Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Disney Confirms Stand Alone Star Wars Movies

Bob Iger, CEO at Disney, confirmed a few rumors, on Tuesday.

He confirmed that at least two non trilogy, or stand alone, Star Wars films are in the making. Two of the writers will be Larry Kasdan and Simon Kinberg.

Iger also said that they will be released within the same six years as the new trilogy is supposed to be, starting in 2015.

We had already told you that Zack Snyder is set to direct one of those films.

With the confirmation that there are multiple films in the making, really makes us wonder, where in the galaxy they could take place.

However, Iger's comment that they'll be released at the same time makes one wonder if they'll also likely take place in the same period of time.

French Already Looking to Leave Mali

Three weeks in and France is talking four weeks out.

France's storm into Mali has been seen as extremely successful.

So successful that they are already talking about leaving.

Laurent Fabius, the French Foreign Minister, has been quoted as saying that French numbers could begin to diminish as early as the beginning of March.

Their hope is that by then enough African troops will be in place to replace them and take over the future mission of ensuring security.

Some worry that once France leaves, the Al Qaeda forces will strike back and push through the allied troops.

While France is dedicated to ensuring Al Qaeda does not have any control, in the region, they do not wish to get drawn into a long fight, as happened to allied nations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

If France can make this blitzkrieg effort a success, then it will likely be used as a threat to keep Al Qaeda from trying to take down any other countries.

8.0 Quake Strikes Pacific Causing Tsunami Warnings

An 8.0 earthquake struck just after noon (SITZ), on Wednesday. The initial quake was followed by aftershocks as high as 6.6, 6.4, and 6.3.

It occurred in the Pacific Ocean, about two hundred miles east of the Solomon Islands and fifty miles west of the Santa Cruz Islands.

Reports are coming in that some villages, in the Solomon Islands, were destroyed by the quake. A shallow quake, it occurred less than four miles below the surface.

Various tsunami warnings were issued for Pacific rim countries with island countries across the ocean sounding the alarm, for people to seek high ground.

Tsunami warnings were put into place for: Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Tuvalu, New Caledonia, Kosrae, Fiji, Kiribati, Wallis, and Futuna. Tsunami watches were created for: American Samoa, Australia, New Zealand, and eastern Indonesia.

Lata Wharf, in the Solomon Islands, saw a surge of three and a half feet. Expectations are that some areas may see around six feet of tsunami.

Same Sex Marriage Passes House of Commons

Wish a vote of four hundred to one hundred and seventy-five, the British Parliament voted to allow for same sex marriage.

The bill will now have to pass the House of Lords.

Even if it makes it pass there, it will likely face many legal challenges before it could become fully legal.

But it is a significant step taken by Parliament.

It also showed that Prime Minister David Cameron can only count on half of his own party supporting him, in fact he only garnered just over a third of them.

Cameron had come out supporting the bill, but many Conservatives broke ranks with him and voted against it, others yet simply abstained.

Man Arrested After Barricading Himself Inside Colorado Hotel

A man barricaded himself inside of the Crossland Economy Studios at 4850 Leetsdale Drive in Glendale, Colorado, Tuesday.

He managed to place himself in the crawlspace, above a room, and claimed to have a gun.

Police had arrived at about 11:30 MST with warrants for his arrest.

They found him waiting and ready for them, refusing to come out and telling them to stay away.

The neighboring rooms were evacuated and the entire building was cordoned off, as a precaution.

A Denver SWAT team joined Glendale police, as the standoff continued.

Eventually, after nearly six hours, negotiations failed, and K9s were sent into the crawl space.

The man quickly surrendered, without incident.

The man has not yet been identified, but the warrants were for felonies and misdemeanors, for multiple jurisdictions.

Missing From California: Terri Gober, 15

Fifteen year old Terri Gober is missing from San Diego, California.

She was last seen on January 29.

Terri is described as five foot four, one hundred and ten pounds, with brown hair that is likely dyed red or blonde, and brown eyes.

Anyone with information should call the San Diego Police Department at 619-531-2000.

Israel Places 3rd Iron Dome Along Syria Lebanon Border

Israel has placed a third Iron Dome battery near the border with Syria and Lebanon.

They are being mixed with Patriot missile batteries as Israel continues building defenses there.

Defenses are being built up to discourage and block any spillover, from the Syrian civil war.

Israeli officials have repeatedly stressed that they won't see any danger to her citizens, come from the conflict next door.

They've also made it clear that they won't see Hezbollah or Hamas gain any weapons out of the confusion.

A convoy, in Syria, carrying weapons towards Hezbollah, in Lebanon, was struck in what is believed to have been an Israeli air strike, last week.

Since then, threats against Israel, from Syria, Iran, and others have increased, making it wise to prepare the defenses, just in case.

Students Lose Fingers During High School Spirit Week Event

Two teens had their fingers severed at a South El Monte High School spirit week event, on Monday.

One of the events, at the Southern California school, was tug of war.

During seniors vs juniors, the rope snapped and in doing so, managed to sever fingers off the hands of two of the students.

Each of the students lost four fingers and both were rushed to Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center, and efforts were to be made to reattach the fingers.

It is unclear, at this time, if reattachment was successful, but both patients were said to be in as good condition as possible.

The El Monte Union High School District says it has no plans to change future events.

Everyone involves seems to realize that this was a freak accident.

Chinese Ship Aims Targeting Radar at Japanese Vessel

Tensions rose again, after a Chinese naval ship aimed targeting radar at a Japanese naval vessel. The incident was yet the latest of things between the two countries, in the East China Sea.

According to Japanese officials, it actually occurred on January 30, but took until Tuesday to confirm and investigate. Japan has officially protested the incident, one of the highest diplomatic actions available to them.

For centuries, both countries have laid claim to islands, resources, and waters that have traditionally been recognized as Japanese. Over the last year, China has been pushing their claims.

The last incident, occurred on January 12, when both countries scrambled fighters, but then pulled back before any confrontation could occur. Japan also scrambled jets, on December 25, when their airspace was violated.

China is also pushing claims in the South China Sea. Their claims there have put the entire region into worry as China enlarges it's military presence. Issues with China have seen unprecedented cooperation between the other nations.

Missing From Wales: Natasha Williams-Clarke, 15

Fifteen year old Natasha Williams-Clarke is missing from Anglesey, Wales.

She was last seen on Monday morning.

Natasha is described as five foot three, stocky, with blonde hair.

When last seen, she was wearing a blue top, grey pants with black stripes down the legs, and black shoes.

Anyone with information should call the North Wales Police at 101.

Official North Korean Video Shows New York Being Destroyed

North Korea's propaganda department regularly puts out videos portraying other countries in bad lights.

The country's official site, Uriminzokkiri, is hosting a video which starts off with a man dreaming, as the song We Are the World, plays.

As the man dreams he is taken aboard a North Korean space shuttle, which travels around the world, showing random parts of the world, such as a reunified Korea.

Then the shuttle flies towards a US flag, under which New York City is burning as missiles strike the towers.

The video is captioned in Korean, but that part of it says, "Somewhere in the United States, black clouds of smoke are billowing. It seems that the nest of wickedness is ablaze."

It then concludes with the man deciding that his dream must "surely come true. Despite all kinds of attempts by imperialists to isolate and crush us ... never will anyone be able to stop the people marching toward a final victory."

Missing From South Carolina: Alyssa Reagan, 14: Located Safe

Fourteen year old Alyssa Reagan is missing from Summerville, South Carolina.

She was last seen on January 27.

Alyssa is described as five foot one, one hundred and forty-one pounds, with light brown hair, and blue eyes.

Anyone with information should call the Dorchetser County Sheriff's Office at 843-873-5111.

She was announced as found safe, on February 6.

No further details were released.

Missing West Virginia Teen Safe

A West Virginia teen who was missing, has been found safe.

Sixteen year old Octavia Smoot had been missing from Madison, since January 25.

Police found her safe on February 4.

No further information was released.

Missing From Georgia: Bonny Cooner, 33

Thirty-three year old Bonny Cooner is missing from Canon, Georgia.

She was last seen on January 28.

Bonny is described as five foot five, one hundred and sixty-five pounds, with brown hair, blue eyes, and multiple tattoos.

Anyone with information should call the Franklin County Sheriff's Office at 706-384-2525.

Her body was found on February 9 and identified on February 11.

Missing From Washington: Victoria Riley, 15

Fifteen year old Victoria Riley is missing from Everett, Washington.

She was last seen on January 16.

Victoria is described as five foot nine, one hundred and forty pounds, with red hair, and brown eyes.

Anyone with information should call the Everett Police Department at 425-257-8400.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children announced that she was found safe on March 4.

Missing From Florida: Marayah Sackett, 15

Fifteen year old Marayah Sackett is missing from Gulf Breeze, Florida.

She was last seen on January 16.

Police believe she may have gone to Houston, Texas.

Marayah is described as five foot two, one hundred and ten pounds, with brown hair, hazel eyes, a red birth mark on her cheek, and a brown birth mark on her right eye.

Anyone with information should call the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office at 850-983-1100.

Missing From Nevada: Victoria Lynn, 15

Fifteen year old Victoria Lynn is missing from Las Vegas, Nevada.

She was last seen on January 22.

Victoria is described as five foot four, one hundred and ten pounds, with brown hair that may be dyed, and green eyes.

Anyone with information should call the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department at 702-828-3111.

Missing From DC: Eriona Brits, 6

Six year old Eriona Brits is missing from Washington DC.

She was last seen Thursday evening.

Eriona is described as having brown hair and eyes.

When last seen, she was wearing a purple jacket, purple pants, and silver boots.

Anyone with information should call the Washington
DC Police at 202-727-9099.

She was found safe with her mother, in Arkansas, on Wednesday.  There is conflicting information 
on whether charges have been made.

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Missing From California: Joanna Hicks, 14

Fourteen year old Joanna Hicks is missing from Fresno, California.

She was last seen Sunday evening.

Police are highly concerned as she only has the mental capacity of a five year old.

Joanna is described as five foot six, one hundred and twenty-two pounds, with brown hair, and brown eyes.

When last seen, she was wearing a grey sweater, grey and black Tshirt, black jeans, and black shoes. 

Anyone with information should call Detective Katrina Lloyd with the Fresno Police Department at 559-621-2111.