Wednesday, January 23, 2013

US Women to Be Officially Allowed Combat Roles

In a joint decision, the Pentagon and Defense Secretary Panetta, announced that women will no longer be barred from serving in combat roles.

The 1994 ruling, that they couldn't serve in combat, will slowly be overturned, throughout 2013, as women are gradually allowed to serve in any role.

Women have seen combat, despite the ruling, due to the nature of war.

One hundred and thirty-nine women have been killed in combat, since the 1994 ruling, and over eight hundred women have been wounded in combat, during Afghanistan and Iraq.

For the US, women have been officially serving in military branches since World War I, and having been dying in combat since then.

Many other countries already allow women to serve in combat roles, Israel being the most noticeable.

Missing From Oregon: Brant Koller, 69

Sixty-nine year old Brant Koller is missing from Beaverton, Oregon.

He was last seen Tuesday afternoon.

Officials are concerned as he suffers from dementia and is mute.

They are also concerned about his ability to survive the cold temperatures.

Brant is described as six foot five, two hundred and ten pounds.

When last seen, he was wearing blue overalls and a purple turtleneck.

Anyone with information should call the Washington County Sheriff's Deptartment at 503-846-2700.

His body was found Thursday afternoon.

Missing California Woman Found Alive

A missing California woman has been found alive.

Sixty-one year old Myra Sheek had been missing from Eureka, since Friday morning.

Authorities announced that she had been found alive on Wednesday.

They say she was found conscious in the woods near Cutten, and had been taken to a hospital.

No further information was released.

Missing From Ontario: Gerard Hoolboom, 82

Eighty-two year old Gerard Hoolboom, of Halton, Ontario, is missing from Toronto.

He was last seen about 11:30 EST, Wednesday morning, in Toronto.

Concerns are high for him as has Alzheimer's and is believed to be lost.

Gerard is described as six foot, one hundred eighty pounds, with short grey hair, and glasses.

When last seen, he was wearing a tan winter jacket, a long sleeved dark shirt with stripes, grey pants, and black snow boots.

His vehicle is a black, four door 2001 Toyota Camry with Ontario license H A N.

Anyone with information should call the Halton Police Department at 905-634-1831.

Missing From Colorado: Jessica Shepherd, 16

Sixteen year old Jessica Shepherd is missing from Johnstown, Colorado.

She was last heard from Tuesday night when she texted a friend asking them to call the police.

Police are highly concerned as she seemed to think she was in danger.

Jessica is described as five foot four, one hundred and thirty-five pounds, with blue eyes, an eyebrow piercing, nose piercing, and a lip piercing.

Authorities are listing her hair as brown, despite sending out a picture of her as a blonde.

When last seen she was wearing a black leather jacket, black shirt, blue jeans, and black shoes.

Anyone with information should call the Johnstown Police Department at 970-587-5555. 

Police announced that they found her safe, Thursday morning.

No further information was released.

From The Mouth Of Matuszak: The Difference It Makes, Mrs. Clinton

Clinton At Flag Ceremony For Ambassador Rooney, Jan. 9, 2013
Many on both sides of the aisle are deflated over today's testimony in the Benghazi investigation. Some on the left were expecting full vindication with blame stuck on the penny pinching right. Conservatives were expecting a grueling cross examination designed to drag Clinton to confess to criminal negligence. Others were hoping she'd just walk in, ticked off and tie the albatross to Obama's neck.

None of the above happened.

Barbara Boxer asked Clinton about financing, budgetary shortfalls, and the actual costs of private, usually local, security companies.

Let's recall Clinton's ire coming out of allegations of impropriety from the Blackwater corporation. Blackwater provided security services for various government contractors and non-military US government personnel operating in hostile areas. Somewhere in the debacle, Clinton convinced the powers that be to hire local and non-US security personnel to guard and secure our facilities. These include our military installations in Kuwait and other government offices in countries such as Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Qatar, etc. However, law and defense policy dictate that the US Marines have the Embassy missions as well as the spearhead for any NEO (Non-Combatant Evacuation Operations) missions.

This is something even Hollywood gets somewhat correct. Refer to movies such as "Bourne Identity" and "Rules of Engagement". The plot of ROE concerns a Marine Corps (Mr. Obama, that's "corps", not "corpse") Officer put on trial for ordering his unit to fire on terrorists that were attacking an embassy during an NEO mission. That attack started as a protest over some issue or other. Sound familiar to anyone?

When it comes to the financing of security forces, the bottom line answer is that those funds should have been DoD funds for the US Marines, not State Deptartment funds for private bodyguards. At that, the issue is clear and is moot. It's a tap dance.

Of course, it's part of the left's agenda to weaken our military and cut defense spending. The main reason behind doing so is that defense spending is mandated by the one document the left hates: The US Constitution. Paying for programs such as TANF and EBT cards that keep people oppressed and enslaved are not. So, their foundational ideal is that anything mandated by the Constitution is bad and any government spending that is not are "social justice".

So, the socialists bolstered up to protect Mrs. Clinton. They attempted to put forth the meme that it was all funding and failure of underlings to follow policy and protocol.

During the hearing, a rather emotional Clinton uttered a statement that was just ludicrous. She posed the question, "At this point, what does it matter if the attack was the result of a protest over a video or a planned terrorist attack?".

Clinton is not that stupid. She is trying to obfuscate reality. She is attempting to cover her own backside while maintaining party loyalty. She knows. The simple truth is that if she admitted that it was a terrorist attack that she'd have to answer hard questions on why appropriate protective measures were not taken. It would be admitting fault, either hers or Obama's.

That attack happened. Looking at the news reports and published debriefings from those who survived, it is obvious that an Al Qaeda affiliate had this attack planned. The video served as the perfect excuse. They organized the protest. It was organized before the excuse presented itself. It could have been that video. It could have been a blog written by Pam Geller. It could have been the attempted extradition of an Al Qaeda linked imam from the UK to the US. So many excuses were available. They picked one and had that protest serve as a diversion while they attacked and assassinated our ambassador.

Why this matters is simple. They blamed a video, then the intelligence community.

Meanwhile, the conservatives fear the finger pointing over the budget cuts and lack of spending for those private security firms. They have no backbone. They fear retribution from the Clintons, the Heinzs, the Obamas, and the Kennedys. They want to protect their own political clout. What they fail to realize is that, should it all come out eventually, that their lack of candor and personal courage will lead to their facing hard primaries as incumbents come re-election time.

Please Read The Full Original Article and Commentary Originally Published At P-G Matuszak's Mental Aikido. This Excerpt Reprinted With Permission.

Netanyahu Retains Prime Minister Spot

Voting was closer than expected in Israel's parliamentary elections.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's party did come out with the most votes, thirty-one, but that was a loss of twelve.

Despite the loss of seats, he will be asked to form the new government, retaining his position as Prime Minister.

Netanyahu has been called the best man for the job, even by some of his opponents.

Coalitions will be more important than ever as the one hundred and twenty seats, in the Knesset, were nearly evenly divided.

With the ultra orthodox generally siding with the right wing parties, and the Arab parties going with the center left, many issues may see themselves divided directly in half.

This could bring a very dead locked body.

It will really be left to see how much his opponents actually meant it, when they said that he was the one Israel needed.

House Passes New Debt Ceiling Increase

The US House of Representatives has passed a debt ceiling raise.

It passed with a vote of 285-144, still unpopular despite having been proposed by some Republicans.

No trouble is expected for it, in the Senate, and President Obama has already said he would sign it.

Under the bill the debt ceiling is now raised until May 18.

Both the House and Senate are required to come up with budgets by April 15, or the salaries of that body will be stopped, until they can do so.

The Senate has not passed a budget since 2009, despite the House doing so, repeatedly.
However, it could be a struggle to get even that far.

On March 1, the "fiscal cliff" will strike again, if something isn't done by then, and then on March 27, the government will run out of money, with which to stay open.

From The Mouth of Matuszak: Boehner & Co. Want To Give In To Loan Sharks

Folks, they plan on presenting and voting on this on Wednesday, January 23, 2013. Take ten minutes and call your representatives.

In a closed party meeting, select GOP Representatives conjured up a bill that presents a form of compromise in order to avoid the "Debt Ceiling Crisis".

From what has been published, so far, the bill proposes a few aspects that should make both sides of the aisle happy. Even Obama has stated he'd sign the bill.

The bill will increase the debt limit enough to avoid the government reaching its limit before March, when sequestration will take place if a final deal isn't met. Basically, it will allow the government to borrow enough money to run until the end of March.

Along with that comes a mandate that a budget be passed and certain spending cuts be made. No specific cuts are made. The bill just states that enough will need to be cut in order to come closer to balancing the budget. Should these not happen, congressmen will not get paid until it does, according to information published about the bill. Obama is on board with it.

That should scare anybody who has ever had to balance their checkbook.

This should scare anybody who has had a Soldier, friend, relative or themselves taken a "payday loan" or visited a "loan shark".

It boils down to "I cannot pay my bills. Please lend me $5k more so I can afford a debt consolidation loan and I will pay it all back, at 33% interest, in 90 days".

We hit the federal credit limit already. We are broke. We started the calender year broke. We just finished the first quarter of the fiscal year, and the federal government is broke.

Like a mob bookie, Obama just told congress to go get a loan from his favorite loan shark and he will approve it.

This goes hand in hand with the fact that Obama has complete morons actually believing that the debt ceiling has anything to do with repaying debts or bills it owes. It doesn't. It has to do with borrowing money. It has to do with creating more bills it cannot pay. Obama wants more bills that we cannot afford. He does not want prosperity.

Meanwhile, these representatives are actually willing to go meet that loan shark and request a loan, though a smaller one.

We the people need to tell them "NO!"

Congress needs to come up with a balanced budget. That budget needs to do the following things, in these priorities:

1. It needs to provide for the defense of this nation. That is the number one reason the federal government is allowed to collect taxes and revenue.

2. It needs to set up a payment plan for the debt it already owes. This is the second mandate the constitution gives in regards for allowing congress the authority to collect taxes and revenues.

3. It needs to set up a reasonable budget to run the three branches adequately. If that means that the executive branch needs to cut bureaucrats, that is a good thing.

4. They need to forget about asking for a single cent's raise in credit limit until they can be responsible enough to live within the means it currently has.

So, members of the GOP are selling out to avoid this so called crisis. Tell them to grow a backbone. Call their offices. Write them emails. Let your voice be heard. Tell them "NO!".

There is no crisis. We hit a debt ceiling when Clinton was president. The prosperity that many attribute to his administration came from the GOP majority in the House, led by Newt Gingrich, telling Clinton to pass their budget and cut spending. They stood with a backbone. After vetoing the bill three times, Clinton eventually conceded. What was the outcome? Well, there was a budget surplus when George W. Bush was inaugurated. That was because Clinton was forced to enact and execute fiscal conservative policies.

Our country won't fall apart if we refuse to raise the credit limit. The government won't shut down if we refuse to raise that credit limit. What will happen is that Obama and the socialists will realize they don't have a minor nuisance to contend with but the will of the people.

Original article and commentary published at P-G Matuszak's Mental Aikido. Reprinted with permission.

Jordanians Vote For Parliament

Jordanians hit the polls on Wednesday, for parliamentary elections.

Elections have occurred in the kingdom, for eighty-four years.

However this one is more significant as the parliament has been granted more powers than ever.

Last year, King Abdullah II gave up most of his powers in running the daily state duties.

Parliament now has near complete control of those.

King Abdullah II did retain his powers over foreign and security responsibilities, but he set steps up that could see that given over to parliament, after his reign ends.

Despite the King's efforts, not all are happy with things.

The leading Islamist party refused to take part in this election.

It is unclear what issues that will cause the parliament's effectiveness.

Suicide Bombing Claims 25 Lives in Iraq

Twenty-five were killed when a suicide bomber struck in Tuz Khormato, Iraq, on Wednesday.

Nearly a hundred more were injured when the blast went off at a funeral at a Shiite mosque.

The funeral was for a government employee, who had been shot and killed, on Tuesday.

Many of the dead and wounded were other government workers, attending the funeral of their friend and colleague.

That includes various elected officials all the way up to a deputy governor.

No one claimed the attack, but it is thought to be the work of Al Qaeda, which is a Sunni organization.

This was the fifth time, in January, that more than twenty people have been killed in a single day.

Police Find Missouri Teen Safe

A missing Missouri teen has been found safe.

Sixteen year old Molly Linhardt had been missing from St. Peters, since the afternoon of January 14.

Police had been highly concerned as it was thought she was in the presence of a convicted sex offender.

On Wednesday morning, police reported that she had been found safe.

No further information was released.

Remembering: The 20th Amendment

FDR's inauguration 1937
On January 23, 1933, Congress ratified the 20th Amendment.

It set several different things, but the one that has been the most notable was it's changing of the President's inauguration date.

Before then inaugurations had always taken place on March 4.

However, the 20th Amendment moved that date forward to January 20.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt became the first President to be inaugurated on that date, at the beginning of his second term, in 1937.

The 20th Amendment also set the inaugurations of Congressmen to January 3.

It also set up plans for what to do, should the President elect or Vice President elect die before being sworn in.

Missing Ohio Baby Recovered Safely

A missing Ohio baby was reported recovered safely.

Six month old Nicayla Jordan had meen missing from Newark, since Wednesday afternoon.

She was found by Newark police, Monday afternoon.

Police arrested her mother, twenty-five year old Amanda Jordan, on charges of kidnapping and interfering with custody.

Licking County Job and Family Services had been granted custody of the child through a court order, after Amanda was previously jailed.

A day after being released, Amanda took Nicayla, causing the whole incident.

Missing Nebraska Woman Safe

A missing Nebraska woman has been reported safe.

Twenty-two year old Maria De Los Angeles-Ventura had been missing from Grand Island, since January 15.

She dropped her child off at baby sitters, for a planned thirty minutes, but never came back.

According to the Grand Island Police Department, she was located safe, on Tuesday evening.

No further information was released.

Missing Missouri Teen Safe

A missing Missouri teen was reported safe.

Eighteen year old Kiersten Groves had been missing from Woodson Terrace, since January 11.

On Monday evening, she called her family to let them know she was ok.

Her father sent the word out that she had heard online that they thought she was missing.

No further information was released, by the family.

Missing From Washington: Riza Ysulat, 36, and Jason Dolman, 31

Dolman, left, Ysulat, right
Thirty-six year old Riza Ysulat and thirty-one year old Jason Dolman are missing from Snohomish, Washington.

The couple was last seen on January 8.

Nothing was taken from their home and neither of their cellphones are connecting.

No description, other than the pictures, was given of either of them.

They drive a red 1999 Mitsubishi Mirage with Washington license AJN4025.

Anyone with information should call the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office at 425-388-3845.

Wednesday afternoon, a red Mitsubishi was pulled from Snohomish River, with two bodies inside.

Authorities have not confirmed or denied if it is the missing couple. 

Missing From Arizona: Saddie Cowart, 15

Fifteen year old Saddie Cowart is missing from San Tan Valley, Arizona.

She was last seen on January 8, and last heard from on January 14.

Most of her clothing was taken with her, and she is believed to be in the Phoenix area.

Saddie is described as five foot seven, one hundred and sixty pounds, with brown hair, brown eyes, with a nose piercing, and gauged ears.

Anyone with information should call the Pinal County Sheriff's Office at 520-866-5111.

Police found her safe, in Oklahoma, on January 27.