Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Hen's Pecking: Even the IDF Agrees: Men Are Better Suited Than Women For Military Combat

While there are undoubtedly some women who are quite capable of performing combat duty, men are better suited to combat duty. It’s not a matter of discrimination, it's a matter physiology.

Men and women are not the same. They are, for obvious reasons, not meant to be the same; they are designed for different roles in life. This is not to say that men cannot take on the role of caregiver or that women can’t fight, but it does mean that men and women are, in general, better at the, roles they are designed to perform.

How does this physiology affect the ability to perform military combat duty? The difference in male and female physiology is especially true when it comes to skeletal muscle mass. Due to testosterone, men's muscle fibers are larger than women's. This allows men to have larger muscles and are thereby stronger than women.

One study showed that "women were approximately 52% and 66% as strong as the men in the upper and lower body respectively."

Another study showed "men had significantly more skeletal muscle mass in comparison to women in both absolute terms (33 vs. 21 kg) and relative to body mass (38.4 vs. 30.6%). The gender differences were greater in the upper (40%) than lower (33%) body."

Emotionally, men and women differ as well. Why are men and women emotionally different? "Aggressive competitiveness [is a] function of testosterone and the working of the masculine brain."

"The same group of neurons in the brains of both men and women process emotional experiences of fear and aggression; these neurons are connected to different regions of the brain in men and women. For women, these neurons connect to areas of the brain regulating internal areas of the body, thus focusing on aspects such as her hormones, blood pressure and respiration. On the other hand, these same neurons in men will connect to areas of the brain focused on the external areas, including vision and movement. This will cause a significant difference in the behaviour of a man and woman experiencing the same stressful situation."

When looking at women in the army, the obvious comparison is women in the Israeli army. It is thought that women are permitted in all roles, including combat in the Israeli army. The Israeli army even says women "take an equal part" as men, but when you look at women in the IDF, you will see, this is not the case. While Israel does allow women in some combat roles there are still combat positions, about ten percent of them, that are off limits to women and "the five major IDF infantry brigades are still all male."

Women only make up a third of the armed forces in Israel even though service is required because they can be exempt from serving for more reasons, such as motherhood, than men. Women tour is twenty-four months compared to men's thirty-six months required tour. It is not compulsory that women go in to combat positions. Only three percent of Israeli combat soldiers are women. The women combat soldiers are held to the same standards and tour requirements (thirty-six months) as their male counterparts.

Women in Israel's Caracal Battalion
According to the IDF, the five "Most Hardcore Female Combat Roles" are hardly hardcore and not particularily "combat".
  • Air Force Pilot: Both Israel and the United States currently allow women to be pilots.
  • Caracal Battalion: whose main duty is to patrol the Israel Egypt border, is a combat unit that is made up of seventy percent women. Though they have a policy of equality, even the Israeli military knows there is a difference between men and women.
  • Oketz (“Sting”) Unit K-9 Fighter: The soldiers go into the field with their canine partners and do everything together, from searching terror facilities to chasing down an escaped criminal.
  • 76th Battalion of the Combat Engineering Brigade: A unique unit which combines male and female soldiers whose job is to neutralize ABC weapons live in the field during battle. These soldiers go into the heart of enemy territory along with other combat troops during wartime, and help protect them from unconventional weapons.
  • Snapir (“Fin”) Unit: Their job is to safeguard Israel’s civilian ports, especially from incoming ships, and to protect the IDF’s naval bases.

All these jobs are considered 'combat' by the Israeli army, and many of these jobs are already available to women in the US military.

If the United States is going to allow women in combat roles, those women must pass muster with men equally. They need to perform the job as well and not be allowed to perform on a lower scale than her male counter part. Jobs should be assigned by who can perform the job better, not because someone wants to do the job and it would be politically incorrect or discriminatory not to give it to someone because of gender.

In the end, it can’t be denied, physiologically and emotionally, men are better suited than women for military combat.

Arkansas Senate Allows For Concealed Carry in Churches

Arkansas Senate chamber
Arkansas' Senate approved the Church Protect Act of 2013 (SB 71), on Monday.

It passed with a vote of twenty-eight to four.

The bill allows for concealed weapons to be carried inside churches.
"It is found and determined by the General Assembly of the State of Arkansas that personal security is increasingly important; that the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States ensures a person's right to bear arms; and that this act is immediately necessary because a person should be allowed to carry a firearm in a church that permits the carrying of a firearm for personal security."
Now, it is up to the House of Representatives to pass the bill.

Governor Mike Beebe has made it clear that he will sign it, the moment it hits his desk.

If the bill passes, churches will have the right to decide if they'll allow church goers to carry, inside of their buildings.

A concealed carry license would still be required.

South Korea Successfully Launches First Civilian Rocket

South Korea successfully launched it's first civilian rocket, on Wednesday.

South Koreans cheered as they watched the rocket liftoff, on live TV.

The rocket carried a scientific satellite, into orbit.

It was the country's third planned launch, within four years.

The other two were cancelled, at nearly the last minute, due to electrical glitches.

Smoked Salmon Being Recalled Due to Listeria

Two lots of Whole Catch Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon, sold by While Foods, is being recalled.

The two lots are 7425A2297A and 7425A2298B.

Both lots have the same UPC: 0 99482 40880 0.

Health department officials are concerned that the lots may be contaminated with listeria.

Customers can receive a full refund by calling Whole Foods at 512-542-0060, Monday through Friday, from 08:00-17:00 CST.

Toyota Recalling Another 1.3 Million Vehicles

Toyota is recalling 907,000 Corollas due to faulty airbags.

The airbags are deploying accidentally, and it is believed that a short circuit is causing them to do so.

Two crashes and eighteen injuries have been linked to the issue.

Corollas from 2003 and 2004 are under the recall.

Another 385,000 Lexus IS's are being recalled due to windshield wiper issues.

In this case, when wipers had to deal with heavy snow, they stopped working.

2006-12 models of the IS are being recalled.

Owners will be notified, by mail, over the next month, if their car is one of those recalled.

Dealerships will inspect vehicles, and if necessary repair them, for free.

Over the last four months, Toyota has recalled near twelve million vehicles, due to various problems.

10 Injured in Truck vs Train Collision

A train hit a semitruck in Little Falls, New Jersey, Wednesday morning.

Ten people, including the truck driver, were injured in the accident, one of them seriously.

The accident demolished the trailer of the truck and left pieces of it scattered around the rail crossing.

Witnesses say that the train was struggling to make a sharp left turn, and was on it's second attempt when the crossing gates came down.

They say that the truck simply just didn't get out of the way in time.

Heavy fog may have also played a factor, in the incident.

Missing Utah Teen Found Safe

A missing Utah teen was reported safe on Wednesday.

Fourteen year old Ana Lopez had been missing from Murray, since January 15.

Police reported her safe on January 30.

No further information was released.

Missing From Florida: Simi Ward, 14

Fourteen year old Simi Ward is missing from Tallahassee, Florida.

She was last seen on Sunday.

Simi is described as five foot two, one hundred and fifteen pounds, with dark brown hair, and brown eyes.

Anyone with information should call the Leon County Sheriff's Office at 850-922-3300.

She was reported safe on February 13.

Greek Protesters Attack Police

Greek protesters, connected to the Communist party, broke into and occupied the offices of the labor minister, for a time, on Wednesday.

They did so to protest the government's austerity measures.

Police eventually got in and arrested the thirty who broken in.

After they cleared the building, about three hundred more protesters began attacking police officers.

From there everything turned into another riot, with back up police firing tear gas to save their besieged fellows.

The tear gas broke apart the riot and things calmed down again.

At least two protesters and three police were injured in the fighting.

San Diego Hotel Explosion Injures 3

Three people were injured in an explosion at a hotel, on Wednesday.

It happened about 11:30 PST, at the Heritage Inn, near Sea World, in San Diego.

All three were taken to the hospital for burn treatment.

The explosion is under investigation.

Missing F16 Pilot Identified

A missing F16 pilot has been identified as Captain Lucas Gruenther.

The US Air Force F16 went missing Monday night, over the Adriatic Sea.

Italian and US forces are still searching for pilot and plane.

A debris field was found, on Tuesday, but it has not been confirmed as the plane.

Gruenther was the chief of flight safety for the 31st Fighter Wing at Aviano Air Base, Italy.

He was originally from Twain Harte, California and graduated from the US Air Force Academy in 2003.

His body was found on Thursday.

Alabama Bus Shooting Standoff Still Underway

Tuesday afternoon, a man boarded a school bus in Midland City, Alabama.

He was demanding that a specific child be given to him, but the driver refused.

The man then shot and killed the driver, before grabbing one of the children and kidnapping him.

He then took the child to what police are describing as a bunker, at his home.

Police continue to be in a standoff, with the man, as of Wednesday afternoon.

They are identifying him as sixty-five year old Jimmy Lee Dykes.

He is described as a Vietnam veteran, with anti-government beliefs. 

Dykes was due in court, Wednesday, for pointing a gun, at one of his neighbors, last month.

The child has not been identified, but is five or six.

It is unclear if there is a relation between the shooter and the child.

Missing From California: Jason Lovell, 32

Thirty-two year old Jason Lovell is missing from Arcata, California.

He was last seen Friday night.

Jason is described as five foot eight, with brown hair, and brown eyes.

Anyone with information should call the Arcata Police Department at 707-822-2424.

His body was found on February 10, near the Samoa Sand Dunes.

An autopsy, on February 13, declared the cause of death to be salt water drowning.

Syria Accuses Israel of Striking Against Damascus

Syria is accusing Israel of launching an air strike, against Damascus.

The Syrian military says that an Israeli air strike targeted a military research center in Jamraya, a suburb of Damascus.

They say that it happened around dawn, on Wednesday.

Earlier, it was reported that the IDF had struck against a target near the Lebanese border.

An airstrike there, struck a convoy, reportedly carrying weapons to Hezbollah.

Missing From Texas: Jason Belin, 23

Twenty-three year old Jason Belin is missing from Odessa, Texas.

He was last seen on January 24.

Jason is described as five foot eleven, one hundred and ninety pounds, with black hair, and dark brown eyes.

When last seen, he was wearing a grey Tshirt, blue jeans, black Vans shoes, and a black cap.

Anyone with information should call the Ector County Sheriff's Office at 432-335-3050.

His body was found on February 2.

Federal Fugitive on The Loose in Denver

Two ICE officers were escorting a prisoner for deportation, when he escaped.

Twenty-five year old Phoday Dumbuya escaped federal custody, Tuesday morning, at Denver International Airport.

Authorities have been unable to locate him, and a search of the airport turned up empty, on Tuesday.

His location is unknown, and he is considered a federal fugitive.

He was being deported to Gambia and was not handcuffed.

The reasoning for his deportation was not released. 

Police in Nebraska apprehended him, on Friday.

1 Killed 2 Wounded in Phoenix Shooting

Gun fire broke out inside an office building, in Phoenix, at about 10:30 PST, on Wednesday.

It happened in an office complex at 7310 North 16th Street, a couple blocks north of Glendale Avenue.

One person was killed, two were wounded, and three more were treated at the hospital for unspecified injuries.

Police have named Arthur Douglas Harmon, seventy, as the suspect in the shooting.

A little before 12:00 PST, police surrounded a home that they say is connected to the investigation.

At 15:45 they entered without incident and exited a few minutes later, having found the suspect not there.

The search for Harmon last until Thursday morning, when his body was found.

Madison School District central office, Madison No. 1 Middle School, and Madison Park Middle School were all locked down for part of the day, after the shooting.

Missing From Arizona: Samantha Baca, 16

Sixteen year old Samantha Baca is missing from Winslow, Arizona.

She was last seen on January 22.

Her family believes she is headed to or in Phoenix.

Samantha is described as five foot five, one hundred and fifty-five pounds, with brown hair, brown eyes, a scar on her right ankle, and a tongue piercing.

Anyone with information should call the Winslow Police Department at 928-289-2431.

She was reported safe on February 13.

IDF Strikes at Weapons Headed For Hezbollah

Israeli Defense Forces launched an air strike, into Syria, around dawn Wednesday morning.

The air strike struck a convoy of trucks, headed towards the Lebanese border.

Sources say that the trucks were filled with anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles.

The weapons were being sent to Hezbollah.

As per usual, in such incidents, the Israeli government had no official comment.

The US government also declined to comment upon any actions.

Syria accuses Israel of striking at a target inside of Damascus.

Missing From Illinois: Ashley Rae Black, 15

Fifteen year old Ashley Rae Black is missing from Waltonville, Illinois.

She was last seen on January 20.

Ashley is described as five foot four, one hundred and twenty-eight pounds, with blonde hair, blue eyes, a nose piercing, and a tattoo on her left shoulder.

Anyone with information should call the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department at 618-244-8004.

The Sheriff's Department reported her safe on February 7.

Missing From Virginia: Daniel Moore, 16

Sixteen year old Daniel Moore is missing from Danville, Virginia.

He was last seen Sunday afternoon.

Daniel is described as five foot five, with black hair, and blue eyes.

When last seen, he was wearing a black hoodie, black pants, and a red wristband.

Anyone with information should call the Pittsylvania County Sheriff's office at 434-432-7931.

Denver Sheriff Deputy Shot, Shooter Killed

A Denver Sheriff Deputy was shot, at 305 Park Avenue West, Wednesday morning.

Two deputies were serving an arrest warrant, when they were shot at by the suspect.

The deputy was shot in the hand.

The female suspect was shot and killed by the other deputy.

Two children, who were in the apartment at the time of the shooting, were taken to the hospital. They were not injured.

Park Avenue between Tremont Place and Court Place was closed, during the investigation..

A nearby school, Ebert Elementary, was put on lockdown for a time.

Deadly Storms Strike US

Aftermath in Adairsville, Georgia
Tornadoes have come early, in 2013.

An incoming cold front, clashing with unseasonably warm temperatures, created the perfect conditions for their creation.

Most of the south central and south east US is being affected, by the storms.

The first tornado warnings and watches of the year were issued, on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, tornadoes began striking. Twenty-two have been reported, with seven confirmed so far.

Mount Juliet, Tennessee was hit by one, while Adairsville, Georgia took another.

Officials in Adairsville are confirming that one death, multiple injuries, and major damage occurred there.

Dozens of vehicles were flipped over and tossed around, along Interstate 75, forcing it to be shut down.

Video shows the tornado as it tore through Adairsville.

A man was killed in Nashville, when a tree fell on a shed.

In Arkansas, a person was injured when lightning struck nearby.

Eight more were injured in Calhoun, Georgia, when a house collapsed.

Flooding and power outages are widespread, throughout the affected areas.

Some areas have reported as much three inches of rain, in an hour.

Warnings and watches are continuing, and you can stay tuned to our Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ feeds for updates on those.