Thursday, February 7, 2013

South Korean Soldiers Given New Orders

South Korean soldiers have been given new orders.

They now are allowed to shoot back, immediately upon being fired at.

No longer do they need to ask for permission to do so.

The decision comes as tensions are rising again, with the North being defiant in the face of the global community.

North Korea has been promising to conduct multiple nuclear tests and more rocket tests.

They responded to the new orders, for the South by saying that they, "cannot help but feel like laughing".

Their spokesman went on to once again threaten the South.

The two Koreas are still technically at war, but a UN enforced ceasefire has been in place since 1953.

That cease fire has been broken by the North a couple times, but the war never reignited.

Battle For Damascus Continues

The battle for Damascus is more intense and grimmer than ever.

Syrian jets have begun bombing parts of the city, as rebel forces over run the army's defensive works.

Rebel forces have begun encircling the heart of the city, where key government buildings are fortified against their approach.

Abbaside Square, once a proud football stadium, then a barracks for the military, is now a battlefield to keep the rebels from gaining one more way into Damascus.

Thursday's shelling was the heaviest anyone, in Damascus, had ever heard.

If Damascus does fall, it is unclear if the regime will be able to continue, in any realistic way, shape, or form.

Missing Texas Man's Body Found in Colorado

The body of a missing Texas man was found.

Thirty-nine year old Troy Green was reported missing, on January 31, after he failed to show up for a business convention, in Colorado.

Friday morning, his car was found in the Bear Lake parking lot of Rocky Mountain National Park.

Two snowshoers, found his body Tuesday morning, near the lake.

Authorities later confirmed that it was his.

On Thursday, an autopsy concluded that he had hung himself.

Missing From Arizona: William MacLeod, 15

Fifteen year old William MacLeod is missing from Tucson, Arizona.

He was last seen Monday morning.

William is described as having short brown hair and hazel eyes.

When last seen, he was wearing jeans, a grey jacket with "Element" on it, and black shoes. 

Anyone with information should call the Tucson Police Department at 520-791-4444.

Missing From Michigan: Marlana Graham, 13

Thirteen year old Marlana Graham is missing from Redford, Michigan.

She was last seen on Sunday.

Marlana is described as five foot seven, one hundred and thirty-five pounds, with hair dyed black with blonde tips, hazel eyes, and three lines in her left eyebrow.

Anyone with information should call the Redford Township Police Department at 313-387-2550.

The police reported her safe, on Saturday. 

Missing From Oklahoma: Allen Byfield, 74

Seventy-four year old Allen Byfield is missing from Grady County, Oklahoma.

He was last seen Tuesday night.

No description, beyond the photo was given.

When last seen, he was wearing a flannel shirt, blue jeans, a grey ball cap, and glasses. 

His vehicle is a grey, four door 2006 Dodge pickup truck with Oklahoma 819GZR.

Anyone with information should call the Grady County Sheriff's Office at

He was found early Friday morning, admittedly lost.

Missing From Florida: Jamilex Santana, 16

Sixteen year old Jamilex Santana is missing from Kissimmee, Florida.

She was last seen Monday night.

Jamilex is described as five foot four, hair dyed blonde, and brown eyes.

When last seen, she was wearing a black blouse, black skirt, and white tennis shoes.

Anyone with information should call the Kissimmee Police Department at 407-847-0176.

Police reported that she returned home after social media listed her as missing, on Thursday.

Arkansas Senate Passes Act Recognizing Life at 12 Weeks

Arkansas Senate chambers
With a vote of twenty-six to eight, Arkansas's senate voted for the Arkansas Human Heartbeat Protection Act.

The act would recognize human life as early as twelve weeks, if a heart beat is detected.

Under the act, anyone seeking an abortion would have to undergo a test for the heart beat.

If a heartbeat is found, no abortion would be possible, except in cases of rape, incest, or if the woman's life is in danger.

The Arkansas Human Heartbeat Protection Act now goes before a house committee, where it is expected to pass.

Governor Mike Beebe is unsure if he will sign the bill, saying he'd need to talk to lawyers before deciding anything.

Missing Illinois Teen Found Safe

A missing Illinois teen has been found safe.

Fifteen year old Ashley Rae Black had been missing from Waltonville, since January 20.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Department announced that she had been found safe, on February 7.

No further information was released. 

Zambia Bus Crash Kills 53

Fifty-three people were killed in a three vehicle accident, in Zambia, on Thursday.

A Zambian Postal Service bus, a truck, and an SUV collided on a busy road.

All three were speeding and smashed together, disastrously.

It took emergency workers hours to enter the bus.

Twenty-two more people were injured in the crash.

Japan Scrambles Fighters Over Russian Jets

According to Japan, Russian jets violated their airspace, Thursday morning.

Japan scrambled their own fighters, in response.

Russia says that while their jets were near the area, they did not cross into Japanese airspace.

The islands are disputed by the two countries.

At the end of World War II, Russian troops seized the islands, and the dispute has kept the two countries from ever signing a peace treaty.

Body of Missing Michigan Woman Found

Authorities have announced that they have located the body of a missing Michigan woman.

Twenty-three year old Dynasty Myles had missing from Dearborn, since January 1.

On Tuesday, a body was found in an abandoned house in Detroit.

Thursday, police confirmed that the body was that of Myles.

Homicide detectives are now involved in the case.

Tunisian Protests Growing Uglier

Protests are continuing in Tunisia, and the mood is growing uglier.

Police are showering tear gas upon the crowds.

Security forces have been singling out the international press and seizing cameras.

Military forces have already been called into some areas.

The government is splitting, trying to decide what should be done about the current situation.

Prime Minister Hamdi Jebali offered to dismiss his own government, in favor of new elections, to try and buy peace with the protesters.

However, his plan ran into trouble, when his own party said they would not support him in that decision, and that they would continue running the government.

Worries are that if the government can't regain control, that the military will step in and bring about a new government.

Manhunt Underway for Cop Killer

A massive man hunt is underway, in the Los Angeles area, for thirty-three year old Christoper Dorner. San Diego police found his badge and ID near the San Diego airport, Thursday morning. That find has expanded the area of the search to include all of Southern California.

Dorner is a naval reservist and former LAPD officer, who was fired in 2008, for making false statements. He is wanted for a double murder, which occurred Sunday night, and for shooting multiple LAPD officers, which left one officer dead and two wounded, Thursday morning.

Sunday night's murders happened in a parking garage. One of the victims is the daughter of a former police captain who represented Dorner, during disciplinary proceedings. According to the LAPD they found a "manifesto", written by Dorner, that gave them enough to make them suspicious of him in the murders.

Then Thursday morning two officers in Corona were shot at, one of whom was grazed. Later in the morning, another two officers, in Riverside, were attacked. Gunfire killed one of them and put the other into surgery.

Police are warning the public that they do not know where he currently is. Dorner is considered armed and dangerous. The public is warned to call 911 if they see him.

Missing From Florida: Michael Lawson, 31

Thirty-one year old Michael Lawson is missing from Pensacola, Florida.

He was last seen on January 24.

That night his vehicle was found running and abandoned in a grocery store parking lot.

No description, beyond the photo, was released.

Anyone with information should call the Pensacola Police Department at 850-435-1900.

Missing From New York: Sienna Pitre, 16

Sixteen year old Sienna Pitre is missing from Syracuse, New York.

She was last seen on Tuesday morning.

Sienna is described as five foot one, one hundred and twenty pounds, with brown hair, and hazel eyes.

When last seen, she was wearing a dark blue sweatshirt and blue jeans.

Anyone with information should call the Syracuse Police Department at 315-442-5222.

The Syracuse Police  Department reported her safe, on Friday.