Saturday, January 5, 2013

6 Russians Killed in Italian Snowmobiling Accident

Six Russian tourists were killed and another two injured in a snowmobiling accident, Friday night.

It happened near a ski slope on Mount Cermis, in Trentino, Italy.

They had gone down an unlit trail, which is closed at night, and took a wrong turn, which sent them barreling down a hill, for several hundred feet.

Official reports make it sound as if all eight were on a single snowmobile.

Both of the injured were evacuated by helicopter, and one of them is in serious condition.

Mount Cermis has one of the highest accident reports, in the world, yet is still one of the most popular Alpine locations.

Missing From Texas: Jacklyn Arredondo, 30

Thirty year old Jacklyn Arredondo is missing from Longview, Texas.

She was last seen jogging around 08:15 CST, on Friday.

Jacklyn is described as being five foot five, one hundred and fifty pounds, with shoulder length brown and blond streaked hair.

When last seen she was wearing a red hoodie, white jogging pants, and black shoes.

Her car is also missing, it is a 2005 silver Chevrolet Cobalt, with Texas License DC7B701.

Anyone with information should call the Gregg County Sheriff's Office at 903-236-8400.

Violence Continues in Northern Ireland

For the third straight day police have been attacked in Belfast and other Northern Ireland cities.

Loyalists had begun protesting when it was announced that the British flag would only fly on certain days.

They feel that it is a sign they are being abandoned by the British government.

Protests turned to angry riots, which led to clashes with police, as well as republicans.

Some claim that the violence started when republicans attacked a group of protesting loyalists.

Forty-three police officers have been injured, over the last three days, and about as many rioters have been arrested.

Rioters have used bricks, bottles, clubs, gas bombs, smoke canisters, and fireworks to attack the police.

In an unusual move, police have not brought out tear gas and rubber bullets, to stop the riot, only bringing water cannons out, as they continue to resolve things peacefully.

Northern Ireland's First Minister Peter Robinson decried the violence as a "disgrace" and warned loyalists that they are only aiding the cause of the republicans.

Tasmania Burning

As record highs strike most of Australia, wildfires are devastating Tasmania.

High winds have only added to the problems, for the island.

Fires have forced people to evacuate into the ocean, leaving them stranded for times, until boats could pick them up.

At least forty separate fires are burning on the island, four of which are raging out of control.

Over a hundred homes have been destroyed, but no deaths have been reported.

Thousands Homeless After Brazil Floods

Thousands have been left homeless after flooding in Brazil.

Heavy rains brought more water than the land could handle, causing flash floods.

Landslides have buried villages and cut off roads to others.

At least one person was killed, but warning systems seemed to have save many.

Rescuers are making their way through the mountains and jungles, towards the cutoff villages.

Helicopters have begun dropping supplies to the more distant and trapped ones.

Family Dies in Alpine Plane Crash

Five people were killed when their private plane crashed near Grenoble, France.

On board the plane was a family of five, with the three children aged between eight and fourteen.

They had just left from a skiing vacation, in the Alps.

The plane came down in an area only accessible by helicopter.

Officials are attempting to have the remnants of the plane brought down from the mountain.

Once it is down they plan to investigate the cause of the crash.

7.5 Quake Strikes Off of Alaska

A 7.5 earthquake struck off the coast of southern Alaska early Saturday morning.

It struck six miles below the surface, about sixty miles southwest of Port Alexander.

Initially a tsunami warning was issued for the Alaskan and British Columbian coasts, but it was canceled.

Some low lying areas of southern Alaska were evacuated.

No reports of damage were reported, from the quake.

3 Hostages and Gunman Dead in Aurora

Details are just emerging about a deadly shooting, in Aurora, Colorado, Saturday morning.

A man killed three people and a fourth escaped him to call police.

About 03:00 SWAT surrounded the building and police sent reverse 911 calls to homes on and around the 16000 block of East Ithaca Place, evacuating them as a precaution.

At 08:20 police fired tear gas, into the building, but the suspect did not emerge.

Just after 09:00 the gunman appeared at a second story window and fired on police, who returned fire, and the man fell from sight.

Once gunfire stopped, police forced entry into the building and found the gunman's body, as well as that of his three victims.

Police are questioning the woman, who escaped, to determine what set it all off.