722-7100.

Missing From Maryland: Justice Page, 14

Fourteen year old Justice Page is missing from Silver Spring, Maryland.

She was last seen on the afternoon of February 18.

Justice is described as five foot three, one hundred and twenty pounds, with black hair, and brown eyes.

Anyone with information should call the Montgomery County Police Family Crimes Division at 240-773-5400.

Missing From Illinois: Jazmine Rivera, 15

Fifteen year old Jazmine Rivera is missing from Chicago, Illinois.

She was last seen Thursday morning, but never made it to school.

Jazmine is described as five foot two, one hundred and fifty pounds, with brown hair, and brown eyes.

When last seen, she was wearing a grey hoodie, grey jeans, and carrying a navy blue back pack.

Anyone with information should call the Chicago Police Department at 312-744-8266.

Missing From New Mexico: Davina Torres, 16

Sixteen year old Davina Torres is missing from Espanola, New Mexico.

She was last seen on February 14.

Davina is described as five foot three, one hundred and thirty pounds, with black hair, and brown eyes.

Anyone with information should call Detective Martinez with the Espanola Police Department at 505-747-6002. 

Missing From Arizona: Hailee Bogle, 14

Fourteen year old Hailee Bogle is missing from Scottsdale, Arizona.

She was last seen on February 11.

Hailee is described as five foot seven, one hundred and twenty-five pounds, with light brown hair, and hazel eyes.

Anyone with information should call the Scottsdale Police Department at 480-312-5000.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reported her safe on March 4.

The Immigration Riddle Solved

After finding myself ill watching the President and congress perform their well rehearsed circus bear dance for the media, two inarguable facts immediately rose to the surface:

A) The only political motivations are to attract and reinforce a particular voting base (Polls show this is the politically expedient issue to discuss, Ma'am/Sir).
B) Neither side much cares what ultimately becomes of the affected people political pawns, so long as they vote [fill in the party].

That considered, three minutes alone with my thoughts in a dark, quiet room produced a simple, five point, common sense solution to the entire "illegal immigration" conundrum.

   1) Secure the border
   2) Secure the border
   3) Secure the border
   4) Sour the milk
   5) Secure the border

Speaking to the first three points, history dictates there's NO measure of law or regulation that will make ANY difference until the border's secure. On this, there is no debate; period. Get it? Got it? GOOD! Moving along...

Both sides insist they seek solutions that speak to accountability. I'd suggest asking undocumented illegal immigrants workers aliens the following: "Why do you break our laws to come/stay here?" If it's for love of America, fine... let them give back in meaningful ways. If for any other reason, send 'em home. If they value America enough to risk life & limb to get/stay here, compulsory service is the answer... military service if they're of enlistment age, a minimum five years of community service if they aren't. Meanwhile, they'd still be responsible for simultaneously completing already established requirements to earn the status of "citizen." These souls are no strangers to hardship or hard work, either one, so if that solution leaves a sour taste in their mouths, they're formally invited to leave.

See... SIMPLE. Yet politicians run options and messaging through poll testing and focus groups, congress flounders, and the president promises executive action to save them from both themselves and evil republicans that would send the almost Americans social contributors criminals home. Enough... call your elected officials, demand they cut the bullshit, and "encourage them" to act on this plan.

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