Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Amber Alert: Texas: Haylie White, 14

An amber alert has been issued for the state of Texas.

Fourteen year old Haylie White was kidnapped Tuesday afternoon, from her home in Houston.

Police believe she was taken by thirty-three year old Jacob West.

Authorities believe that Haylie is in extreme danger of being hurt or killed, by West.

Haylie is described as five foot, one hundred and twenty pounds, with brown hair, and brown eyes.

When last seen she was wearing a tie dye shirt and blue jeans.

West is described as six foot two, two hundred and twenty pounds, with brown hair, and brown eyes.

He drives a silver 2005 GMC Envoy with Texas license AT42794.

Anyone with information is asked to call 911, immediately. 

They were found, in Florida, on Monday, and West was arrested.

Missing From Colorado: Zach Kingston, 14

Fourteen year old Zach Kingston is missing from Commerce City, Colorado.

He was last seen Monday evening, about 17:00 MST.

Police and the public looked for him on Monday night and renewed their search on Tuesday.

The family recently moved to Commerce City, so Zach may have become lost, but authorities believe he would have checked in by now.

Zach is described as five foot eight, one hundred and sixty pounds, with brown hair, and brown eyes.

When last seen, he was wearing a black hoodie, black pants, and a black Arizona Wildcats baseball hat with a big "A" on it.

The picture of him shows the same out fit he was last seen wearing.

Anyone with information should call the Commerce City Police Department at 303-287-2844.

Tuesday evening, he was found safe, at a local gas station, and returned home.

According to authorities, he had been trying to runaway, and return to his friends.

Sangster's Thoughts on The 40th Anniversary of Roe vs. Wade

On January 22, 1973 abortion became legal, in the United States.

Since Roe vs. Wade made it's way through the courts nearly fifty-five million abortions have taken place. That averages out to about one abortion every thirty seconds. Fifty-five million lives cut short, well before they were even given a chance to make something of themselves.

Had they been killed in any other way, their killers would've been charged with murder. Not just murder, but first degree murder, as their deaths had clearly been plotted before hand. Due to the plotting, the mother's and other involved parties would've been charged with conspiracy to commit murder. They clearly had a choice in the decision, and were willing participants.

We live in an unfortunate world of extreme double standards. If you injure a pregnant woman, and it causes a miscarriage, many places would charge you with murder, or at least man slaughter. Yet if that same woman decides that her baby is "inconvenient" it is totally within her legal rights to end that life.

This same nation cries out when a child is killed, while sitting in their classroom, or at the movies. Yet many do nothing when so many are killed every day.

There are many options available to "mothers" who do not want their baby. Legalized murder should not be one of them. That's all abortion really is, it's murder. For your convenience you may decide it is something else, but that's a thing called denial. If you are pro-abortion, you truly are anti-life.

French Gas Leak Being Smelt From Paris to London

A gas leak in Rouen, France has sickened people all the way from Paris to London.

The leak began on Monday, and was spread by winds, over night.

Lubrizol produces mercaptan, at the plant, which is the harmless gas added to natural gas to warn people of leaks.

In it's pure form, undiluted, mercaptan can cause nausea.

Investigators are working to find the source of the leak.

Once they do so, operations can begin to shut it down.

For now, the entire plant is closed.

Gunmen Kill 23 in Nigeria

Two separate attacks struck Nigeria, killing twenty-three.

Late Monday night, gunmen attacked a market in Damboa, killing eighteen.

The market is known for selling "forbidden meat" such as pigs and monkeys.

On Tuesday, another attack killed five in Kano.

That attack hit people gambling over a game.

Both attacks are thought to be to the work of Boko Haram, as both struck against things Muslims consider immoral.

Boko Haram desires to setup an Islamist nation, of it's own, using part of Nigeria as it's own land.

The group terrorizes anyone it can and carries out Shariah law, wherever it goes.

Missing From Connecticut: Shyana Perez, 14

Fourteen year old Shyana Perez is missing from Greenwich, Connecticut.

She was last seen on Friday evening, when she was supposed to go to the movies in Port Chester, New York.

Shyana is described as four foot eleven, one hundred and ten pounds, with brown hair, and brown eyes.

Anyone with information should call the Greenwich Police Department at 800-372-1176.

Missing From California: Myra Sheek, 61

Sixty-one year old Myra Sheek is missing from Eureka, Califrnia.

She was last seen Friday morning, when she went for a walk.

A police search of the area came up empty.

Myra is described as five foot six, two hundred pounds, with brown hair going white, and brown eyes.

When last seen she was wearing a denim jacket, yellow sweat pants, and her glasses.

Anyone with information should call the Humboldt County Sheriffs Office at 707-445-7251.

She was found on Wednesday.

Nebraska Approves Keystone Pipeline

On Tuesday, Nebraska's governor, Dave Heineman, announced that he has approved his state's part of the Keystone Pipeline.

It now falls upon the State Department to approve the project, before it can begin.

According to Heineman, he approved the route, due to it's minimalist impact on the environment.

The Keystone Pipeline will also add an estimated four hundred and eighteen million dollars to the economy, of Nebraska alone.

Nebraska was the last state to approve the pipeline, which will go from Canada to Texas.

Most of the other states have gone ahead and begun construction.

The Obama administration has repeatedly blocked the pipeline, but Nebraska's move should make it extremely politically inconvenient for them to continue doing so.

Israel Hits The Polls

Photo by Evan Pokroy
Israel went to the polls, on Tuesday, in parliamentary elections.

Turnout was quite heavy, throughout the country.

Expectations are for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's party to retain a majority.

This would lead to a third term for him.

Even some of his opponents have publicly admitted that he is the best man for the issues facing Israel.

Netanyahu's party, the Likud, is likely to lose some of it's majority, despite his popularity.

With thirty-two parties, in the running, seats have a lot of directions they could go.

Missing Connecticut Woman Safe

A missing Connecticut woman has been reported safe.

Twenty-six year old Stephanie Lorio, of Griswold, had been missing from New York City, since January 11.

According to Connecticut State Police, she was found safe, on Monday.

No further information was released.

Missing Utah Man Safe

A missing Utah man has been reported safe.

Twenty-two year old Chase Clements had been missing from Lewiston, since last Wednesday.

The Cache County Sheriff's Office reported that he made contact with them, on Monday evening, after seeing social media reporting him missing.

They had the local police, where he said he was, check on him to be sure, and then announced he was safe.

No further information was released. 

Missing From Connecticut: Kelli Medina, 17

Seventeen year old Kelli Medina is missing from Hartford, Connecticut.

She was last seen on Sunday.

Kelly is described as four foot eleven, one hundred and fourteen pounds, with blonde hair, green eyes, a nose piercing, and a bottom lip piercing.

When last seen she was wearing a black leather jacket, black leggings, and white sneakers.

Anyone with information should call the Hartford Police Department at 860-757-4000, with case number 132299.

Missing From Oregon: Emily Elizabeth Attmore, 29

Twenty-nine year old Emily Elizabeth Attmore is missing from Portland, Oregon.

She was last seen on Saturday.

On Monday, her vehicle was found in Northeast Portland.

Emily is described as five foot eight, one hundred and eighty pounds, with brown hair, and brown eyes.

Anyone with information should call Detective Lori Fonken, with the Portland Police Department, at 503-823-1081.

Shooting at Lone Star College, in Houston

Reports from Houston, Texas are that multiple have been shot on a college campus.

At least three people were shot, shortly after noon CST.

Lone Star College's North Harris campus, possibly the library, was the scene, of the shooting.

Witnesses are saying that two men got into an argument, inside the library, and then both pulled guns.

Police detained one suspect, but were looking for a second.

They were looking for an eighteen to twenty-two year old black male, wearing a red shirt and a Falcons baseball cap.

Officers in tactical gear moved through the campus to ensure that it was secure.

Four nearby Aldine Independent School District schools were put on lock down, they were: Dunn Elementary, Nimitz 9th grade campus, Nimitz High, and Parker Intermediate.

The campus is a gun free zone, meaning guns are not allowed.