Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Monopoly Switching Pieces

Options for the new pieces
Monopoly is announcing a piece change, and you can vote in it.

In their "Save Your Token" campaign you get to vote which of the iconic pieces will get to stay on the board.

Whichever piece gets the least amount of votes, will be replaced.

In case you don't recall, the current pieces are: battleship, iron, race car, Scottie dog, shoe, thimble, top hat, and wheelbarrow.

Once you vote on who to save, you will then be asked which of five new pieces should be added.

Your choices there are a cat, diamond ring, guitar, helicopter, or robot.

Voting is taking place til February 2.

Preview: A Good Day to Die Hard

When John McClane heads to Moscow, he doesn't expect to find out his son is a spy. But that's exactly what happens in the fifty installment of Die Hard. Jack McClane is a CIA operative, and he and dad end up working together to stop a man planning mass terror.

Bruce Willis will of course be returning in one of his iconic roles. Less well known Australian actor Jai Courtney will be joining him as Jack.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is also returning to the series, continuing to play Lucy McClane, John's daughter. Her role is a little less clear, but she does seem to be doing a lot more helping this time, as the trailer shows her shooting a weapon.

A Good Day to Die Hard hits theaters on February 14. Yes, Valentines Day.

Remembering: Common Sense

On January 9, 1776 Thomas Paine first published Common Sense.

The forty-seven page pamphlet contained Paine's arguments in favor of independence for the American colonies.

He initially published it anonymously, to protect his life from treason charges.

It sold over half a million copies, making it one of the most popular printed pieces of the time.

Common Sense changed the attitude of many colonials from feeling like persecuted British citizens, to realizing that they came from all over Europe.

Paine reminded the colonists that they had come to America to escape persecution and gain liberty.

He warned them that they would have to fight against tyranny, to ensure their freedoms.

Missing California Teen's Body and Car Found

A Ford Focus belonging to a missing California teen was found, Wednesday morning.

The car was found at the bottom of a ravine near Sand Canyon Road near the Bear Divide Access Road and Little Tujunga Canyon Road.

It belonged to nineteen year old Sarah Alarid, who had been missing since she left a New Years party.

A body was found with the car, and police later ID it as being that of Sarah.

From The Mouth of Matuszak: The Gun Grab Is Starting

A gun show in San Antonio, TX where dealers still conduct the same background checks that they do at their stores.

Tomorrow, January 8, 2013, the Illinois State Senate is scheduled to conduct its preliminary vote and debate on banning all semi-automatic and automatic weapons. In addition, they intend to give law enforcement officers the power to create laws and regulations regarding privately owned gun ranges.

Obama sent his top goon, Joey Biden, to the Senate with a mandate to pass sweeping gun control legislation. Mind you, according to the Second Amendment, any legislation that restricts firearms ownership or the freedom to carry lawfully owned firearms is an infringement and therefore unconstitutional. Joey is a former senator and the current Vice President. Ironically, he has been largely absent from the Senate. As VP, his primary job is supposedly as the president of the Senate (equivalent to the Speaker of the House).

Biden has gone so far as to state that Obama plans to violate the limitations on executive powers outlined by the US Constitution by issuing imperial decrees executive orders to violate the Second Amendment.

Socialist Party Senator Blumenthal has proposed this interesting legislation that would violate the Second Amendment. The linked article is a must-read if you are trying to keep up with Second Amendment issues and legislation.

Senator hypocrite Feinstein of Soviet California has sponsored a bill that would ban more than half of the legally owned pistols and rifles that law-abiding citizens already own. The bill suggests that those who already own certain rifles and pistols would have to apply for permission to keep them. The application process will take at least 6 months, during which time the lawful owners are subject to 4th Amendment violations. In addition, it appears that the author of that bill somehow overlooked the prohibition of ex post facto laws. For those who have never read the US Constitution, Article 1 Section 9 Clause 3 states that laws that make a lawful action criminal retroactively is unconstitutional. In simple translation, if you legally purchased a doodad last year but doodads and gizmos are outlawed today, you cannot be prosecuted for owning one, since it was legally purchased while still legal.

Feinstein will officially enter her bill once the new Senate session for the 113th Congress starts on January 22nd, two days after Obama's second term inauguration. The full test of the bill will not be available to the public until it is officially entered and recorded.

Feinstein's proposal also threatens to violate the 4th Amendment in seizing such property upon the death of the owner. The owner should be allowed to transfer ownership upon death through use of a will. However, Feinstein believes that your property isn't really yours and that the government has a right to decide what happens to it when you die. We have a few words to describe that ideology:  tyranny, socialism, unfair, immoral, unethical, and WRONG.

What makes Feinstein a hypocrite is that she currently employs armed bodyguards and she used to have a concealed carry permit. You see, Feinstein and the rest of her socialist tyrant buddies believe that only their special few snowflakes should be allowed those special rights that are guaranteed by the US Constitution. Individuals be damned, it's all about the special collectives.

Then, over in the House, you have devout socialists who bend knee to Cuba rather than properly filling their duties as mandated by their oaths of office, the US Constitution, and their constituents. One prime example is Jose Serrano. He is also pushing to take guns away from law abiding citizens in order to leave them soft targets to be victims of violent crimes and tyranny.

In the wake of all of the above, the US is experiencing a firearms frenzy in 2013, so far, that looks to surpass the one in 2012. Before any legislation is passed that will infringe upon our rights, people are stocking up on new firearms and ammunition. This is to the point that many gun stores and arms dealers cannot keep up with the demand. Prices are starting to rise due to the laws of supply and demand.

This run on weapons and ammunition brings to the forefront the so called "gun show loophole". No such loophole exists. If a weapons dealer sells a weapon at a gun show, the buyer is still required to pass all of the background checks just as though they bought the weapon at the store. The so called "loophole" is then passed off as the sale from a private owner to a private owner without a background check. Basically, it's the same as buying a car. Most car dealers would require a drivers' license before test driving or purchasing a car (new or used). However, most people selling their own cars privately do not require a license or proof of insurance as part of the transaction. Furthermore, it is illegal for private citizens to conduct background checks on another individual.

However, there is no loophole. Also, allowing just anybody access to medical, military, security clearance, and credit records violates the Privacy Act of 1974. They also violate the 4th and 5th Amendments.

Article and original commentary posted at P-G Matuszak's Mental Aikido. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.

From The Mouth of Matuszak: You Didn't Earn That!

The "fiscal cliff" tax increases went into law last week. Now several Obama supporters are crying that Obama broke his promise to not increase taxes on the so called "middle class".

Socialist Insecurity Garnishments Social Security Taxes increased by 2% on everybody. Medicare taxes are going up on everybody. In addition, the prices of health insurance and other healthcare plans are going up due to the PPACA that Obama and Pelosi championed.

With now lower net paychecks, Obama loyal families now have to reconfigure their already stretched budgets right along with everybody else.

Yes, people, Obama lied to you. If you are paying attention, he isn't done yet. He and his socialist cronies in congress want to raise them even more as part of the "debt ceiling" negotiations, especially if fiscal conservatives propose further spending cuts. You were warned.

Obama, in his own words, told you what his ideology is. He told you "They didn't build that!". You thought that applied only to those who succeeded in building the businesses that employ you. You allowed yourself to be deluded.

The truth of Obama's ideology is that he believes that none of us own our incomes. He believes that none of us own our property. He believes that your paycheck is what the government allows you to keep. According to him, you didn't earn that. You are allowed to keep your fair share. According to him, government decides what that "fair share" should be. He doesn't like the economic laws of supply and demand. He doesn't believe in natural law and natural rights (life, liberty, property). In his mind, it all belongs to the elected masters in government.

Obama also does not believe that American successes are due to the efforts of individuals. He doesn't believe in individuals. He believes in collectivism. He doesn't believe that Steve Jobs built Apple Computers. He believes the government did and they just allowed Jobs to build iPods, iPads, and Macs. He believes every success in America is due to government spending. Therefore, he believes our economy will only improve if he steals takes back what you earn government allows you to spend as "income"; then he spends your the government's money on what he decides to spend it.  After all, his ideology is that it's all the government's anyway. That includes your house, your paycheck, your food, your kids, etc.

So, you are not entitled to the fruit of your labors. You are just entitled to what the government decides you need. That is why being on government handouts such as EBT cards and other "relief" for utilities and housing (and "Obamaphones") equate to a tax free $30 and hour, 40 hour a week job. So, those who are dependent upon their government masters get more than your average working class citizen who is trying to build a life and family on an average wage of $23.73 and hour for 34.5 hours a week. Mind you, those working class citizens who are attempting to prosper must be taxed and punished for attempting to leave the plantation.

So, let's summarize the ideology you voted for:

1) You didn't earn that! We let you have it. We can take it away anytime we want.

2) Those who earn must be punished.

3) Those who create, invent, produce, and enhance society must be enslaved to their employees.

4) You shouldn't be allowed to defend yourself. That's the government's job. Don't worry, we'll stop the criminals from committing  their crimes by making their illicit acts legal.

5) The UN should have dominion over the US. The US should be subjugated to the one-world-tyranny.

6) The US Constitution is a "living document" that needs to be assassinated.

Yes, this is what you voted for. This is what you wanted. This is what we are now all stuck with. Just think, he wants a third term and is already campaigning and fundraising for it.

 Article and original commentary posted at P-G Matuszak's Mental Aikido. Reprinted with permission.

Another 787 Dreamliner Has Mechanical Issues

For the third time, in three days, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner had issues. On Wednesday, an All Nippon Airways flight from Yamaguchi prefecture to Tokyo was cancelled due to brake problems.

This incident follows two that happened for Japan Airlines at Logan International Airport, in Boston. The first happened on Monday, when an auxiliary battery system caught on fire, after landing. It was followed on Tuesday, when another 787 started leaking fuel, as it was taxiing for take off.

Both airlines say that this will not change their mind about using the 787s, and neither will cancel their orders to have many more made. They feel that the problems are just growing pains, which will be worked out as the planes are used. Other airlines stated similar opinions.

Despite the support of the airlines, Boeing's stock did fall both Monday and Tuesday, and was looking to do so again, on Wednesday. Aerospace analysts are suggesting that Boeing should have focused more on quality assurance and rigorous testing, instead of mass production of the planes.

Staten Island Ferry Crash Injures 57

Fifty-seven people were injured when a ferry crashed into a barge, on Staten Island, New York.

Two of the passengers were in critical condition, after the Wednesday morning crash.

Most of the injuries resulted from people being thrown into walls, when the impact occurred.

Three hundred and twenty-six people were on board the boat, when it struck the barge, which was next to the dock it was heading for.

Emergency crews rushed to the scene, and within five minutes over a hundred had arrived.

Investigators are working to determine the cause of the crash.

Police Looking for Ice Cream Robber

Denver Police are looking for the man pictured.

He is accused of robbing the Bonnie Brae ice cream shop.

On Saturday, he entered the shop, and held it up at gunpoint.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 720-913-STOP (7867) or text 274637 (CRIMES) and then title it DMCS and enter your message.

Northglenn Police Shot at, Led on Chase

A Northglenn, Colorado police officer made a routine traffic stop, late Tuesday night.

Seeing four people in the vehicle, the officer waited for backup to arrive.

When both officers approached the car, at least one of the passengers fired at the officers.

The car then took off leading the officers in a high speed chase on I-25 until the vehicle crashed.

All four people, in the vehicle, were arrested.

Neither of the officers were wounded in the shooting.

Denver Police Searching for DTC Shooter

A woman was sent to the hospital after being shot, Wednesday morning. It happened near I-25 and Inverness Drive West, in the Denver Tech Center.

Police are looking for the gunman, who fled the scene, Christopher Lyle Fields. When last seen he was wearing a black jacket, black stocking cap, and carrying a a backpack.

He is known to own a silver Toyota Corolla, with license 981JBW, and a Blue Kawasaki Motorcycle with license 561YDJ, and may be driving either. Twenty-seven year old Fields is considered armed and dangerous. Anyone with information on his whereabouts should call the Douglas County Regional Dispatch Center at 303-660-7500 or 911.

The woman's condition has not been released, nor has her identity been released. It is believed she is Fields' ex girlfriend.

From about 08:30 til 10:00 MST fifteen area schools were on lockdown, because of the shooting. They were: Acres Green Elementary, Bridges Program, Chaparral High School, Cloverleaf, DCS Montessori in Castle Rock, Eagle Ridge Elementary, Early Childhood Center North, Fox Creek Elementary, Hope Online, Mammoth Heights Elementary, Lone Tree Elementary, Pine Lane Elementary, Sand Creek Elementary, Sierra Middle School, and Sky View Academy.

Missing From Delaware: Melissa Brown, 40

Forty year old Melissa Brown is missing from Lansdowne, Delaware.

She was last seen on Friday, and was reported missing by her children, on Monday.

Police did not release a description, other than her driver license picture. 

Her children, nine and eleven, had been home alone all weekend and police turned them over to Children and Youth Services, on Monday.

Anyone with information should call the East Lansdowne Police Department at 610-259-2308.

Missing From Michigan: Stephen Foster, 13: Located Safe

Thirteen year old Stephen Foster is missing from Davison, Michigan.

He was last seen Monday morning and may have run away from home.

Stephen is described as five foot three, one hundred and ten pounds, with brown hair.

When last seen he was wearing a red jacket, under a blue hoodie, and blue jeans.

Anyone with information should call the Davison Township Police Department at 810-653-5656.

He was reported safe on Thursday, January 10.

Body of Missing Arkansas Woman Found

The Cross County Sheriff's Office announced that the body of a missing Arkansas woman was found, late Tuesday night.

Forty-one year old Shelia Karow had been missing since Saturday afternoon.

Police found her crashed vehicle off a road about a mile north of Cherry Valley.

They say she appeared to have died from injuries sustained in the crash.

Investigators are trying to determine the cause of the crash.

Missing California Man Found Safe

Twenty-three year old Alex Fossgreen was found by police, on Tuesday.

According to authorities he had gone camping, and did not know he had been reported missing or was being sought.

Santa Cruz County Search and Rescue teams had failed to find him, during their searches on Monday and Tuesday.

A Scotts Valley police officer found him walking down a road, as he returned home.

Police are using the case as an example of why people should always tell someone, where they are going.

Amber Alert: Arizona: Jazmin Babers, 13

Ernest Babers
An amber alert has been issued by the Tempe Police Department, for the state of Arizona.

Thirteen year old Jazmin Babers was taken by her father Ernest Babers, Tuesday afternoon.

He does not have custody, and has a history of mental illness.

When last seen, Jazmin was wearing a red Polo short sleeve shirt, a blue hoodie sweatshirt with Capital One logo, tan pants, and grey tennis shoes with orange flowers on the tongue.

She is described as five foot, ninety pounds, with black hair, and brown eyes.

No picture of her was released.

Thirty-seven year old Ernest is described as six foot one, one hundred and eighty pounds, with black hair, and brown eyes.

Ernest was driving a navy blue BMX X5, with unknown plates.

 Anyone with information should call the Tempe Police Department at 1-800-646-2475.