Monday, January 7, 2013

Jihad in US Schools: Anti-Christian, Revisionist History Curriculum Backed by CAIR and Muslim Brotherhood

C_IslamInClassroom2In December, I reported on the move by the federal government to replace traditional curriculum with government information documents. This is part of the trend towards the centralization of education, which has resulted in parents and teachers having less impact on what goes on in the classroom while the federal government’s control is expanded. One of the main concerns regarding the government information documents is the high potential for a politicized curriculum.

Add to that the revisionist history being taught in some classrooms, along with the the promotion of one religion over another.

An example of this can be found in the Texas Education Service Center Curriculum collaborative (TESCCC) and its company, CSCOPE, a major producer of curriculum used in the Texas education system.  A report shows that CSCOPE has portrayed participants in the Boston Tea Party as terrorists and is also accused of having developed an anti-Christian, pro-Islam curriculum.

And, though by law the curriculum is supposed to be accessible to parents, according to the Texas CSCOPE Review:

“I was contacted about the matter by Ginger Russell, whose mother, Janice VanCleve, writes homeschool science materials, which she graciously sent a book to each of my own children. Mrs. Russell says that parents have been denied access to the curriculum and that teachers were even given a “gag order”, signing a copy of the gag order without legal counsel, but they are finding ways of obtaining the curriculum to get the word out on CSCOPE. Russell and VanCleave have teamed up to create the Texas CSCOPE Review website to inform the parents of what their children are being taught with this curriculum.”

There are reportedly other instances of Founding Father revisionist history in CSCOPE’s educational materials. Additionally, Christianity is described as a resurrection of pagan religions with the resurrection of Jesus Christ characterized as parallel with Osiris and Mithraism.  Christians are also accused of engaging in cannibalism and incest, while indulging in “love feasts” and the “Lord’s Supper.”

Though CSCOPE is zealous in its onslaught against Christianity, it apparently finds Islam above reproach. The purpose of the tutorials is to teach the basic tenets of each religion. But, CSCOPE clearly presents a preference for one over the other.

Conservative Christian activist, Donna Garner, has said that CSCOPE never actually received approval from elected members of the Texas State Board of Education.  She has also described how CSCOPE is able to sidestep the law which requires parental access to their childrens’ curriculum.  In an email to Freedom Outpost, Garner wrote:

“The Texas Attorney General’s office ruled on 4.4.12 (Opinion #449557) that CSCOPE (TESCCC) is a governmental body and does fall within the scope of Gov. Code รข€“ 552.003(1)(A)(xii). This means that CSCOPE (TESCCC) is subject to the Public Information Act (PIA) and should be required to make public its curriculum, tax returns, check register, and bylaws.”

Garner goes on to say: “However, because of Section 552.104 (Gov. Code) which makes an exception that protects a governmental body (such as TESCCC) from following the PIA if doing so would give competitors a demonstrable advantage by allowing them to develop similar products and harm the marketplace advantages of CSCOPE, the Texas Attorney General has ruled that CSCOPE (TESCCC) does not have to follow all the PIA requirements.”

She concludes by saying that, “the lawyers who originally set up the TESCCC corporation undoubtedly knew exactly how to get around the PIA laws.”

In Florida, controversy has been brewing over a world history book published by Prentice Hall Pearson and which has been described as a “1054 page monster” that is biased against Christianity and Judaism.

Due to complaints about the 2007 edition, some of the anti-Christian, anti-Semitic misinformation has been removed from the 2013 edition.  Citizens for National Security and Act for America were key in getting this content removed.  However, according to The Report Card, the 2013 edition still “commits great sins of omission in favor of Islam.”

Shabbir Mansuri and Susan Douglass were retained by Pearson as consultants to review the material in the world history books.  Both Mansuri and Douglass are associated with the Council on Islamic Education (CIE), which The Report Card describes as a “front for the Muslim Brotherhood in America.”

Steve Emerson of Discover the Networks reports that CIE:
  • Is a leading contributor and consultant to publishers of textbooks that include Islamic related content
  • Promotes sanitized, inaccurate information about Islam in K-12 education
  • Has associations with the Islamic Saudi Academy, the Council on American Islamic Relations, and the Islamic Circle of North America, front groups for the anti Christian, anti American, and anti Israel Muslim Brotherhood
Mansuri has developed a reputation for threatening public officials and scholars who balk at requests from the CIE.  In these instances, those who hesitate are warned that they will be perceived as “racists, reactionaries, and enemies of Islam.”

In addition to efforts by the CIE, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is engaged in infiltrating the U.S. public school system. While the CIE is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR has ties to terrorist group, Hamas. CAIR has been accused of distributing misleading and biased information, regarding Islam, for the purpose of implementing Sharia law in the U.S.

Dave Gaubatz has uncovered evidence of CAIR’s role in the subversion of America’s Schools. Gaubatz reports that while interrogating terrorists in Iraq, he was repeatedly told: “We will attack the heart of America.” When Gaubatz asked for elaboration, he was told: “We will attack the children who are the heart of America.” CAIR has been busy doing just that, via textbooks and schools.

Gaubatz has exposed a trajectory of information that indisputably shows the deceptive, not to mention well funded, exploits of the Muslim Brotherhood under the nonprofit guise of CAIR in its full support of jihad in the US. The plan is to destroy American society from within.

As the following video demonstrates, they have been quite successful:

It may come as a surprise, to most Americans, that the largest taxpayer supported charter school network is the Gulen Movement, which advances and promotes Islamic beliefs.  The 135 U.S. charter schools associated with the Gulen Movement (GM) enroll more than 45,000 students.  Founder, Fethullah Gulen, has been under investigation by the U.S. government since 2011. The Report Card reports:

“That investigation, carried out by FBI and the Departments of Labor and Education, is centered around charter school employees who are allegedly engaged in kicking back part of their salaries to the Muslim movement also known as Hizmet (service to others), founded by Gulen. Gulen initiated his movement in Izmir, a city on Turkey’s Aegean coast, more than forty years ago, preaching impassioned sermons to his followers, who may now number as many as six million. In Turkey, the Gulen Movement has been accused of pushing for a hardline Islamic state. In recent years, Turkey has moved for more towards an Islamic State that is a sharp departure from the secular government in charge for nearly ninety years. Despite this reality, government officials investigating the kickback scheme are apparently satisfied that there is no religious agenda being disseminated in America. Their investigation is centered around the hundreds of Turkish teachers, administrators, and other staffers employed under the H1B visa program, who may or may not be misusing taxpayer money.”

Gulen arrived in the US after hightailing it out of Turkey under charges that he was trying to overthrow the secular government. He now lives on a twenty-eight acre estate in the Poconos in Pennsylvania.
The Gulen Movement is clandestine operation of which Sharon Higgins, in a March 27 Washington Post piece, wrote:

“The concerns raised about the charter schools in the GM network have related to questionable admissions practices; the channeling of school funds to close associates; abuse of contractors; participation in biased, GM created competitions; incidents of bribing; using the schools to generate political connections; science fair projects being done by teachers; unfair hiring and termination practices; and more. Still, authorizers continue to approve charter applications, ill informed parents continue to use them, and taxpayers keep funding the schools, all without much discussion.”

According to Front Page Magazine, there have also been reports of mandatory Islamic studies at the Tarek Ibn Ziyad Academy in Inver Grove, Minnesota, though school officials deny this.

The movement has a loyal benefactor in Microsoft’s Bill Gates. The Gates Foundation, through the Texas High School Project, contributed $10,550,000 to the Cosmos Foundation, a Gulen enterprise that operates 25 publicly funded charter schools in Texas. The Internal Revenue Service Form 990, for Cosmos, shows that the Cosmos Foundation received $41,570,721 from taxpayers.

With a grand total of $100 Million taxpayer dollars having been spent on Gulen Schools, taxpayers across the country should demand answers to the many unanswered questions surrounding the Gulen movement.  Parents need to actively monitor what is being taught to their children and insist on accountability from those involved in the their education.  Now is the time to act.

Georgia Mom Shoots Home Invader

Paul Ali Slater, top left, in a previous mug shot
On Friday, a man definitely selected the wrong home to break into.

In Loganville, Georgia a mother and her two children weren't expecting anyone, and so ignored their door when someone knocked.

But then the doorbell starting ringing, repeatedly.

Worried, the mother called her husband at work and then took the kids into a closet.

She also took her .38 revolver.

Shortly after they hid, the door was broken open and the family heard someone going through the house.

When a man opened the closet, the woman did not hesitate, but fired all six rounds, in the gun.

Five of the bullets hit Paul Ali Slater, who then tried fleeing, but ended up crashing his vehicle a short ways down the road, where he was arrested and sent to the hospital.

The mother and children were uninjured, and waited at a neighbors, for police to arrive.

Missing From Wisconsin: Nick Wilcox, 24

Twenty-four year old Nick Wilcox is missing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

He was last seen on about 01:00 CST New Year's Day, at a New Years party, at the Irish Rec Room.

His friends began looking for him on January 3.

The Irish Rec Room has since given space for a headquarters for the search for him.

Nick is described as six foot two, one hundred and eighty pounds, with blonde hair, and blue eyes.

Anyone with information should call the Milwaukee Police Department at 414-935-7403.

His body was found on March 29.

Missing Arizona 7 Year Old Safe

Seven year old Cole Evans, was found safe and sound, according to officials.

He had been missing since Saturday morning, after he wandered away from his grandmother's.

A massive search operation took place, on Sunday, including helicopters.

Two searchers approached an abandoned trailer, and he keep out from under it, and ran up to them.

Investigators are trying to determine how he avoided detection for so long, and where he spent the freezing night.

Chinese Protest Censorship

Hundreds of people spent part of Monday protesting Guangzhou, China.

They were protesting government censorship, of the press.

Police kept an eye on the protest, but did not interfere except to ensure that the mass did not block traffic.

It was all set off when a Southern Weekly editorial was changed from being a call for greater legal rights, to a piece praising the government.

Southern Weekly has been known for being one of the most outspoken Chinese press.

According to sources, Southern Weekly's offices are not being worked in, since their writers brought public notice to the change.

Despite the risks, other Chinese media outlets have come to Southern Weekly's support, some have even done so openly.

This is but another sign that the Chinese government is finding itself trying to keep it's control, but unsure how to react when the people push back.

Fire on 787 After it Lands in Boston

At about 10:45 EST, a fire broke out in a plane at Logan International Airport, in Boston.

The Japan Airlines 787 had landed, after a flight from Toyko, about fifteen minutes before the fire occurred.

All of the one hundred and seventy-three passengers and eleven crew members had already left the plane, when spoke was noticed.

A mechanic, who noticed the smoke, alerted authorities and fire crews were able to quickly put out the fire.

Officials believe that the fire broke out in the jet's auxiliary battery system.

An investigation is underway, to determine the cause of the fire.

Alabama Teen Arrested for Plotting School Bombing

Seventeen year old Derek Shrout was arrested after teachers found a disturbing journal, he was keeping.

In the journal he plotted out an attack against Russell County High School in Seale, Alabama.

He had plans specifically targeting six fellow students and one teacher, which were to be followed by blowing up the school.

A search of his home found home made devices, that were almost ready to be used.

Shrout is to appear in court, on Monday, to formally be charged with terrorism, attempted assault, and other charges.

California Elementary School Evacuated Due to Bomb Threat

R D White Elementary School, in Glendale, California was evacuated due to a bomb threat, Monday morning.

About 08:30 PST, an anonymous caller made the threat.

The student body of nearly nine hundred, as well as teachers and staff, were evacuated to a nearby supermarket parking lot.

Police are searching through the school for any explosives.

Parents are encouraged to pick up their children, from the supermarket.

School will not resume today, and officials are considering canceling it for Tuesday as well.

Dutch Patriot Missiles on Way to Turkey

Patriot missile batteries from the Netherlands began their journey, to Turkey, on Monday.

They are heading there as part of a NATO agreement to defend Turkey, with six Patriot missile batteries.

Around four hundred Dutch troops will eventually be stationed in Adana, with their two batteries of Patriots.

A like number of Germans will be stationed at Kahramanmaras, with their two batteries.

An equal contingent from the US will be stationed at Gaziantep, and began to arrive on Friday.

The Netherlands plan on only having their troops there for a year, but the other two countries have set no time limit for how long their troops will stay in Turkey.

From The Mouth of Matuszak: Third Term Tyrant Possibility

Hi! I want to repeal the US Constitution,
Amendment by amendment, article by article
until we are the Socialist States of America.
My useful idiots keep voting for me, too.
Representative Jose Serrano (D-NY-15) sponsored a resolution to congress, H.J. Res. 15, to repeal the 22nd Amendment to the US Constitution.

The 22nd Amendment is the one that formally placed term limits on the office of President at two terms. Prior to the amendment, the two term limit had been a long standing tradition started by President George Washington. Washington, in his wisdom, sought to insure that no one executive remained in power long enough to transform the US into a tyranny such as seen under several Roman emperors and the nobility in Europe.

Jose Serrano wants Obama elected to a third term though he hasn't yet been inaugurated into his second. It takes little research to determine, with educated speculation, why Serrano would sponsor such a proposal.

Serrano has history of supporting bills meant to reduce US Sovereignty and eliminate individual rights and liberties. He claims to be for "civil rights" yet he panders to collectives while oppressing the smallest minorities in the US, the individual citizens.

Serrano opposes another amendment, the Second. In his own words, he demands that the rights of owning and carrying firearms to be greatly infringed.

Serrano also wants trade restrictions and embargoes lifted from Cuba, a known tyranny and socialist country.

H.J. Res 15 is not the first attempt to repeal the 22nd Amendment. Historically, only one amendment (prohibition) has ever been repealed. The 16th Amendment (allows for income taxes) stands a better chance at being repealed than the 22nd. The resolution is in committee. It has no cosponsors. It is not yet even on the agenda for discussion in committee, much less on the calender for a floor vote.

Despite the odds being against such a repeal does not make it impossible. Most people believed that the citizens of this country would not be ignorant enough to elect the socialist in chair for a second term. Yet, that is what happened. The possibility that the same ignorant and uneducated masses of useless idiots would support repealing the 22nd so that same Marxist could legally seek a third term is still a viable possibility that cannot be ignored.

Full article and commentary originally posted at P-G Matuszak's Mental Aikido. Revision reprinted with permission.