Tuesday, February 12, 2013

IOC Moves to Remove Wrestling From the Olympics

In a move that is shocking the Olympic community, the IOC has announced a removal of one of the original sports.

The International Olympic Committee announced, on Tuesday, that wrestling will be removed from the list of official Olympic sports.

Wrestling would still be present in the 2016 Olympics, but would not be seen in the 2020 games.

FILA, wrestling's governing body is challenging the decision, saying that they "will take all necessary measures to convince the IOC Executive Board and IOC members of the aberration of such decision against one of the founding sports of the ancient and modern Olympic Games."

Not just wrestlers have come to the defense of wrestling, but those who argue the historic point as well, as wrestling was a sport of the original games.

There is only one last chance to change the minds of the IOC, this September.

Hackers Broadcast Emergency Zombie Alert on Montana TV Station

Program was running normally on Monday for KRTV in Montana.

Least it was until the Emergency Alert System activated and broadcasted a message.
"Authorities in your area have reported that the bodies of the dead are rising from their graves and attacking the living. … Do not attempt to approach or apprehend these bodies as they are considered extremely dangerous."
Hackers are being blamed for the fake message, which was seen in Great Falls and a few other areas.

Great Falls police say no one really panicked over the announcement.

Some people did call in asking if they were legally allowed to shoot zombies, if they came on their lawn.

Authorities are worried that the hackers may attempt to do so again, and cause a panic with something more serious.

Syrian Rebels Capture Jets and Helicopters at al-Jarrah Air Base

Syrian rebels have captured the al-Jarrah air base.

The air base was a key defensive position for loyalist troops, near Aleppo.

In a first, in the civil war, rebel forces were able to capture jets and helicopters, intact. 

Previously when capturing air bases, they've only been able to recover broken remnants of aircraft.

It is unclear if the rebels have anyone capable of flying the machines, but either way it is a sign of even more power becoming theirs.

Obama to Announce Afghan Troop Reductions in State of The Union

As part of his State of The Union address, President Obama is expected to announce troop reductions, in Afghanistan.

He will be announcing a reduction by thirty-four thousand troops.

Currently there are sixty-six thousand there.

The goal is to see that change, by this time next year.

Expectations are for all troops to be out of Afghanistan, by the spring of 2015.

Triumph Still Adrift in Gulf

Conditions are worsening upon the Carnival Triumph, in the Gulf of Mexico.

An engine fire crippled the vessel on Sunday, and the ship is adrift in the Gulf.

High winds have pushed it more than a hundred miles off course and even put a list on the ship.

Another cruise ship was able to rendezvous with it and send food over, on Monday.

However, the four thousand passengers are still trapped aboard, without electricity.

Almost everything on the ship is electrical powered, including the kitchens, air conditioning, and plumbing.

Tugboats are on the way to tow it to the nearest port.

Hopes are to have it back in port, by Thursday.

Manhunt Underway in Texas After Prisoner Stabs Officer and Escapes

Texas authorities are on a manhunt.

Forty-two year old Alberto Morales was being transported by Florida officers, to Nevada.

They had been flying Morales, but his behavior was disrupting the flight, and so the decision was made to drive him from Dallas.

When they were stopped for a rest break, Monday night, one of the officers went to the bathroom.

While the officer was gone, Morales managed to free his hands, broke his glasses, and used the sharp end to stab the remaining officer and made his escape.

The wounded officer is in serious but stable condition.

Morales had been in jail in Florida on charges of sexual battery with a deadly weapon, burglary, assault, and kidnapping.

He faces life in prison, in Nevada, for a separate sexual assault conviction.

Police located him, Friday night, while trying to escape he was shot and killed.

Body of Missing Georgia Woman Found

Police found the body of a missing Georgia woman.

Thirty-three year old Bonny Cooner had been missing from Canon, since January 28.

On Saturday, police found a body in an abandoned well.

The coroner confirmed that the body was that of Cooner, on Monday.

Brent James Shubert, Cooner's boy friend, was arrested in South Carolina on charges of malice murder, aggravated assault, and concealing a death.

He will be extradited to Georgia for trial.