Thursday, February 14, 2013

Colorado Prinicipal in Trouble After Being Caught Only Offering Tutoring to "Students of Color"

An Aurora school principal's job is in danger, after he sent children home with a letter.

Parents at Mission Viejo Elementary were shocked and upset to see that in the letter only "Students of Color" would be allowed to take part in a new tutoring program.

To make matters worse, he then left a voice mail, in response to their concerns, which only seemed to confirm it was a program of segregation.
"This is Andre Pearson. It's focused for and designed for children of color, but certainly, if we have space for other kids who have needs, we can definitely meet those needs."
Cherry Creek School District was quick to react, placing all the blame on Pearson, and are being very clear that the tutoring is on a first come first serve basis.

They emphasize that the tutoring is for children of all races and that all will be accepted. Children will only be turned away, if there simply isn't enough room for them.

Parents are still upset and some are demanding that Pearson be fired.

The district says that they are considering the matter, but hope that it won't be necessary.

Remains Confirmed to Be Dorner's

The search for Christopher Dorner is officially over.

Dental records have confirmed that the remains found in a burnt out cabin, are his.

Dorner had spent the last week as public enemy number one, in California.

Officials are grateful that the search is over, and that no more lives were lost.

However, with his death many questions remain unanswered, and the answers are now lost.

Missing From Michigan: Fred Byrne, 49

Forty-nine year old Fred Byrne is missing from Big Rapids, Michigan.

He was last heard from Tuesday evening.

Fred is described as six foot three, three hundred and forty pounds, with blonde hair, and blue eyes.

His vehicle is a silver 2005 Chevrolet Malibu, with Michigan license BSY0298 in a Hope College plate cover, a BR sticker on one side of the back window, and a Hope College Parent sticker on the other side of the window. 

Anyone with information should call the Big Rapids Department of Public Safety at 231-527-0005.

Chrysler Recalling 370,297 Vehicles

Chrysler Group LLC is recalling 370,297 vehicles, throughout the world.

A loose fastener could cause the rear axle to lock up, which would cause the vehicle to lose control.

Fifteen accidents have been caused by the problem, but no injuries.

The recall includes 2009 Chrysler Aspens, 2009-2011 Dodge Dakotas, 2009 Dodge Durangos, and 2009-2012 Dodge Ram 1500s,.

This is the second time Chrysler has had to issue a recall for this problem.

Deadly Avalanche in Scotland

Helicopter flies over Chalamain Gap
Two people were killed and a third injured during an avalanche in Scotland.

The three climbers were caught when the snow fell near the Chalamain Gap of the Cairngorms.

Nine others in their party were not caught in it, and were able to call for help.

Mountain rescue and search and rescue teams, including K9 units, were called into help find the lost three.

By the time they got to them, two of the people had already succumbed to their injuries.

The Sportscotland Avalanche Information Service had previously issued an avalanche activity warning for the day.

Missing From California: Kylie Hardeman, 14: Located Safe

Fourteen year old Kylie Hardeman is missing from Sunland, California.

She was last seen on January 29.

Kylie is described as four foot eight, ninety-four pounds, with brown hair, and hazel eyes.

Anyone with information should call the Los Angeles Police Department at 877-275-5273.

She was reported safe February 19.

Protests Turn Violent in Bahrain

The daily protests in Bahrain turned violent, on Thursday.

Protesters have been massing every day for weeks, as the people demand changes in the government.

On Thursday, the protests turned violent as they began throwing rocks, bricks, bottles, and fire bombs at police.

Police responded with tear gas, in an attempt to disperse the riot.

When that didn't work, they fired bird shot into the crowd.

One person was killed and dozens were wounded by the gun fire and in the ensuing panic.

Iranian Revolutionary Guard Commander Killed in Syria

On Thursday, Iran announced that Commander Hassan Shateri of the Revolutionary Guard was killed.

Shateri was officially the head of the Iranian Committee for the Reconstruction of Lebanon.

Yet he was admittedly killed while in Syria, by rebel forces.

Iran has repeatedly been accused of supplying Syria with weapons, ammunition, and military experts.

The Commander's presence in Syria would definitely once again suggest that those accusations have real weight.

Syrian Rebels Seize Major Oil Field

The Assad regime took another blow, on Thursday, as rebel forces made further gains.

Rebel forces seized the town of Shadadah as well as the neighboring Jbeysa oil field, which is one of the largest in the country. Other rebels captured a military base near the town of al-Sahwa, in the south.

The loss of the oil field puts greater strains on the nations economy. That in turn puts greater pressure on the regime which continues fighting a war, that they are very slowly losing.

Despite their not showing any signs of giving up, national forces have not gained ground in months. They brag about stopping rebel attacks, in some areas, while the rebels are almost daily able to claim gains.

Meanwhile lives continued to be lost. With the total around seventy thousand, during the twenty-two month long conflict.

Georgia Trying to Claim Tennessee Land

Georgia is attempting to argue that the border with Tennessee has been placed wrong. According to them, the border is actually off by a mile or more.

Officially, the border is set at the thirty-fifth parallel, but their argument is that it wasn't measured correctly in 1818. It's such a big deal to them that the Georgia State House voted 171-2 to seek the land that they say belongs to them.
What's at stake is water rights. Currently the recognized border puts the Tennessee River out of reach for Georgia to gain any rights to the water. However, the border they claim would put a section of it, near the Alabama border, in Georgia, giving them rights.

It would also put a good chunk of Chattanooga, inside of Georgia. If the border was moved, about thirty-thousand of the cities residents would find their state changing. It would also see their taxes increase as Tennessee does not have a state income tax, while Georgia has one of six percent. A border move would also change Tennessee and Alabama's border a bit.

Fog Blamed for Ukraine Plane Crash

Heavy fog is being blamed for a fatal airplane crash, in Ukraine.

Five people were killed and nine injured when the plane over shot the runway at the Donetsk Airport.

After missing the the runway, the plane clipped a weather tower with its left wing.

It then hit the ground with the right wing and engine, causing the plane to flip and end up landing on it's back.

Officials are investigating, but believe that the pilot should not have tried landing in the weather conditions.

US Airways and American Airlines Announce Merger Deal

US Airways and American Airlines have set the details towards their merger.

In an eleven billion dollar stock deal, AMR Corp, which owns US Airways, will take over control of American.

Over the next four years, they will combine the two fleets, under the name American Airlines.

The combined company will be the largest airline in the world.

Only approval from the US government stands in the way of the merger.

Triumph to Dock Thursday Night

The Carnival Triumph is finally in sight of shore.

She is expected to arrive in Mobile, Alabama sometime Thursday night.

On Sunday, an engine fire crippled the the ship, and left her adrift for two days.

Two tug boats were able to rendezvous with her, on Tuesday, and began towing her to the nearest port.

A third tug boat joined them Wednesday, increasing their speed.

Forty-two hundred people are aboard the vessel.

Carnival is pledging full refunds, a free cruise voucher, and a further five hundred dollars in credit to all passengers who were aboard for the failed cruise.