Saturday, January 26, 2013

Occupy Snooze

In shocking news, Occupy Denver still exists.

They're currently working on boycotting Snooze restaurants.

Snooze's crimes? Their owner supported a law banning the homeless from Denver.

Because of this, OD has apparently been boycotting Snooze, for awhile now. I'm sorry I didn't get the memo.

OD's facebook page brags about the "Huge turnout" they had last week.

Yes, six people, is a huge turnout. And that's generous, I'm allowing that the cameraman was one of them, as is the signless person in grey.

For those unaware, Snooze is a very popular breakfast place, that is only open through lunch time. It's so popular that before it expanded, reservations were weeks in advance.

Well OD will be back at Snooze, protesting outside, this Sunday from 10:00-13:00.

Let them stand outside waving signs about how corporate America is bad, while drinking Starbucks, wearing Nikes, and taking pics with their Iphones.

I don't know about you, but I'm planning on enjoying some amazing food. Join me at one of their 5 Colorado locations or their San Diego, California one.
I think I'll go occupy Snooze.

AR 15 Scares Robbers Away

Two men broke into a New York apartment and quickly pointed a gun at the first person they saw.

That resident let out a scream which was enough to let his room mate know something was really wrong.

When the robbers came upstairs and started to open the door, they found the barrel of an AR 15 pointing at them.

Soon thereafter, without taking anything, both robbers left the building.

The rifle was never even loaded, but just it's presence was enough to protect that apartment.

Missing Colorado Woman Safe

A missing Colorado woman has been reported safe.

Twenty-one year old Jessica Ruby had been missing since early Tuesday morning.

On Saturday afternoon, her family reported that she was safe and with them.

No further information was released.

Man Breaks Into Police Station, Pretends to Be a Cop

A little bit after midnight, Saturday morning, Arapahoe County Sheriff Deputies noticed that a door to a substation was broken.

Through the window they saw a man hiding behind a ballistic shield, trying to open a gun safe.

They then found that the door was barricaded and called the office phone.

The man answered, "Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office" and pretended to be working for the county.

When he realized who he was talking to, he hung up and went back to trying to open the safe.

The deputies called for back up, which surrounded the building.

Eventually, they convinced the man to come out, but according to police he moved towards them aggressively, so a K9 was sent at him.

The dog bit the man, while subduing him, and officers arrested him.

Philip Thomas, forty-one, was treated for the bite and arrested.

Neither the dog nor any of the deputies were injured in the incident.

Zeman Wins Czech Presidency

Milos Zeman has won the Czech Presidency.

He beat out Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg with a fifty-five to forty-five percent vote.

A former Prime Minister, Zeman becomes the first popularly elected President of the Czech Republic.

In the Czech Republic, the President doesn't have the same level of power, as does the US President.

The Czech President is the face of the country and appoints constitutional court and central bank candidates, but does not really have any other powers.

Despite that, Zeman is expected to try and influence his country into closer ties with the EU.

Anonymous Strikes Against the Justice Department

Hackers claiming to be part of Anonymous struck at the US Justice Department, Saturday morning.

They targeted the site of the US Justice Department's
Sentencing Commission, and say they are prepared to release the information they stole.

According to the hackers, the act was in retaliation for the Department's treatment of Aaron Swartz.

Swartz committed suicide on January 11, while facing prosecution for stealing over four million articles from JSTOR, an online archive and journal distribution service.

He was facing up to thirty-one years in jail and fines of up to one million dollars.

The FBI is investigating the attack, but was completely unable to stop it from happening.

Pakistani Militia Fights Off Taliban Attack

A pro-government militia in Pakistan fended off a push by Taliban forces, on Saturday.

An estimated three hundred Taliban invaded from Afghanistan and struck near the Maiden part of Tirah.

Three civilians, thirteen militia, and fifteen Taliban were killed during the several hour long gun battle.

Eventually, the Taliban forces broke off, and made their way back across the border.

10 Afghans Killed in Suicide Blast

Afghan police roadblock
A suicide bomber killed ten policemen in Kunduz, Afghanistan, on Saturday.

The bomber struck at a busy roundabout, in the heart of town.

Five more officers and four civilians were injured, when the bomber blew his motorcycle up.

The Taliban has not claimed responsibility, for the attack, but all the blame is being placed on them.

Port Said Riots Leave 27 Dead, Military Called In

Violence in Egypt spread and escalated, Saturday, with twenty-seven being killed, in Port Said.

Military forces are being sent in, to try and regain control.

The violence reignited when a court sentenced twenty-one people to death, for their parts in a brawl, last February.

Last year's brawl was sparked at a soccer match, in the end, seventy-four people had died.

Almost immediately, after the verdict, two police officers were gunned down by a mob which tried to break into the jail, where the twenty-one are being held.

As the angry mob grew, so did the violence, as they clashed with security forces.

At least three and thirty people were injured, while the crowd's message expanded to general anger against the government and the Muslim Brotherhood.

French Liberating Gao

French forces on the way to Gao
French troops have begun retaking Gao from Al Qaeda hands.

Last reports have them controlling sections of the city, including the airport and the main bridge, into town.

Fighting for the town has caused twelve rebel deaths, but no casualties for the the French.

Malian troops are headed on their way to take Timbuktu.

Other African nations are beginning to engage in combat, with the Islamist rebels.

Chad and Niger are working their way into Mali, from the south, and fighting enemy forces that they find.

More nations are supposed to join the effort, but have yet to do so.

For the most part, the Islamists are continuing their strategy of leaving the towns and heading into the countryside.

Jets and helicopters of the French military continue to make organizing in numbers a dangerous thing for the rebels.

Missing From California: Eliana Castellanos, 13

Thirteen year old Eliana Castellanos is missing from Stockton, California.

She was last seen Thursday afternoon.

Eliana is described as five foot six, one hundred and sixty pounds, with curly auburn hair.

When last seen, she was wearing a black jacket, faded black skinny jeans, and pink Converse tennis shoes.

Anyone with information should call Stockton Unified School District police at 209-933-7085.

Missing From Arizona: Laurence Doering, 82

Eighty-two year old Laurence Doering is missing from Yuma, Arizona.

He was last seen on January 17.

Concerns are high as he suffers from Alzheimer's.

His vehicle was found on Saturday, January 4, 2014, in San Bernadino, California.

Laurence is described as six foot one, one hundred and seventy pounds, with grey hair, and blue eyes.

When last seen, he was wearing a grey sweater, a blue shirt, blue jeans, and black shoes.

Anyone with information should call the Yuma County Sheriff's Office at 928-783-4427.