Monday, January 21, 2013

Twitter Shows Major Struggles

No, it wasn't just you.

For hours, on Monday, Twitter has had some serious issues going on.

Service has been slow at best, and at times the site was not even findable, for browsers.

Even the dreaded and often mocked "fail whale" was not even showing up for users.

Some users never reported problems, but the outage wasn't limited to any one geographical area.

Nor was it  limited to online Twitter.

Mobile Twitter, computer based Tweetdeck, mobile Tweetdeck, and other mobile apps have been completely unresponsive as well.

For millions around the world, one of their key ways of communication was cut off for hours.

Twitter never commented about the issues, but did get it all fixed, after about eight hours.

Dozens of Syrians Killed in Car Bombing

Dozens were killed in Salmiyeh, Syria, on Monday, when a suicide car bomb exploded.

At least thirty of the dead were members of a pro-government militia.

The bomb blew right outside of their headquarters, in a crowded square.

Around a hundred people were injured in the blast.

Violence continued across the country, as the civil war goes on unabated.

An estimated sixty-two thousand people have been killed in the twenty-two month long conflict.

Russia Begins Evacuation From Syria

Russia has sent two planes to Beirut, Lebanon with the express purpose of evacuating Russians from Syria.

The first one hundred evacuees are expected to leave, on Tuesday.

It is the latest sign that Russia sees little hope for it's ally.

Moscow has been the main reason that no international effort was ever effective in intervening, in the civil war.

Anything that the international community attempted was vetoed by Russia, at the UN.

In December, Russian officials finally unofficially admitted that Assad could lose his fight, to stay in power.

Assad has been struggling to retain power, since March of 2011.

First it was against peaceful protests, then civil unrest, then riots, until it became open civil war.

An estimated sixty-two thousand people have been killed during the twenty-two month long conflict.

Algerians Raise Number of Dead Hostages to 38

Algeria is currently listing thirty-eight hostages, thirty-seven of them foreign, as having been killed either by their captors or in the attempts to rescue them.

Over seven hundred Algerians and one hundred foreigners survived the ordeal.

More hostages are still missing, and the Algerian military is searching for them.

Officials also say that they have the bodies of twenty-nine of the gas plant's attackers, including the leader.

Three more were arrested, after being captured.

It is coming out that the leader of the attack was a Canadian national, who went by the name Chedad.

Not much else is known about him, but international agencies are working to learn more.

Al Qaeda has widely bragged that the attack was an operation of theirs.

Pirates Strike in Abidjan

On Monday, officials confirmed that a tanker had been seized by pirates, in the Ivory Coast.

The Itri was captured on Thursday, while in the port of Abidjan.

Gunmen forced their way aboard and made off with her and her cargo, five thousand tons of fuel.

All sixteen of the Nigerian crew have been taken as hostages.

According to her owner's, the Itri's onboard tracking system has been disabled, so they do not know where she currently is.

This marks the first piracy of 2013.

During 2012, there were ten cases in the Gulf of Guinea.

International Effort in Mali Grows

Canadian C 17
The international effort to save Mali, from falling to Al Qaeda forces, continues to grow.

Aircraft from Canada, Denmark, the UK, and the US are helping bring French troops into Mali, from France.

US drones are expected to join the fight soon, as well.

African forces have also begun showing up, to join the more than two thousand French fighting alongside the Malian military.

Troops from Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad, Niger, Nigeria, and Togo are now in Mali, preparing to join the fight.

International funding is beginning to come in as well, with the EU leading the way.

Already several towns have been retaken by French and Malian forces, and the hunt is on for the rebels.

NY to NJ Plane Veers Off Runway

A plane veered off a runway at Newark Liberty International Airport, Sunday night.

Four of it's tires blew when it came in for a landing, causing it to lose control.

Luckily none of the thirteen people, on board the United Express plane, were hurt.

The plane had flown from Rochester, New York to Newark, New Jersey.

Body of Kidnapped Illinois Man Found in Montana

On Monday, Billings, Montana Police announced they had found a body in Yellowstone County.

They confirmed that it was that of twenty-nine year old Dejuan Laster.

He had been kidnapped, at gunpoint, Thursday morning, from his hotel room, by two men claiming to be with the FBI.

Police have made one arrest, in the case, and are looking for another man.

Billings Police, US Marshall's Officers, and FBI Agents are looking for twenty-seven year old Simon E. Jacobson, as a person of interest in the case.

Jacobson is described as a black male, six foot one, one hundred and ninety-five pounds, with black hair, and brown eyes.

Missing Oregon Teen Found Safe

A missing Oregon girl was found safe, Sunday afternoon.

Fourteen year old Ebony Peters had been missing from Beaverton.

Concerns had been high as she was without her medication.

She had last been seen on January 11.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office reported that they had found her, in Southwest Portland.

No further details were released. 

California Teen Found Safe

A missing California teen was recovered safely.

Thirteen year old Delicia Moreno had been missing from Hayward.

She had last been seen Thursday morning, walking to school.

Concerns had been high as it was thought she may have been taken by an adult man.

According to the Alameda County Sheriff's Office she was found safe, on Sunday evening.

No further details were released.

Missing From Delaware: Ursula Drummond, 45

Forty-five year old Ursula Drummond is missing from Wilmington, Delaware.

She was last seen Sunday afternoon.

Concerns are high as she had threatened to commit suicide.

Ursula is described as five foot, heavy built, with black hair, and brown eyes.

When last seen, she was wearing dark clothing.

Anyone with information should call the Wilmington Police Department at 302-654-5151.

Missing From Tennessee: Harry Rosenberg, 82

Eighty-two year old Harry Rosenberg is missing from Bloomery, Tennessee.

He was last seen on the afternoon of January 13, when he went for a walk.

Concerns are high as he suffers from Alzheimer's.

No description was released, beyond the picture.

Anyone with information should call the Johnson County Sheriff's office at 423-727-7761.

Missing From Nebraska: Maria De Los Angeles-Ventura, 22

Twenty-two year old Maria De Los Angeles-Ventura is missing from Grand Island, Nebraska.

She was last seen on January 15, when she dropped her child off at a baby sitter's, for what was only supposed to be thirty minutes.

Maria is described as five foot five, one hundred thirty pounds, with long brown hair, and brown eyes.

When last seen she was wearing black skinny jeans and a brown jacket.

Anyone with information should call the Grand Island Police Department at 308-385-5400.

She was reported safe, Tuesday evening.