Friday, January 25, 2013

Missing Utah Girl Recovered Safely

A missing Utah girl has been recovered safely.

Six year old Kassidy Nelson had been missing from South Jordan, since Wednesday night.

She had been taken by her biological mother, Megan Boynton, twenty-five, who did not have custody.

Police in Las Vegas, Nevada found the two, Friday afternoon.

Kassidy will be returned home, to her legal guardians, her great-grandparents.

Megan was arrested and faces charges of kidnapping and interfering with custody.

Missing From Pennsylvania: Sharon Hernandez, 14

Fourteen year old Sharon Hernandez is missing from North Strabane Township, Pennsylvania.

She was last seen Wednesday night.

Sharon is described as five foot three, one hundred and thirty-five pounds, with dark brown hair, brown eyes, and a burn scar on her left arm.

When she disappeared, she took her mother's white 2002 Chevrolet Suburban with Pennsylvania license HMP3489.

Anyone with information is asked to call the North Strabane Police Department at 724-746-8474.

Police in Columbus, Ohio found her safe on Sunday

Missing Idaho Teen Found Safe

A missing Idaho teen has been reported safe.

Seventeen year old Jennifer Miller had been missing from Chubbuck, since the afternoon of December 26.

She had run away, and been missing for nearly a month.

According to the Chubbuck Police Department, she was located safe, on Friday.

As she is under the legal age, Jennifer will be returned home.

No further information was released by police.

Rabbits Causing Thousands of Dollars of Damage in Denver

Elmer Fudd may be getting a call from the city of Denver.

Rabbits are becoming a serious issue, in many parts of town.

Not because of an over population or disease.

A favorite past time for rabbits is chewing on wires, under cars.

This has led to significant damages, for people, who's cars have been severely damaged, by the animals.

Denver International Airport is one of the biggest sites for the problem.

People leaving their cars for days, while on a trip, come back to find hundreds to thousands of dollars of damage, due to rabbits.

United States Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services agents patrol the parking lot and remove rabbits when they spot them, but they clearly aren't catching them all.

A growing number of people are calling for the city to kill rabbits in the areas around parking lots, where it has been an issue.

Harvard Professor Looking For Surrogate Mother For Neanderthal

Dr. George Church, a renowned Harvard geneticist, is looking for an assistant for a project he wishes to complete.

His goal is to bring the Neanderthal's back to life.

To do this he plans on cloning their DNA and having a woman give birth to a Neanderthal baby.

Towards making this happen, he is looking for a woman to volunteer to be that surrogate mother.

Church believes that genetic diversity is getting dangerously low, among humans, and that by introducing Neanderthal genes the world's diversity levels would be at least maintained.

Obama's Appointments Ruled UnConstitutional

In January of 2012, President Obama made three appointments to the National Labor Relations Board.

He did so without Senate approval, in an attempt to avoid Republicans opposing them.

On Friday, a three judge panel of the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled that Obama's appointments violated the Constitution.

Their ruling makes his appointments invalid.

The White House responded by calling the ruling "novel and unprecedented", but did not say if they would challenge the decision.

Obama has made other appointments, in such a manner, and so those too will now likely be challenged.

It also puts into question anything that the NLRB or other groups have done, if they have members who were appointed by Obama, in such ways.

Mitch McConnell, a Republican Senator for Kentucky said, "The DC Circuit Court today reaffirmed that the Constitution is not an inconvenience but the law of the land."

Republicans are already using the ruling to point out various other areas where Obama has gone around the Constitution.

Gas Bombs Thrown at Police in Northern Ireland

Protests, against the Union Jack being limited, continued in Northern Ireland, on Friday.

Most of them remained peaceful.

However, in Newtownabbey, stones, fireworks, and gas bombs were thrown at police.

At least twelve gas bombs were thrown at officers, who found another nineteen, which hadn't been thrown.

Luckily, no one was injured in this incident.

Since the protests began, on December 3, one hundred and twenty-seven police officers have been injured, with an unknown number of civilians hurt as well.

One hundred and seventy-four protesters have been arrested.

Violence Erupts in Falluja

Throughout Iraq protests took place, on Friday.

The mostly Sunni opposition is complaining that they are discriminated against by the Shiite government.

As usual, rocks and other objects were thrown, by protesters, at police and security officials.

However, in Falluja, soldiers opened fire when rocks were thrown at them.

Seven civilians and two soldiers ended up killed, in the violence there, and at least forty-four were injured.

Video of the violence has surfaced, on Arabic news sites.

The shooting only spurred on protests, across the country, with some going on into the night.

Malian and French Forces Continue Advance

Malian troops
Malian and French forces retook several towns, on Thursday and Friday, as they move towards Gao.

The two armies are working their way up the Niger River, with Malians on side and French on the other.

At each village and town they are cheered by residents who welcome them as liberators.

Al Qaeda's forces, which had conquered the region, over a year ago, are mostly abandoning towns, as the militaries approach.

Anywhere that they are seen, the French air force is harrying them, making it difficult for them to take a stand in any numbers.

While Mali is celebrating the victories, France has warned that this is only the beginning and that Al Qaeda troops will likely go guerrilla.

The combined forces are slowly being joined by troops from other African nations, increasing the internationalization of the fight.

Egyptians Riot on Second Anniversary of Mubarak Being Overthrown

Across Egypt protests turned to riots as the Egyptian people protested the rule of Morsi, on the second anniversary of their overthrowing Mubarak.

Pretty much every city saw some sort of demonstration.

Five people, including a security officer, died in the violence, on Friday, in Suez.

Three hundred and thirty-five people were injured, there alone, on both sides of the line.

Egypt has decided to send the military into Suez, to try and restore order.

In Cairo, thousands once again packed Tahrir Square, and untold hundreds were injured in the clashes between protesters and police.

Protesters threw rocks, bottles, and gas bombs at police, who retaliated with tear gas, clubs, and in some cases captured and threw back the gas bombs.

Other towns saw government buildings broken into and, in at least one case, burned.

Syrian Military Renews Offensive

Syria's military is renewing it's offensive against rebel forces.

Rebel held towns are being shelled and ground troops are moving in, as well.

Casualty estimates for Friday alone were closing in on one hundred and fifty.

Those included eight, who were killed when two car bombs struck a Syrian intelligence building, in the Golan Heights.

Around sixty-two thousand Syrians have been killed during the twenty-two month long conflict.

While at least six hundred thousand Syrians have sought refuge in other countries.

Missing From California: Andrea Hernandez, 24

Twenty-four year old Andrea Hernandez is missing from Ventura, California.

She was last seen on January 10.

Concerns are high as her cell has been turned off and her bank account has not been touched.

Andrea is described as five foot six, one hundred and fifty-five pounds, with brown hair dyed red, brown eyes, with tattoos of a sparrow, on either side of her chest.

When last seen, she was wearing a long sleeve shirt, scarf, blue jeans, and black Converse shoes.

Her vehicle is a white four door Saturn with California license 3UDY768.

Anyone with information should call the Ventura Police Department at 805-339-4490 with case number 13-836.

Missing From Massachusetts: Jayvon Phillips, 11

Eleven year old Jayvon Phillips is missing from Brockton, Massachusetts.

He was last seen Wednesday afternoon.

Police believe he is a run away and so have not issued an amber alert.

However, they are highly concerned due to the low temperatures.

No description, beyond the photo, was released.

When last seen, he was wearing a black and blue winter coat and gray sweatpants.

Anyone with information should call the Brockton Police Department at 508-941-0200.

He was found safe, Saturday night

Missing Delaware Man Returns Safe

A missing Delaware man has been reported safe.

Forty-seven year old Nicholas S. Caggiano had been missing from Ocean View since the morning of January 15.

According to police he returned home, on Thursday.

He had apparently traveled out of town, without telling anyone he was going.

No further information was released.

Missing From Utah: Ana Lopez, 14

Fourteen year old Ana Lopez is missing from Murray, Utah.

She was last seen on January 15.

Ana is described as five foot five, one hundred and twenty-five pounds, with brown hair, and brown eyes.

When last seen, she had hair extensions.

Anyone with information should call the Murray Police Department at 801-840-4000.

She was found safe on January 30.

Missing From California: Margaret Woodman, 67

Sixty-seven year old Margaret Woodman is missing from San Mateo County, California.

She was last seen Thursday morning.

Concerns are high as she suffers from Alzheimer's.

No description, beyond the photo, was released.

When last seen, she was wearing a white leather jacket and black pants.

Anyone with information should call the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office at 650-363-4911.