Saturday, February 9, 2013

Liberty Leading the People Defaced in French Museum

A famous French painting from 1830 was defaced, on Friday.

Liberty Leading the People which commemorates the July Revolution of 1830, was on display at the Louvre Lens museum.

A woman walked up to the Delacroix painting and sprayed a graffiti tag on it.

A restorer is going to examine the painting and determine if it can simply be cleaned.

Police have not released the identity of the woman, but said she had a French sounding name, suggesting she might not be French.

Witnesses said that the graffiti referenced a 9-11 conspiracy.

Belgian Airplane Crash Leaves 5 Dead

Five people were killed when their single engine plane crashed at Charleroi Airport, in Belgium.

Officials say that the plane had just taken off and tried to make an emergency landing, but was unsuccessful.

All five people aboard were from the same family.

Saturday's accident closed the international airport for six hours as the crash was investigated and cleared from the runway.

Several flights were canceled and others delayed, by the closure.

Charleroi is Belgium's second busiest airport.

Iranians Attacked in Baghdad

A camp in Baghdad, where dissident Iranians live was attacked, on Saturday.

Early Saturday morning, eighteen rockets struck the camp.

Six people were killed and forty-two were wounded.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack.

The target and the use of military rockets makes it likely that this was a strike carried out by Iran's Quds.

Iraqi officials are investigating the attack.

Ennahda Supporters March Through Tunis

Around six thousand supporters of Ennahda marched through Tunis, on Saturday.

Ennahda is the leading Islamist party, in Tunisia, and is basically ruling the country.

They marched to counter Friday's mass rallies held by opposition supporters.

Those rallies numbered in the thousands, except for in Tunis, where fifty thousand marched at a funeral for an assassinated opposition leader.

Saturday's rallies made the support for the ruling faction seem quite little, in comparison.

Numbers not withstanding, the country is quite politically divided.

Prime Minister Hamdi Jebali is threatening to replace the government, if terms can not be agreed upon to see things united again.

14 Killed in Bangladesh Ferry Sinking

Fourteen people were killed when a ferry crashed into a barge, in Bangladesh, on Saturday.

The collision happened along the Meghna River.

Five more people were missing.

The ferry had been carrying fifty people.

It was the second deadly accident in two days.

Missing From California: Craig Steneart, 63

Sixty-three year old Craig Steneart is missing from Lake Elsinore, California.

He was last seen on Thursday evening.

Concerns are high as he suffers from Alzheimer's.

Craig is described as six foot one, one hundred and eighty-five pounds.

When last seen, he was wearing a blue denim jacket, red shirt, and blue jeans.

Anyone with information should call the Lake Elsinore Police Department at 951-245-3300.

His body was found on February 15.

Egypt Blocks Youtube, Considers Facebook and Twitter

Cairo's administrative court decided that Youtube will be blocked in Egypt, for a minimum of one month.

The judge also ruled that Facebook and Twitter could be on the list, if they fail to meet requirements as well.

This all dates back to September when a video deemed an insult to Islam, was blamed for riots in several Muslim countries.

Judge Hassouna Tawfiq's ruling was that any site, which showed the video, and refused to ban it, could be blocked by the country.

However, the ruling could be met with a great outcry as the political opposition utilize social media.

They could see any attack upon the internet as an attempt to block them from communicating.

Effectiveness could be another issue, as previous attempts to block sites have not been fully successful.

Nemo Kills 7 as 40 Inches of Snow Fall

Nemo froze the north with deadly results.

The massive blizzard left up to forty inches of snow over New England and eastern Canada, by Saturday afternoon, with some areas expecting more.

In some areas, the snow kept plows from getting through, as it was just too much for them to handle.

Seven people were killed between Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, and Ontario.

Massachusetts was forced to evacuate the Salisbury Beach area, due to rising tides.

About a million homes and businesses lost power, over Friday night.

Thousands of flights were cancelled over Friday night and on into Saturday.

Missing Oregon Teen Safe

A missing Oregon teen is now safe.

Fifteen year old Bedria Williams, of Creswell, ran away from home on January 11.

However, she had stayed in contact til January 19, when she disappeared completely, while in Sacramento, California.

The Lane County Sheriff's Department, in Oregon, reported her safe on February 9.

No further information was released.

Missing From New Jersey: Tatiana Winstead, 16, and Benjamin Costroff, 15

Costroff, left, Winstead, right
Sixteen year old Tatiana Winstead and fifteen year old Benjamin Costroff are missing from Woodury, New Jersey.

They were last seen on February 1.

Concerns are high due to the bad weather.

No description, beyond the photos, was given of either of them.

Anyone with information should call the Woodbury City Police Department at 856-845-0064.

They were located safe by the Baker County Police Department, Saturday morning.

Missing From California: Jason Kyles, 34

Thirty-four year old Jason Kyles is missing from Santa Rosa, California.

He was last seen on February 2.

Kyles, of Fair Oaks, was in Annadel State Park.

Jason is described as six foot six, one hundred and eighty-five pounds, with auburn hair, and blue eyes.

When last seen, he was wearing a Tshirt, blue jeans, black and orange shoes, and a heavy tan canvas jacket.

Anyone with information should call the Sonoma County Sheriff's Office at 707-565-2650.  

Missing From New Mexico: Andrew Finley, 39

Thirty-nine year old Andrew Finley is missing from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Authorities are concerned as he is without his medication.

Police believe that without his meds he could be a danger to himself and others.

Andrew is described as five foot ten, one hundred and eighty pounds, with brown hair, brown eyes, and a tattoo on his right arm.

Anyone with information should call the Santa Fe County Sheriff's Department at 800-457-3463.

Missing From Texas: Libni Gomez, 15

Fifteen year old Libni Gomez is missing from Mesquite, Texas.

She was last seen early Friday afternoon.

Authorities are describing her disappearance as suspicious.

Gomez had gone out to turn the car on, while her family finished getting ready.

When they came out, a few minutes later, she was gone, but the keys had been dropped in front of the vehicle.

Libni is described as five foot one, ninety pounds, with dark hair.

When last seen, she was wearing a blue and white horizontal striped hoodie, blue jeans, and high heel shoes.

Anyone with information should call the Mesquite Police Department at 972-285-6336.

She was reported safe on February 14. 

Missing From Nevada: Isabella Rojas, 16

Sixteen year old Isabella Rojas is missing from Las Vegas, Nevada.

She was last seen on January 19.

Isabella is described as four foot eleven, one hundred and ten pounds, with red hair, and green eyes.

Anyone with information should call the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department at 702-828-3111.

Her mother reported her safe, on February 20.