Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rabid Skunk Found in Brighton, Colorado

The Tri-County Health Department has confirmed that a skunk found in Brighton, Colorado had rabies.

Rabid skunks were unheard of just a few years ago, in Colorado.

Until eleven years ago, skunk rabies was unknown in the country.

Over the last couple years they have become more and more common, but stayed in rural areas.

With this one being located in Brighton, just north of the Denver metro area, fears are that they will begin to be discovered in suburban areas and possibly urban ones.

That would mean a greater risk of other animals or humans becoming infected with the disease.

For now, authorities are warning residents to be extra cautious around wild animals, or even domestic ones, especially if they're showing any kind of unusual behavior.

They are also suggesting that everyone be sure that they, and their animals, are vaccinated against the disease.

If any unusual behavior or dead animals are seen people should be sure to contact their vet or animal control immediately.

North Carolina Considering Bringing Bibles Into Schools

North Carolina is considering a new bill that would bring Bibles into schools.

Under the new bill school districts would be able to decide if they wanted to allow Bible classes in schools.

The classes would be electives, for credit, and in no way be required.

Bipartisan support has already been raised for the bill.

Opponents worry about how it maintains the separation of church and state.

Supporters say that since it is an elective it is acceptable.

It is unclear when the bill would be finally voted on, but if passed the Bible classes would begin in the fall.

Riots Begin After Sayedee Sentenced to Death in Bangladesh

Over thirty people have been killed and three hundred injured as riots occurred all across Bangladesh.

They began after a death sentence was handed down in the trial of seventy-three year old Delwar Hossain Sayedee, the vice president of the Jamaat-e-Islami party.

Sayedee and other Jamaat leaders are on trial for war crimes committed during the 1971 war of independence from Pakistan.

Jamaat is the leading Islamic party and carries a lot of political weight as well as religious.

The government has also begun steps to ban the party from existing in the country. 

Kerry and The EU Promise Aid For Syrian Rebels

Secretary of State Kerry has announced that the US will give three hundred and eight five million dollars in aid, to the Syrian rebels.

The US will not provide military aid or weapons.

They will provide food, medical supplies, and money that is to be used for sanitation and rebuilding.

Meanwhile, the EU announced an increase in aid to the rebels.

Europe will begin sending non lethal military supplies, including armored vehicles and technical supplies.

Israel has also been aiding the rebels, most notably by treating their wounded soldiers, in Israeli hospitals.

However, spokesmen for the Syrian National Council, the official governing body of the rebels, complained that the aid wasn't enough.

While they do not want direct western intervention, they do demand that they be given weapons, so that they can bring the war to a quicker conclusion.

Benedict XVI Officially No Longer Pope

Seventeen days after announcing he would retire, Benedict XVI is officially no longer the Pope.

Thursday morning, the title was lifted from him and he went to begin his retirement.

In doing so, he became the first pope, since Gregory XII in 1415, to not die in office.

It is unclear when the new pope will be named, but expectations are for one to be in place by Easter, on March 31.

Missing From Florida: Evelyn Rivera, 17

Seventeen year old Evelyn Rivera is missing from Miami, Florida.

She was last seen on Monday.

Evelyn is described as five foot six, one hundred and forty pounds, with black hair, and brown eyes.

When last seen, she was wearing a black sweater and khaki pants.

Anyone with information should call the Miami Police Department at 305-603-6300.

Missing From Arizona: Ray Eagle, 59

Fifty-nine year old Ray Eagle is missing from Tucson, Arizona.

He was last seen Tuesday morning.

Concerns are high as he is listed as having medical issues which require regular treatment and medicines.

Ray is described as five eleven, one hundred and sixty-five pounds, with brown hair, and blue eyes.

Anyone with information should call the Tucson Police Department at 520-791-4444.

Missing From California: Marysa Nichols, 14

Fourteen year old Marysa Nichols is missing from Red Bluff, California.

She was last seen leaving school Tuesday afternoon, but never returned home.

Marysa is described as five foot, one hundred pounds, with black with red highlights, and hazel eyes.

When last seen, she was wearing a Red Bluff High School sweatshirt and blue denim stretch pants.

Anyone with information should call the Red Bluff Police Department at 530-527- 3131.  

Her body was found Thursday afternoon, and police have begun a murder investigation. 

Missing From California: Jazmin Arango, 14

Fourteen year old Jazmin Arango is missing from Los Angeles, California.

She was last seen on Tuesday.

Jazmin is described as five foot five, one hundred and twenty-five pounds, with brown hair, and brown eyes.

Anyone with information should call the Los Angeles Police Department at 877-275-5273.

She was reported safe on March 4.

7 Children Missing From Fresno

Seven children are missing from Fresno, California.

All are siblings, with the oldest being twelve and the youngest five.

They were last seen on February 23.

Their parents left to go grocery shopping, leaving the oldest in charge, only to find them all missing when they returned.

Not just the children were missing, but all their clothes as well.

Police believe that their biological father, who has no custody, may have came and taken them.

Anyone with information should call Detective Josh Mendizabal, with the Fresno Police Department's Missing Person Unit, at 559-621-2499.

The children were located safe, Thursday evening, by the Sacramento Police Department, in Sacramento, where they had been taken by their noncustodial father.