Monday, January 14, 2013

Snyder to Direct Non-Trilogy Star Wars Film

Many are familiar with Zack Snyder as the director for 300 and The Watchmen, and he is also bringing the new Superman film, Man of Steel.

Well we've learned that he's working on a huge new project.

A source at Lucasfilms tells us why Snyder so quickly said he wouldn't do Star Wars Episode VII.

It seems Snyder is running a completely different little project for Disney and Lucasfilms.

Snyder is going to be the director for an entirely separate Star Wars film, yes one not based on the trilogies.

He will be loosely remaking Akira Kurosawa's 1954 classic Seven Samurai, which was already remade in 1960 as The Magnificent Seven.

It's unclear exactly when it will be set, but it's supposed to be sometime after Episode VI.

This version does not have a name yet, but it will only rekindle all the discussions, amongst Star Wars fans, who now have at least four movies to look forward to.

Expect for it to be released in late 2014.

Berlin Bank Robbed via 100 Foot Tunnel

Firefighters were called to the Berliner Volksbank in Berling, Germany, Monday morning.

They were called after a guard noticed smoke coming from the safety deposit room.

Once the fire was put out, it was found that the bank had been robbed.

A tunnel, of more than one hundred feet, had been dug from a nearby underground parking garage, under the floor of the deposit room.

According to authorities the tunnel was very professionally made, including ceiling supports, and must have taken months to dig.

The thieves apparently set the fire as they made their escape.

Berlin police are working to find any evidence of who was behind the robbery.

5 Douglas County Schools Closed by Frozen Pipes

Five schools in Douglas County, Colorado were closed on Monday.

They are Cherry Valley Elementary School, Franktown Elementary School, Legend High School, Sedalia Elementary School, and Sierra Middle School.

All five had pipes freeze over night.

In some of the schools the pipes broke, causing flooding.

Douglas County School District hopes to have all five open, for Tuesday, but that is still tentative.

China Drowning in Smog

For some exercise must continue no matter what
For the past four straight days Chinese citizens have been advised to stay home and not open their windows.

The cause is smog, as thick as a London fog.

Thirty-three cities are currently listed as having "hazardous air".

Hospitals have been filling with cases of respiratory distress.

Stores have sold out of breathing masks.

Pollution is so bad that it literally is becoming a national emergency for China.

Missing From Kansas: Adilene Armendariz, 18

Eighteen year old Adilene Armendariz is missing from Hays, Kansas.

She was last seen Friday night.

Adilene is described as five foot three, one hundred and fifty pounds, with brown hair, and brown eyes.

Anyone with information should call the Ellis County Sheriff's Office at 785-625-1040

Her body was found, Monday night.

Malian Rebels Flank French and National Forces

Rebel forces in Mali went around national and French troops, on Monday.

In doing so they took the key town of Diabaly, in an hard fought battle with national forces.

French troops joined the war, on Friday, and had forced the rebels main push back.

However this flanking maneuver puts the Al Qaeda supported rebels closer yet to the capital of Bamako, a goal which France has pledged to keep from happening.

It also shows that the war will not be won, simply by the French showing up.

Five hundred and fifty French troops are already on the ground, and fighters and helicopters are being used to strike the rebels, from the air.

On Sunday, Britain and the US had announced they would immediately begin supporting France's efforts, the US with drones and intelligence, and the UK with transport planes.

Other European Union and African countries have pledged help, but they have not said when.

Burkina Faso, which lies to the south of Mali, set up military roadblocks along it's border to keep rebel forces out, while Mauritania, to the west, called up all troops as it went on high alert.

Missing From Pennsylvania: Devan Knapp, 19: Located Deceased

Nineteen year old Devan Knapp is missing from Brookville, Pennsylvania.

She was last seen Friday night.

Devan is described as five foot two, with red hair, and blue eyes.

On her ribs she has a tattoo saying: "Every sinner has a story, every saint has a secret".

When last seen she was wearing a blue shirt, black leggings, a black zip up sweatshirt, and black Ugg boots.

Her vehicle is a white 2013 Scion FR-S.

Anyone with information should call the Pennsylvania State Police in Punxsutawney at 814-938-0510. 

Her body was found, Tuesday morning. 

Police Find Missing California Woman

Police in California located a missing woman, on Sunday.

Sixty-five year old Kathleen Pace had been missing from Rocklin, California.

She had last been seen Tuesday, when she left for Fontana, to visit her sister.

Sunday evening an officer spotted her vehicle, along side a road.

He found her sick in the back seat, and had her taken to Auburn Faith Hospital in Auburn.

At the hospital she was reunited with her family, who are glad she is safe. 

President George H W Bush Released From Hospital

Former President George H. W. Bush was released from the hospital.

In a public statement he said: "I am deeply grateful for the wonderful doctors and nurses at The Methodist Hospital who took such good care of me. Let me add just how touched we were by the many get well messages we received from our friends and fellow Americans. Your prayers and good wishes helped more than you know, and as I head home my only concern is that I will not be able to thank each of you for your kind words."

On November 7, the former President was admitted to Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas, due to bronchitis.

He was released, on November 19, only to be readmitted, November 23, when his cough flared back up.

According to a spokesman, he had several setbacks, including a high fever, which required a move to the ICU, on December 23.

After a stay there through New Years he was allowed back to regular care.

At eighty-eight he is the oldest living former President of the United States.