Sunday, January 20, 2013

Myanmar Ceasefire Lasts Only Hours

A ceasefire in Myanmar proved to be yet another facade by the government.

Fighting only stopped for a few hours, as government troops strengthened and moved up their positions.

Kachin rebels say that only the air force has followed the cease fire, which was announced on Friday.

The government said that their troops only reacted to defend themselves.

However, independent sources have confirmed the rebels accounts of the situation.

Myanmar's government has a history of announcing ceasefires, but not living up to them.

Austria Votes to Keep Mandatory Service

A definite majority voted to keep Austria's mandatory service, on Sunday.

59.8% voted for keeping things as they are.

Austrian law requires that all males serve six months in the military, once they are eighteen.

If they do not wish to serve in the military, they then have to serve nine months in civilian service or twelve months in a social service.

Civilian service consists of such things as driving ambulances, working with seniors, hospitals, and the like.

Social service includes work in the Austrian Holocaust Memorial Service, the Austrian Social Service, the Austrian Peace Service, etc.

Much of Europe still utilizes compulsory service, though more and more often votes about it are coming up.

Bad Day for Al Qaeda in Yemen

At least six Al Qaeda fighters were killed, in Yemen, by US drone strikes, on Sunday.

Three more had been killed during a strike on Saturday.

Late Saturday night ten more were killed in an explosion, in al Bayda.

Authorities believe that they had been working on building bombs, when one went off.

The house was completely destroyed in the blast.

Despite Yemen regaining control of it's country, Al Qaeda is still very active in it.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is one of the most active wings of the terrorist organization.

Diabaly Liberated by Malian and French Troops

Malian troops retook the strategic town of Diabaly, on Sunday.

The people of Diabaly came out to cheer on their own and French troops as they drove through town.

It had lain in the hands of Al Qaeda backed rebels, since last Monday.

French ground and air power backed the Malian military, in the retaking of the town, and all along the front lines.

Some see this as a sign that the war has now taking a definitive turning point.

However Al Qaeda is promising to make France regret their interference, and may begin sending fighters from other countries, to aid their fight in Mali.

Missing From Texas: Trung Ngo, 23

Twenty-three year old Trung Ngo is missing from Katy, Texas.

He was last seen on Tuesday.

Trung is described as five foot six, one hundred and forty pounds, with black hair, and brown eyes.

Ngo has a series of tattoos: on his left lower leg the word "Trung" in bamboo styled lettering, on his arm the word "Ngo", on his chest a fish on one side, and three men wearing helmets and carrying rifles on the other side. 

His vehicle is a grey 2004 G35 Infinity Sedan with Texas license BP2LO36.

Anyone with information should call the Stafford Police Department at 281-261-3950.

Missing From Missouri: Kiersten Groves, 18

Eighteen year old Kiersten Groves is missing from Woodson Terrace, Missouri.

She was last seen on January 11.

When last seen she was wearing a peach shirt, white hooded jacket with white fur trim, and skinny jeans.

Kiersten is described as five foot nine, one hundred and twenty-five pounds, with dark brown hair, and green eyes.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Woodson Terrace Police at 314-427-5858.

She was reported safe on Tuesday evening.

Missing From Georgia: Deryl Duane Owens, 77

Seventy-seven year old Deryl Duane Owens is missing from Richmond County, Georgia.

He was last seen on Saturday morning.

It is believed he may have headed west along I20.

Police are concerned as he suffers from Alzheimer's.

No description was given, other than his photo.

Deryl drives a black 2005 Dodge Dakota Extended cab pickup truck, with chrome rims, a HAM radio antennae, and Georgia license N4BMA.

Anyone with information should call the Richmond County Sheriff's Office at 706-821-1010.

Missing From Colorado: Malcolm Whitman, 79

Seventy-nine year old Malcolm Whitman is missing from Denver, Colorado.

He was last seen on Saturday evening around 18:30 MST, at the Walmart at 38th Avenue and Quebec Street.

Police are concerned as he suffers from Alzheimer's.

Malcolm is described as five foot eight, one hundred and seventy pounds, with grey hair, and hazel eyes.

His vehicle is a 2001 Blue Ford Focus four door, with Colorado license 291FCJ.

Anyone with information should call 911 or the Denver Police Department at 720-913-2000.

Kidnapped From Montana: Dejuan Laster, 29

Twenty-nine year old Dejuan Laster was kidnapped from a Billings, Montana hotel.

Two men claiming to be with the FBI knocked on his hotel door, Thursday morning.

They held his girlfriend and him at gunpoint, zip tying their hands, and then robbing them.

When the two men left, they took Dejuan with them.

Laster and his girlfriend had been visiting family in Billings, on a visit from Illinois.

He is described as six foot tall, one hundred and eighty-five pounds, with black hair, and brown eyes.

The two suspects are both described as Hispanic males, in their thirties.

One of them is describes as six foot three and muscular, while the other is five foot six.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Montana Crimestoppers at 406-245-6660.

His body was found on Monday morning.

Missing Texas Teens Return Safe

Blau, left, Finken, right
Two missing Texas teens have returned home safely.

Fifteen year old Miranda Finken and nineteen year old Keaton Blau had been missing from Cypress, since Tuesday.

When the two heard how much was being done to find them, specifically online, they called home, Saturday night, to let everyone know they were ok.

They also returned home, Sunday morning.

No information about where they had been was released.