Monday, January 28, 2013

Missing From Colorado: Kaitlyn Day, 14

Fourteen year old Kaitlyn Day is missing from Fountain, Colorado.

She was last seen on January 17.

Kaitlyn is described as five foot five, one hundred pounds, with red hair that is often dyed, brown eyes, a barbell piercing at the top of her left ear, and a scar on her left eyebrow.

Anyone with information should call El Paso County Sheriff's Office at 719-390-5555.

Authorities reported her safe, on February 2.

Missing From Texas: Victoria Erickson, 32

Thirty-two year old Victoria Erickson, of Atlanta, Georgia, is missing from Houston, Texas.

Erickson has been traveling across the US, blogging about vegan cuisine. On January 16, she arrived in Houston, got a job at well known vegan kitchen.

The kitchen reported her missing on January 21, when she didn't show up for work. Her vehicle, belongings, and dog were all found nearby.

She was reported seen in Carlsbad, New Mexico, on Monday night, by a trucker who said he'd given someone, matching her description, a ride. The trucker later reported her to police, after seeing the missing person's story, on the news. He told them that she said she was California bound.

Victoria is described as five foot one, one hundred pounds, with brown hair, and brown eyes.

Anyone with information should call the Houston Police Department at 713-884-3131.

Review: Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

We all know the classic tale of Hansel and Gretel who's parents ditched them in the woods. They then found a house made of candy. Unfortunately, it was a trap laid out by a witch, who wanted young children to eat.

But what happens after they kill the witch? They become witch hunters, of course. Hansel and Gretel travel the area, picking up bounties on witches.

Eventually, they meet a grand witch, who could be their match. But while battling her, they find out the secrets of their past.

This latest Hollywood retelling of classic tales is action packed. It's a good, entertaining hour and twenty-seven minute movie, for adults. The movie deserves it's R rating, with a bit of nudity, some language and clear innuendo, not to mention lots of violence and gore.

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, hit theaters January 25. Starring Jeremy Renner, Gemma Arterton, and Femke Janssen.

Review: Snooze an AM Eatery

If you're looking for a nice place to go to breakfast or brunch, Snooze is that place.

Having heard of them for some time now, I'd heard nothing but good, except for the possible wait times.

On Sunday, I finally got to try them, and it was well worth it.

I had the Eggs Any Style, but subbed a cinnamon roll pancake for the toast, and a Snooze Julius: think orange juice, vodka, and whip cream.

The food was superb, and there was enough of it that I ended up with left overs.

To top it off, the staff was extremely friendly.

When you go, reservations are probably a good idea, as it can quite easily be at least an hour wait.

It's not a cheap place, about twenty a person, though you can pick through the menu and be cheaper, but well worth the price for an occasion.

They are also an ecofriendly company, with ninety percent of wastes going towards recycling and composting.

All of their locations use local food products, whenever possible.

The company is also active in supporting local events, especially charity ones.

With five locations in Colorado and one in San Diego, you should go give them a try, just remember they're only open til 14:30.

Snooze will definitely be getting a return visit from me.

A Thousand People Require Helicopter Rescues From Floods in Australia

Flooding continues to be a major problem for Queensland, Australia.

Four people have been killed by the raging waters.

Flash flooding struck many areas, but hardest hit was Bundaberg.

The Burnett River rapildy flooded it's banks, on Tuesday, causing around one thousand people to have to be rescued by helicopter.

New South Wales is also seeing flooding, after up to two feet of rain fell.

Evacuations were ordered in both states, as the government tries to keep as many people as possible out of harm's way.

Rains are expected to last through Wednesday, as the storm slowly moves out to sea.

Colorado Democrats Block Bill to Allow Concealed Carry Amongst Teachers

Colorado senate chamber
On Monday, Colorado Democrats defeated a bill that would've allowed teachers and staff to carry guns at schools.

Senate Bill 9 failed to pass the Senate Judiciary Committee, and was voted down three to two, straight down party lines.

Current laws block concealed weapons from being on school campuses, but the bill would've allowed each school district to decide whether to allow them, amongst staff and teachers.

Teachers had joined the Republican state senators, in arguing that gun free zones don't work and that allowing concealed carries, among properly trained people, was a good thing.

Other teachers, as well as teacher unions had been amongst those opposed to the idea, arguing that guns need to be further restricted.

Chicago Hits 40 Homicides After Bloody Weekend

Over the weekend seven people were killed and six wounded, by gunmen, in Chicago.

Chicago now has forty homicides, just so far this year.

Despite having the strictest gun laws, the city remains the US city with the most gun violence.

Almost all of the gun violence is gang related.

For nearly thirty years, Chicago had a total gun ban, but it was struck down by the Supreme Court, in 2010, as violating the Constitution.

Since then, the city has passed multiple ordinances, which stop just short of coming to a full ban.

The city regularly brags about how many guns it confiscates, weekly displaying the confiscations.

During 2012, Chicago confiscated nearly 7,500 guns.

Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy is asking for stricter laws and stronger punishment, for anyone who violates the gun laws.

Opponents of the laws say that the problem isn't a lack of gun laws, but too many.

They believe that if the public had freer access to guns then they could defend themselves, and gangs would be more wary.

In support of this, they point to stats from other states that have more gun access, but less gun violence.

3D Star Wars Films on Hold Indefinitely

On Monday, Lucasfilm released some information that will disappoint some Star Wars fans.

Plans had been for each of the first two Star Wars' trilogies to be released in 3D, over the next few years.

Episode I: The Phantom Menace, came out in 3D, last February and the other five movies had been to follow.

Now though, those plans are on hold.

Lucasfilms does not foresee 3D releases occurring, as all efforts have now been changed to focus on the creation and upcoming release of Episode VII, in 2015.

It is not seen as a cancellation, but a long term delay.

Missing From California: Maricela Hernandez, 14

Fourteen year old Maricela Hernandez is missing from Rancho Cordova, California.

She was last seen on January 8.

Maricela is described as five foot four, one hundred and fifteen pounds, with brown hair, and brown eyes.

Anyone with information should call the Rancho Cordova Police Department at 916-875-9600.

She was found safe on Wednesday, January 30.

Missing From Texas: Geena Huerta, 14

Fourteen year old Geena Huerta is missing from Grand Prairie, Texas.

She was last seen on January 16.

Geena is described as five foot, ninety-one pounds, with brown hair, and brown eyes.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children she may used Flakkiita Villarreal, as her name.

Anyone with information should call the Grand Prairie Police Department at 972-237-8700. 

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reported her safe on March 5.

Missing From Kentucky: Jeremy Lindsay, 23

Twenty-three year old Jeremy Lindsay is missing from Radcliff, Kentucky.

He was last seen Thursday afternoon.

His wife and three children have heard nothing from him, since then.

Jeremy is described as five foot eleven, one hundred and sixty pounds, with brown hair, and green eyes.

Anyone with information should call the Radcliff Police Department at 270-351-4477.

Yemen and Al Qaeda Battle it Out on Monday

Yemen tanks and troops moved against an Al Qaeda stronghold, on Monday.

Al Qaeda was holding hostages in the town of al-Bayda, and negotiations had collapsed.

In an apparent retaliation, a suicide bomber hit a military checkpoint, in Radda.

Eleven Yemeni soldiers were killed and another seventeen were wounded, in the blast.

A separate attack, near Radda, launched by gunmen, killed three Yemeni troops, who were on patrol.

Many southern towns were taken by Al Qaeda, in 2011.

Since then Yemen, backed by the US, has worked to remove them.

Sikh Religious Daggers Allowed in Alberta Courtrooms

In a landmark decision, Alberta is allowing daggers in court rooms.

The decision allows for Sikhs to carry their ceremonial kirpan daggers, into courtrooms.

Kirpans can't be longer than four inches, and Sikhs are required to carry them, by their faith.

Under the new policy, Sikhs will be required to let security know that they have their kirpan with them, and it must stay sheathed.

Ontario is considering a similar policy, as well.

Car Sized Boulder Falls Onto I70

Interstate 70, through Colorado, was partially closed, on Monday.

A boulder, the size of a small car, fell onto the westbound side of the freeway, early Monday morning.

It happened about mile marker 123, near the Hanging Lakes Tunnel.

Crews had to push it to the side of the freeway, and then break it up, to clear it.

They also had to fix about a foot deep hole that it put into the one lane.

One lane was closed for most of the day, and all west bound traffic was blocked from time to time, during the efforts to clear it.

Everything was expected to be taken care of for Tuesday.

No one was hurt, when the boulder fell, or afterwards.

Queen Beatrix to Abdicate

On Monday, Queen Beatrix, of the Netherlands, announced she will abdicate.

Her plans are to leave the throne, on April 30.

Queen Beatrix, who is seventy-four, has been queen since her mother abdicated in 1980.

She will be the third straight Dutch queen to abdicate, rather than die on the throne.

Prince William Alexander, forty-five, will take up the crown, making him the first king since 1890.

The Dutch monarchy is almost entirely ceremonial, but they are very beloved by the people.

Egyptians Ignore Curfews and Continue Protests and Riots

Egyptians in Ismailia, Port Said, and Suez ignored government curfews, on Monday night.

They were joined by riots in many other Egyptian cities.
Two people were killed and over a dozen injured in the violence, in Port Said. 

While in Cairo police vehicles were lit on fire, lighting the sky with their flames.

Police stations, in multiple cities, were burned, as rioters attack the power that attempts to control them.

The rioters are protesting President Morsi as a betrayer of the revolution, which occurred just over two years ago.

They accuse him of trying to establish a new authoritarian government, with shariah law.

4 Arrested in Brazil Nightclub Fire Case

Four people have been arrested, as the investigation of a deadly nightclub fire continues.

Two hundred and thirty-two people were killed in the city of Santa Maria, Brazil, when Kiss caught on fire, early Sunday morning.

Hundreds more were injured, and at least one hundred and thirty are still in the hospital.

Somewhere around twelve hundred people were in the club for a popular band's concert.

Police have arrested a band member for lighting a pyrotechnic device, which started the fire.

The promoter of the event and both of the night club's owners were also arrested.

It has been revealed that the club's business license and fire inspection license had both expired.

Witnesses say there were no emergency exits, leaving the entrance as the only way out.

Authorities are continuing their investigation of the club and the tragedy.

Missing Texas Teen Located Safe

A missing Texas teen has been located safe.

Sixteen year old Danya Mendoza had been missing from Irving, since January 15.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, she was found safe on Monday afternoon.

No further information was released. 

Timbuktu Being Liberated by French Troops

French troops in Mali
Malians again recognized French troops as liberators, as they moved into Timbuktu, on Monday.

Residents of the city waved home made French flags, as they welcomed the French.

The recapture of the city was aided by Foreign Legion troops parachuting in, behind the city, surrounding it.

Parts of the city are still under Islamist control, but that is not expected to last long.

No combat has occurred, over the city.

Islamists did burn the library, destroying rare writings, but otherwise the transition has been peaceful and celebratory.

On Saturday, French troops liberated the city of Gao.

Reports are that the Al Qaeda linked rebels have begun abandoning every town and city, which they had occupied.

US F16 Goes Missing Over Adriatic Sea

A US F16 is missing over the Adriatic Sea.

It happened about 20:00 CET, on Monday.

The US Air Force fighter, based out of Aviano Air Base, in Italy, was involved in a training exercise.

Air traffic control "lost contact" which could mean a crash.

Italian Coast Guard vessels and military helicopters are aiding the US Air Force, in the search.

The missing pilot was identified on Wednesday.

His body was found on Thursday.

Obama’s New White House Chief of Staff Key Player in Benghazi Debacle

C_denis-mcdonough2President Obama has announced key White House posts, including the appointment of Deputy National Security Advisor and former fellow at the Center for American Progress, Denis McDonough, as White House Chief of Staff.

 The other posts are listed below:

• Rob Nabors – Assistant to the President and Deputy White House Chief of Staff for Policy
• Antony Blinken – Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor
• Danielle Gray – Assistant to the President and Cabinet Secretary
• Katy Kale – Assistant to the President for Management and Administration
• Lisa Monaco – Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism and Deputy National Security Advisor
• Jennifer Palmieri – Assistant to the President and Communications Director
• Dan Pfeiffer – Assistant to the President and Senior Advisor
• Miguel Rodriguez –Assistant to the President and Director of Legislative Affairs
• David Simas – Assistant to the President and Deputy Senior Advisor for Communications and Strategy

Remarking on these appointments, the President said: “The challenges we face as a country, from rebuilding middle class security to strengthening our national security are complicated, and require thoughtful, comprehensive solutions. That’s why I am proud to announce a team with the deep expertise necessary to move our country forward. From growing the economy and shrinking our deficits, to keeping our country safe and addressing the dangers of climate change, these are people who will not rest until we get the job done. Led by Denis, this team is an extraordinary group of talented individuals with whom I will be honored to work.”

McDonough will replace Jack Lew, who has been nominated for secretary of the Treasury Department. He has been described as being demanding and fiercely loyal. McDonough has been highly influential in the decisions to drawdown in Iraq and Afghanistan, in addition to providing key counsel for the handling of the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

Additionally, McDonough, a Catholic, reportedly advised Obama in regard to the Health and Human Services (HHS) controversial contraception mandate.  The Catholic Church battled HHS in a court fight over religious rights. The Washington Post writes:

“His influence extends beyond national security. McDonough is a devout Catholic, and he has served as something of an informal adviser on religious matters, such as during last year’s debate over the White House’s handling of contraception rules under the new health care law.

That sounds like McDonough either offered some bad advice, or that Obama wasn’t listening to McDonough’s input.  The appointment makes the former more likely than the latter, which again makes this decision a little puzzling, but not terribly surprising.”

Regarded as the man most responsible for orchestrating the Benghazi cover up, McDonough is also believed to have rewritten the CIA talking points on Benghazi, which blamed the video, The Innocence of Muslims, for the attack. The actual motivation behind the terror attack had nothing to do with the film, but that didn’t stop McDonough from meeting with Muslim Brotherhood members in addition to leading the group of those who cited the film as being the cause of the attack.

Regardless of how offensive the video may be, the people responsible for the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi are the terrorists who perpetrated the act and those who failed to prevent it.

Bipartisan Group of Senators Agree to Principles of Immigration Reform

A bipartisan group of eight US Senators have agreed to principles of immigration reform.

Nothing is completely set, but the agreement marks a begin of real cooperation on the subject.

Four main goals are included in the principles:
  • Creating a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, who are already in the US, conditional upon the border being secure and a better tracking system being developed to track people here on visas.
  • Reforming the legal immigration system, which would include awarding green cards to immigrants who obtain advanced degrees in science, math, technology, or engineering from an American university.
  • Creating a system to effectively verify resident status, to ensure that employers do not hire illegal immigrants.
  • Allowing more low skill workers into the country and allowing employers to hire immigrants if they can demonstrate they were unable to recruit US citizens.

The four Democrat senators, endorsing the principles are: Michael Bennet, Colorado; Dick Durbin, Illinois; Robert Menendez, New Jersey; and Charles Schumer, New York.

They are joined by four Republicans: Jeff Flake and John McCain, Arizona; Marco Rubio, Florida; and Lindsey Graham, South Carolina.

Remembering: The Challenger

NASA's second shuttle, The Challenger, began trips to space on April 4, 1983.

The shuttle's tenth trip was scheduled for January 22, 1986, but was delayed due to cold weather.

Plans continued for the liftoff to take place a week later, despite the warnings of engineers that certain parts weren't designed to withstand the cold temperatures.

On January 28, 1986, at 11:39 EST, Challenger lifted off and as the nation watched she and her crew died.

Investigations later showed that it was the O ring seal on the solid rocket booster which had broken and failed.

That caused a fire, which damaged the external fuel tank.

Seventy-three seconds, after liftoff, Challenger began breaking up, after which she fell into the Atlantic Ocean.

Aboard her had been a crew of seven: Commander Francis R. Scobee, forty-six; Pilot Michael J. Smith, forty; Mission Specialist Judith A. Resnik, thirty-six; Mission Specialist Ronald E. McNair, thirty-five; Mission Specialist Ellison S. Onizuka, thirty-nine; guest scientist Gregory B. Jarvis, forty-one; and guest teacher Sharon C. McAuliffe, thirty-seven.

National Security Hangs in the Balance As The Pentagon Braces for Sequestration

On Wednesday, the House passed the “No Budget, No Pay Bill” which will temporarily suspend the nation’s debt ceiling until May 19th. Included in the measure is a provision that would withhold congressional pay after April 15th and extend until Congress passes a budget.

During a press conference, in the middle of the House vote, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said the Senate would take up the House measure “as is,” and the president is expected to sign it.

The Hill reports thirty-three Republicans voted against it because it didn’t include any spending cuts, but eighty-six Democrats voted for it with the final vote being 285-144.

Representative Paul Broun (R-GA), a former Marine Corps reservist and Navy officer, says he was willing to go along with it, since no other viable solutions were on the table. “I’m very unhappy, especially as a member of the military, that we’d be having any more defense cuts,” he says. “But if the sequestration does occur, then I’ll support those cuts. I think it’s necessary to make those real kinds of cuts, and then hopefully we can restore military spending and offset it with other spending cuts elsewhere.”

The sequestration is now pretty much a certainty. Additionally, Boehner promised five influential conservatives he would push a budget that would balance in ten years and keep spending levels at or below those set under the sequestration’s cuts.

A senior GOP aide has pointed out that sequestration lacks “the cliff like finality” of default and can be dealt with more easily, retroactively, through legislation to restore defense spending.  That being said, getting a bill through congress is often easier said than done.

The budget debate that will now ensue is made up of three components:

1)    Debt ceiling
2)    Sequestration
3)    Budget expiration

The debt ceiling deadline, which was previously set for February, has now been postponed until late Spring.

The sequestration was enacted during the last debt limit debate in 2011 and places caps on discretionary spending and also deducts approximately one hundred billion dollars from this year’s budget.

Though Senator Patty Murray, incoming Chair of the Senate Budget Committee, had said that she would move a package of cuts to replace the sequester, House GOP Leadership indicated, prior to Wednesday’s vote, that they were willing to allow the sequester cuts to take effect.

Then, there’s the long overdue budget. The Senate has failed to pass a budget for the past four years, which has subsequently spawned a series of continuing resolutions, adopted in order to keep the government running.

On several occasions, over the past year, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta expounded upon the serious risks involved in allowing the sequestration to go through. Panetta had asked Congress to come up with debt reduction ideas that would halt any of the defense cuts scheduled to kick in. It is tantamount to “putting a gun to our head,” he said.

In addition to national security concerns, several states such as Florida, North Carolina and Georgia that are home to military installations are anxious about the potential economic hardships, including high unemployment, their respective states will face due to sequestration.

How will sequestration impact the military? According to U-T San Diego:
  • Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta says the cuts would gut the military, making it incapable of conducting maintenance, training our troops, developing and acquiring new equipment and, most importantly, executing the national security strategy.
  • Thousands of civilian employees will be furloughed, freezing all civilian hiring, laying off temporary hires and not renewing contracts with term employees.
  • All travel and training will be significantly curtailed.
  • Administrative overhead and facilities programs will also be cut.
  • Because of the long lead time requirement, DOD has approved the cancellation of all third- and fourth-quarter ship and aircraft maintenance activities effective February 16.
  • All research and development contracts greater than five hundred million dollars are slated to be slashed, a severe blow to the future of our war fighting capabilities.
  • Naval officials have testified before Congress that the barely adequate force of today’s 287 ships would decrease to 230 combatants – meaning maintaining “freedom of the seas” would be problematic.
  • Aviation assets would be cut approximately twenty percent.
  • The nation’s combat readiness and homeland security threat level preparations would be reminiscent of – but worse than – the hollow forces of the 1970s and ’90s.
At the same time, threats to US national security haven’t gone away. Contrary to Obama’s repeated assurances, Al Qaeda remains a threat to Americans located in various parts of the world.

Additionally, the so called Arab Spring continues in Northern Africa while an often overlooked terrorist group, Boko Haram, continues to pose a threat to the US, according to the Department of Homeland Security. Add to those the resurgence of Russia, the rise of China, North Korea’s continuing taunts and Iran burgeoning nuclear program. And, we have an open border.

The first responsibility of Congress, stated in the United States Constitution, is to provide for the common defense. And the first defined responsibility of the president is that of commander in chief.
So, it would appear that the Constitution places a distinct emphasis on the defense of the nation and it is clear that the burden of this responsibility falls directly on the legislative and executive branches.

In their pre-election chatter, leadership in both the executive and legislative branches promised that sequestration would never happen. They knew how damaging the effects would be on national security and on jobs. But, at the eleventh hour, the old Congress punted to the new Congress, giving them just two months to sort everything out.

But, Congress has shirked its responsibilities and in doing so, has placed our economy and our national security in the balance. Due to a lack of proactivity, partisan interests and lack of courage, the country is being forced forward into an uncertain future fraught with a high potential for disaster.

Missing From New Mexico: Sean Murillo, 14

Fourteen year old Sean Murillo is missing from Belen, New Mexico.

He was last seen on January 22, at McDonald's.

Sean is described as five foot five, ninety-seven pounds, with dark brownish black hair, and hazel eyes.

When last seen, he was wearing a black shirt with red writing, a dark brown sweater with a black symbol on the sleeve, and blue jeans.

Anyone with information should call the Belen Police Department at 505-864-6288.

Missing From Pennsylvania: Destiny Chase-Shim, 14

Fourteen year old Destiny Chase-Shim is missing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

She was last seen Friday morning, at school.

Destiny is described as five foot five, one hundred and twenty pounds, with sandy brown hair, and brown eyes.

When last seen, she was wearing a waist length brown coat, navy blue sweat pants, and blue and white Nike sneakers.

Anyone with information should call the Philadelphia Police Department at 215-685-9500.

Missing From Arizona: Katie Stull, 18

Eighteen year old Katie Stull is missing from Chandler, Arizona.

She was last seen on Sunday night.

Concern is high as Katie is deaf and according to officials only has the mental capacity of a seven year old.

Katie is described as five foot four, one hundred and forty pounds, with brown hair, and brown eyes.

When last seen, she was wearing a white vest, red jeans, grey high top shoes, and a leather jacket.

Anyone with information should call the Chandler Police Department at 480-782-4130.

Police found her safe, Monday evening. 

Missing From Oregon: Lynn Saephan, 29

Twenty-nine year old Lynn Saephan is missing from St. Helens, Oregon.

She was last seen on Wednesday night.

Authorities are heavily concerned as she wandered away from a mental health facility, leaving all of her belongings.

Lynn is described as five foot three, one hundred and ten pounds, with very short black hair, and brown eyes.

When last seen, she was wearing a cream colored sweat shirt and pants.

Anyone with information should call the St. Helens Police Department at 503-397-3333.

Missing From New Jersey: Sarah Majoras, 39

Thirty-nine year old Sara Majoras is missing from Lambertville, New Jersey.

She was last seen early on Saturday morning, leaving a club.

Police have been focusing their search on a nearby canal, even cutting holes into the ice, for divers to search.

Sara is described as five foot four, one hundred and forty pounds, with blonde hair, and blue eyes.

When last seen, she was wearing blue jeans, brown leather boots, a white cap, and a camouflage jacket.

Anyone with information should call the Lambertville Police Department at 609-397-3132.

Her body was found on Wednesday and identified on Thursday

Missing From Oregon: Bedria Williams, 15

Fifteen year old Bedria Williams, of Creswell, Oregon, is missing from Sacramento, California.

She originally ran away from Creswell, on January 11, but had stayed in contact til January 19, when she was in Sacramento.

Since the 19th she has not been heard from or seen.

It is believed she may be in California, Oregon, or Washington.

Bedria is described as five foot two, one hundred and twenty-four pounds, with black hair, and brown eyes.

Anyone with information should call the Lane County Sheriff's Department at 541-895-2536 or the Sacramento Police Department at 916-264-5471.

She was reported safe on February 9.

Texas Amber Alert Cancelled, Kidnapper Arrested

A Texas amber alert, that had been going since Tuesday, was cancelled.

A fourteen year old girl had gone missing from Houston, and police believed her to be with Jacob West.

Fort Pierce, Florida police located the fourteen year old girl and her kidnapper, on Monday morning.

She was given medical treatment and arrangements for her return to her family are being made.

Her name is no longer being used as she is a victim in a sexual assault case.

Thirty-three year old Jacob West was arrested for sexual assault of a child.

He will be returned to Texas for trial.

Missing Pennsylvania Teen Found in Ohio

A missing Pennsylvania teen was found safe.

Fourteen year old Sharon Hernandez had been missing from North Strabane Township, since Wednesday night.

When she ran away she took her mother's suburban with her.

Police in Columbus, Ohio found her safe, on Sunday afternoon.

She will be kept in police custody until her family picks her up.