Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Puck is On The Ice

One hundred days late, but the NHL started play, on Saturday.

Normally a season consists of eighty-two games, but this year will only hold forty-eight.

The NHL is pushing the importance of each and every game, in it's advertising.

Some analysts say that the shorter season, with the long period of no action, keeps there from being a favorite this year.

Others say that nothing will change there.

No matter who has the advantage, fans are certainly glad to be back watching a piece of frozen rubber get pushed around on the ice.

Flooding Continues in Jakarta

Flooding continues to cause problems for Indonesia, and especially for Jakarta.

Fifteen people have drowned since the rains began, on Tuesday.

The government has declared a state of emergency for the region around the capital.

Several feet of water are covering all of the roads in the city.

An estimated eighteen thousand have been made homeless by the flooding.

Nearly a quarter of a million are thought to have been affected by the waters.

Missing From Utah: Chase Clements, 22: Located Safe

Twenty-two year old Chase Clements is missing from Lewiston, Utah.

He was last seen on Wednesday.

Chase is described as five foot nine, one hundred and sixty pounds, with, blonde hair, and a strawberry blonde beard.

When last seen he was wearing dark gray sweatpants, a brown Carhart jacket, and a gray beanie.

Anyone with information should call the Logan City Police Department at 435-716-9300. 

He reported himself safe, on Monday evening, and police were able to confirm his well being.

Honda Recalling 748,000 Vehicles

2009 Pilot
Honda has announced a recall of 748,000 vehicles, in the US.

The recall covers 2009 through 2013 Pilots and 2011 through 2013 Odysseys.

Driver side air bags might not be properly installed, causing them to not deploy.

No crashes or injuries are known to have been caused by the issue.

Owners will be sent letters, during February, letting them know if their vehicle is among those under the recall.

Dealers will inspect and if necessary replace the air bags, free of charge.

Two Arrested in Murder of Army Vet and His Wife

A seventeen year old has been arrested in the death of an Army veteran and his wife.

David and Whitney Dunlap were killed, on Monday, in Colorado Springs.

Police believe they walked in on a robbery, and that the robber shot them.

The teen, who's name has not been released, will be tried as an adult on two charges of first degree murder.

Nineteen year old Jerel Couch was also arrested, and has been charged with accessory to first degree murder and harboring a fugitive.

Gun Rallies Held Across The US

Across the United States gun rallies occurred on Saturday.

Forty-nine states had official rallies through Guns Across America.

They met at state capitols at noon, in their respective time zones.

Meanwhile, another group, is running Gun Appreciation Day, all day long.

Gun Appreciation Day called for people to go hunting, go to gun ranges, go to go stores carrying pro gun signs.

They then asked people to take pictures, at their various gun related events, and post them online.

Both groups rallied to support gun rights and protests recent moves by the Obama administration to limit those rights.

Gun Pointed at Bulgarian Party Leader

While Ahmed Dogan was giving a speech a man climbed up on stage and pulled out a gas gun, pointing it at the speaker.

Quick to react, Dogan struck the man, before the trigger could be pulled.

Other people then wrestled the would be shooter down, and held him til security recovered.

Dogan, fifty-eight, the leader of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms, was uninjured.

He had been giving his farewell address, as he stepped down from leading the party.

Twenty-five year old Oktai Enimehmedov was arrested for attempted assassination.

Enimehmedov did suffer injuries, mostly from being semi beaten by the people who wrestled him down, and then assaulted him.

Police are looking into his motive for the attempted attack.

It is unclear where security was as he climbed the stage or how he got a gun past them, but they are being investigated for the laxness.

Here's a video of the occurrence:

Algerian Hostage Situation Ended

The Algerian hostage situation has ended.

On Saturday, the Algerian military made a "final assault" ending the matter.

Eleven Al Qaeda members were killed, as were at least seven more hostages.

Officials are still trying to get an exact count of how many of the hostages were killed, but they seem to be around thirty.

Some hostages were freed, during the siege, others are known to be dead, while others yet are still completely unaccounted for.

It could be another day or two until information actually becomes clear.

Missing From Texas: Kari Lynn Ells, 16

Sixteen year old Kari Lynn Ells is missing from Livingston, Texas.

She was last seen Thursday afternoon, at school, but did not make it on to the bus to go home.

Her family believes she may be trying to go to her mother's, in Kentville, Nova Scotia.

They worried as they think she may have met someone, from the internet, to help her get there.

Kari is described as five foot eight, one hundred and forty pounds, with brown hair, and brown eyes.

When last seen she was wearing blue jeans, a purple shirt, and black hoodie.

Anyone with information should call the Polk County Sheriff's Office at 936-327-6810.

The Livingston Police Department reported her safe, Saturday night.

No further details were released.

Missing From Ohio: Nicayla Jordan, 6 Months

Amanda, left, Nicayla, right
Six month old Nicayla Jordan is missing from Newark, Ohio.

She was last seen on Wednesday afternoon.

Police believe she was taken by her mother, twenty-five year old Amanda Jordan.

Amanda had just been released from jail and does not have custody.

No amber alert has been issued, as police do not believe Nicayla to be in danger.

Warrants have been issued from Amanda, under charges of kidnapping and interfering with custody.

No description, beyond the pictures, were given for either of them.

Anyone with information should call the Newark Police Department at 740-670-7200.

They were found safe on Tuesday afternoon.

Missing From California: Delicia Moreno, 13

Thirteen year old Delicia Moreno is missing from Hayward, California.

She was last seen Thursday morning, walking to school.

Police believe she may be in of a twenty-three year old man, she has had contact with recently.

Delicia is described as five foot nine, one hundred and thirty-five pounds, with brown hair, brown eyes, and a small scar near her hairline.

When last seen she was wearing a red 49ers sweatshirt with white lettering, blue jeans with holes and black leggings underneath, and white Vans sneakers.

No description of the man was released.

Anyone with information should call the Alameda County Sheriff's Office at 510-667-3636.

According to the Alameda County Sheriff's Office, she was found safe on Sunday evening. 

Missing From North Dakota: Colter Dallman, 27

Twenty-seven year old Colter Dallman is missing from Fargo, North Dakota.

He was last seen on January 4, and a missing person case was opened on January 14.

Colter is described as five foot ten, one hundred and fifty pounds, with brown curly hair, and brown eyes.

His vehicle is a olive green 1999 Infiniti G20 four door sedan, with a sunroof, spoiler, and North Dakota license HAX410.

Anyone with information should call the Fargo Police Department at 701-235-4493.

Missing California Teen Found Safe

A missing California teen has been found safe.

Fourteen year old Baileigh Karam had been missing from Carlsbad since the afternoon of January 11.

She had disappeared after being beaten in a fight at school, with another girl, which was recorded by cell phones.

The other girl had repeatedly threatened Baileigh in the past.

According to the Carlsbad Police Department she was found safe on the evening of January 18.

No further information has been released.

Missing From Oregon: Ebony Peters, 14

Fourteen year old Ebony Peters is missing from Beaverton, Oregon.

She was last seen on January 11.

Police are concerned as she requires medication, due to mental health issues.

Ebony is described as five foot six, one hundred and forty pounds, with dark brown hair, brown eyes, and a large birth mark on her right arm.

When last seen she was wearing baggy, dark blue jeans; a purple tank top; a charcoal hooded coat; and a large, patterned purse.

Anyone with information should call the Washington County Sheriff's Office at 503-629-0111.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office reported that they found her, Sunday afternoon.

Missing From Montana: Richard Wilkins, 47

Forty-seven year old Richard Wilkins is missing from Gallatin County, Montana.

He was last heard from the night of January 7.

Richard is described as six foot, one hundred eighty pounds, with red hair.

His vehicle is a silver 2003 Chevrolet Impala with Montana license 6C65976.

Anyone with information should call the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office at 406-582-2100.

The vehicle was found on February 27, with his body found nearby, on the 28.

On March 4, an autopsy showed that he died from a self inflicted gunshot wound.