Thursday, January 10, 2013

PKK Activists Killed in Paris

Sakine Cansiz, left, Fidan Dogan, center, and Leyla Soylemez, right
Three activists for the PKK were found dead, on Thursday, in Paris.

Workers at the Information Center of Kurdistan noticed blood coming out from under a door, Thursday morning.

When they broke the door down, they found the bodies of three of their coworkers.

All three women had been executed, with a bullet to the head.

Sakine Cansiz, fifty-six, had been one of the founders of the PKK.

Fidan Dogan, twenty-eight, and Leyla Soylemez, twenty-five, worked with her trying to build European support for the group.

Each of the women was from Turkey.

French police are working to find any clues as to who murdered the three, in what is being considered a purely political killing.

The PKK, or Kurdistan Workers Party, has been fighting since the 80s for an independent Kurdistan.

Pakistan and Inda Exchange Fire Again

For the third time this week, Indian and Pakistani forces exchanged fire.

A Pakistani soldier was killed, on Thursday, along the Kashmir border.

Both sides claim that the other started shooting first.

On Sunday, a Pakistani soldier was killed when Pakistan said they repulsed an Indian attack.

Then on Tuesday, two Indian troops were killed and their bodies mutilated, in what the country claimed was a Pakistani incursion.

The series of events, between the two, this week have started worries that peace talks will be derailed.

India and Pakistan are at odds over the Kashmir area, which the two have split, and previously fought over.

4 Injured in Tel Aviv Blast

Four people were injured when a small bomb hit a car.

It happened in Tel Aviv, Israel, on Thursday.

The explosion is under investigation.

Authorities do not believe it to be an act of terror.

They are leaning towards it being a hit against an organized crime boss.

4 Bombs Leave 115 Dead in Pakistan

Ninety three people were killed and nearly two hundred injured in Quetta, Pakistan.

Two bombs tore apart a popular pool hall, Thursday night, in the Shiite part of town, killing eighty-one and wounding over one hundred and forty.

The second bomb went off about five minutes after the first, catching many first responders who had come to help victims of the first.

A militant group, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, claimed responsibility for the attack.

Their spokesman said that the first bomb was a suicide bomber, while the second was a car bomb done by remote control.

Earlier in the day a separate bomb had killed twelve and wounded forty.

That bomb had targeted soldiers and was claimed by the United Baluch Army.

In Mingora, twenty-two people were killed and seventy wounded when a bomb hit a Sunni mosque.

17 Injured When Swiss Trains Collide

Two trains collided, in Switzerland, Thursday morning.

Seventeen people were injured in the crash, but none of them seriously.

It happened near the Neuhausen station, near the German border.

One of the trains was partially derailed.

Investigators are trying to determine what led to the trains hitting each other.

Crews are working to clear the tracks.

Until they are clear, buses are being used to transport people around the crash.

Amber Alert: Oklahoma: Kylee and Blake Nichols, 7 and 4

Blake, left, Kylee, center, Misty, right
An amber alert has been issued by the Lincoln County Sheriff's Department, in Oklahoma.

Kylee Nichols, seven, and Blake Nichols, four, are missing from Chandler, Oklahoma.

Officials believe that they may have been taken by their mother, who does not have custody.

Thirty-year old Misty Hausam is considered mentally unstable and is known to heavily use drugs.

When last seen Kylee was wearing a black top and black pajama pants, while Blake was wearing blue jeans.

No further descriptions were made available, at this time.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Lincoln County Sheriff's Department at 405-258-1191.

Amber Alert: Saskatchewan: Katelyn Mosquito, 14

Mosquito, left, Hansen, right
An amber alert has been issued by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Fourteen year old Katelyn Mosquito was kidnapped by her boyfriend, sixteen year old Jonathan Hansen.

Mosquito's sister called police, Wednesday night, saying that Hansen had taken Katelyn, who is eight months pregnant, by force.

Katelyn is described as, five foot three, one hundred and sixty pounds, with brown hair, and brown eyes.

When last seen she was wearing pajama pants and an orange “Maple Creek Composite High” hoodie.

Jonathan is described as five foot eleven, one hundred and fifty pounds, with light brown hair, blue-grey eyes, and has "heavily modified ears".

He was driving a green 1995 Ford Escort with Saskatchewan license 637HEE.

Police believe he may be headed to Alberta, but did not release their reasoning.

Anyone with information is asked to call 1-877-762-6237.

Missing Michigan Teen Found Safe

Thirteen year old Stephen Foster was found safe.

He had been missing since Monday morning.

Police say he was found Wednesday night and they returned him home.

No further information was released.

Police Find Missing New York Girl

Fifteen year old Jessica Clarke was found by police.

She had been missing from Syracuse, New York since December 29.

Police found her in Utica, on Tuesday.

They say she is safe and was returned to Syracruse.

No further information was released.

Missing From Illinois: Courtney Arp, 15

Fifteen year old Courtney Arp is missing from Worth, Illinois.

She was last seen Sunday night.

When last seen she was dressed, as she is in the picture, and with black boots.

No description, other than the picture, was given by police.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Worth Police Department at 708-448-3979

Missing From Utah: Brooklyn Gittins, 13

Thirteen year old Brooklyn Gittins is missing from Herriman, Utah.

She was last seen Tuesday night, and was not at home Wednesday morning.

Brooklyn is described as five foot, one hundred and fifteen pounds, with blonde hair, and blue eyes.

When last seen she was wearing black pajama pants with a Scooby Doo logo and a "Lake Powell" Tshirt.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Unified Police at 801-743-5903.

Missing Deleware Woman Home Safe

Forty year old Melissa Brown returned home safe Wednesday afternoon.

She had not been seen since Friday, and was reported missing, by her children, on Monday.

Her children, nine and eleven, had been home alone all weekend.

Police turned the children over to Delco Children and Youth Services, on Monday, and at this point they are expected to stay there.

No further information was released by police. 

Missing From Iowa: Jacob Schultz, 17

Seventeen year old Jacob Schultz is missing from Marion, Iowa.

He was last seen on Monday.

When last seen he was wearing faded blue jeans, a tan sweatshirt, and tennis shoes.

No further description was given, by police.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Marion Police Department at 319-377-7889.

He was reported home safe, on Friday.

Denver Police Officer's Home Robbed

Robbers struck the home of a Denver Police officer, on Tuesday afternoon.

Personal items and electronic devices were taken, as well as police equipment.

Among the police property taken were guns, badges, vests, and helmets.

Police are heavily concerned, but not just about the guns.

They are worried that the badges and uniforms might be used by someone, to impersonate an officer.

Large Gas Leak in Littleton, Colorado

C470 and Santa Fe
A section of Littleton, Colorado was evacuated due to a gas leak, Thursday morning

The area around C470 and Santa Fe, as well as both roads, was shut down, while crews deal with the leak.

For a time an evacuation was announced, but it was cancelled shortly after the leak was stopped.

Reverse 911 calls were sent to around 2,500 residents between West Chatfield Avenue, West Ken Caryl Avenue, Platte Canyon Boulevard, and South Wadsworth Boulevard.

The leak was out of a high pressure twenty inch line, which caused debris to shoot up into the air, making the leak easy to locate.

Unfortunately it also added to the danger as gas was coming out at a rapid rate and filling the area.

Crews were able to shut down the leak and were working to repair the line.

The line was apparently hit by a construction crew.

At this time Xcel Energy does not know how many are affected by the leak.

Student Shot at Taft Union High School

One student was shot at Taft Union High School, in Taft, California, Thursday morning.

A student walked into the school with a shotgun, fired at one student, hitting him, then fired at another but missed.

Teachers were then able to talk him into surrendering the gun.

Police arrested the student when they arrived.

The wounded student, sixteen, was airlifted to Kern Medical Center, in Bakersfield, and is listed as being in critical but stable condition.

A teacher was grazed by a shot, but refused treatment at the scene.

From the Mouth of Matuszak: Make Obama Have A Serious Conversation

Good Morning, Barack. I'd like to talk to you about Taxes.
Neal Boortz officially retires on January 21, 2013. Legally, he is already retired, currently working without a salary for his last few days on the radio. His last full radio show is scheduled for Friday, January 18, 2013.

Neal's latest book, Maybe I should Just Shut Up And Go Away is a bestseller. People are flocking to garner a piece of memorabilia from this syndicated media icon's forty-two year long career.

Over those forty-two years, Neal has infuriated people. He has left people cheering. He has said things, on the radio, so many have been timid to utter out loud. He has said things that have shocked people. He has been labeled a "racist", though those who do so must not know his history with long standing friends such as Herman Cain and the late Royal Marshal.

Though labeled an "extreme conservative", Neal has championed choice, though he refuses to debate abortion politics on his show. Neal has also scolded the extreme religious right for disenfranchising normal people.

Above all, love him or hate him, Neal has provided great entertainment.

Neal has done many other things of merit over the years as well. He was once a lawyer. He was nominated for the Georgia Supreme Court. He wrote a few other books.

Among the books Neal authored are two that he co-wrote that every American should read. Those are his two books about the Fair Tax.

The Fair Tax is perhaps the most researched tax reform concept of the modern era.

The Fair Tax is the end state of Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan, which is meant as a temporary interim to segue into repealing the 16th Amendment and replacing it with the Fair Tax.

Many do not like the Fair Tax. Many of them do not really understand it. Others understand it yet see more benefits and simplicity in a flat rate income tax. Socialists prefer crippling and economy shrinking progressive tax laws with more brackets of ever increasing rates that punish prosperity. Other socialists would love fewer tax brackets that have even greater progressive increases in rates with a mandated cap in earnings after which 100% of income is stolen by the government. Some people love it.

Regardless of your opinions on tax policies and theories, Neal provides a common sense addition to the debate. Such a debate would be entertaining, despite the relatively dry subject matter. It would allow greater discussion and formulating of workable policy. Though entertaining, such a discussion would be informative, important, and serious.

There is a petition to the White House. It requests that Obama give Neal an hour of his time for a serious discussion concerning tax policy and the Fair Tax. Please sign it. Sign it for Neal. Sign it for America. Sign it for your kids. Sign it for your grandchildren. Sign it for the  potential entertainment value.

If you agree with the Fair Tax, sign it so Obama has it explained to him.

If you disagree with it but agree we need tax reform, sign it to start the discussion.

If you agree with a more progressive tax structure, sign it so that Neal can go make a fool of himself.

Sign it for yourself.

Original Op-Ed and Commentary available at P-G Matuszak's Mental Aikido. Photo courtesy of CloudFront.Net.

If Guns Off Limits They'll Take Away The Ammunition

Hi! I don't want your guns. I'll just take your bullets. (US Sen. File Photo)
Socialist Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut took a skewed look at the Second Amendment. He realized that attempting to ban or further restrict firearms will meet heavy opposition. He sees that Second Amendment and understands it is broad enough to deem any gun control law as an infringement. His solution, instead, is to grab ammunition.

It is almost a smart concept. Without bullets, guns are reduced to thrown projectiles or bludgeoning devices. Unfortunately, Senator Blumenthal failed to look at the studies. Hammers and other bludgeoning devices have been the weapons of choice in more assaults and murders than guns have.

That fact not withstanding, the Second Amendment also reaches beyond just the bullet launchers. It also covers the projectiles themselves. Common sense and logic dictate that rendering an object useless is an infringement upon its use and ownership.

His proposal is to enter a bill that requires federal background checks for all ammunition purchases. While this won't prevent law abiding citizens from purchasing ammunition, it will deter and reduce ammunition sales. The costs of the background checks will cause the prices of ammunition to increase. Each purchase will require more man hours from both the seller and the government workers. That increase in man hours for the government workers will cost the taxpayers. In an economy that demands cuts to out of control and irresponsible government spending, that is just plain stupid.

In addition, this bill could ban private citizens the liberty to reload their own cartridges. That is yet another infringement upon the Second Amendment. It is also a violation of the 4th Amendment should it be enforced. Let us not forget that any such law cannot affect those private citizens who already reload their own ammunition as Article 1 Section 9 Clause 3 of the US Constitution prohibits ex post facto laws.

Blumenthal's proposed act of tyranny is not the only bill that infringes upon the Second Amendment by attacking ammunition. Representative Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY-4) wants all ammunition dealers and loaders to be licensed. She wants to ban all internet sales. She wants to ban all mail orders. She wants all ammunition transactions to be face to face, meaning that even gun dealers will have to travel, by motor vehicle, with a truck, to personally purchase and pick up the supplies for their store.

This bill is also a direct attempt to cripple private businesses. This bill will put companies such as out of business. Cheaper Than Dirt is but one of several online and mail order companies that provides bulk ammunition at discount prices. This bill would essentially make their business model illegal.

Neither of these bills address so called black powder firearms. These are muzzle loaded firearms such as the old ball and powder muskets from the days of the War for Independence. Such weapons present a greater danger of accidental discharge or explosive misfire than semi automatic pistols. Yet they are not targeted by this legislation.

These and other proposed bills that target ammunition have lead to an increased demand for ammunition. Sales have boomed to the point that there is a supply shortage. While such a supply shortage may give gun grabbing socialists that "warm fuzzy feeling" of success, they are anything but. This supply shortage has a direct, negative effect on the military and law enforcement agencies. In Georgia, the shortage is already expected to negatively impact police training and may lead to rationing among police officers.

Article and original commentary posted at P-G Matuszak's Mental Aikido. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.