Friday, January 4, 2013

Baby Grabs Doctor's Hand During C Section

On October 9, a doctor noticed something extremely unusual.

He was performing a cesarean section when the baby reached out and grabbed his hand.

Normally during c sections, the baby's head is the first thing doctor's see.

No one has ever heard of the baby reaching out and wrapping their hand around a doctor's finger, til now.

The doctor told the baby's father, who grabbed his camera and snapped an amazing shot.

Nevaeh was born to parents Randy and Alicia Atkins, and all three have since been featured on TV.

Alicia, who is a professional photographer has been offered thousands of dollars by prolife groups, for the picture.

The Atkins' did send a copy of the photo, to the doctor, but have no plans of selling their photo.

Rex Ryan Caught With Sanchez Tattoo

Things got a little awkward for New York Jets coach, Rex Ryan. He was caught sunbathing in the Bahamas, Thursday afternoon, by a reporter for the New York Daily News. What the reporter caught resulted in his being cussed at by Ryan.

On his right arm, Ryan has two tattoos. One is a shamrock with the names of Ryan's wife and kids, pretty good choice there. However, the other will cause Ryan a lot of grief, it is of a woman, who looks like his wife, wearing a number six Mark Sanchez jersey.

Ryan has undergone heavy criticism for keeping the struggling Sanchez in for the 2012 season. He ignored calls to put in popular back up Tim Tebow. With the tattoo coming out, questions have arisen of why a coach would have one of his player's numbers. Accusations of favoritism have renewed.

US Troops Begin to Arrive in Turkey

Patriot missile battery on display
US troops have begun to arrive in Turkey.

They are there as part of a NATO agreement to defend Turkey, with six Patriot missile batteries.

Around four hundred US troops will eventually be stationed in Gaziantep, with their two batteries of Patriots.

A like number of Germans will be stationed at Kahramanmaras, with their two batteries.

And an equal contingent from the Netherlands will be stationed at Adana.

At this time there is no time limit set for how long the troops will stay in Turkey.

The US troops are the 3rd Battalion, based out of Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

El Diablo and Sketch Restaurants Closed in Denver

Two popular Denver restaurants were shut down by the city, Friday morning.

Both El Diablo and Sketch are in a building located at 1st Avenue and Broadway.

According to the city's notice, on the doors, the building has been closed due to safety violations.

Building owner Jesse Morreale had previously been warned, in August, about the unsafe structure of the building.

After he promised to fix the problems, Denver allowed the restaurants to be kept open, but Morreale never started any of the work.

High School Sophomore Wows With No Look 3 Pointer

A sophomore at McCutcheon High School, in Lafayette, Indiana, is getting some major attention.

On Wednesday night, Gabrielle Gary scored a career high twenty-four points, leading her team to a fifty-six to thirty-six victory.

But that's not all of what is getting her the attention.

Just after the game began she went to save a ball from going out of bounds.

However, with a no look throw over her shoulder, the ball hit the rim and backboard, and ended up going through the net for a three pointer.

As the crowd went crazy, Gabrielle continued on, to her defensive position.

GM Recalling 70,000 Vehicles

General Motors is recalling nearly seventy thousand vehicles, from around the world.

They are being recalled due to a possible issue with the parking brake.

If the parking brake is damaged or malformed, it could cause the vehicle to roll away, at anytime.

All of the vehicles are from the 2013 line.

The recall includes Cadillac Escalade, Escalade EXT and ESVs; Chevrolet Express, Silverado, Avalanche, Tahoe, and Suburbans; and GMC Savanna, Sierra, and Yukons.

If vehicles need a replacement part, one will be installed, for free.

Owners will begin to be sent letters on January 22.

Boulder Dispensary Robbed With Bear Mace

Dandelion Dispensary
A man walked into the Dandelion Dispensary, in Boulder, Colorado, Thursday night and immediately sprayed bear mace at the employees.

With the employees blinded and barely breathing, the man went on to rob the place.

One of the employees had to be treated at the hospital.

The amount of bear mace kept police from entering the dispensary, to investigate, for several hours.

Once it was clear enough to see, they still had to use gas masks to enter.

Employees described the man as "not thin" and wearing "all black".

Police believe he may have had an accomplice in the robbery, who was driving a Pontiac Grand Prix.

Bear mace is an extra strong form of pepper spray, designed to drive off bears, and can be deadly to humans.

1 Killed After Colliding With Train

One person is dead after they drove their truck in front of a train.

It happened in Weld County, Colorado, Friday morning.

The truck was carried for about half a mile before the train could stop.

One fire started at the point of impact, and second where the wreckage of the truck stopped at.

Firefighters had both fires under control by 06:20.

Investigators are trying to determine why the truck's driver tried beating the train, but at this point are ruling it an accident.

3 NYPD Officers Shot in 2 Incidents

Pichardo, left, Kozicki, center, Levay, right
Three New York Police officers were shot, Thursday night, in two separate shootings.

Around 18:30 EST, three robbers entered a used car dealership in the Bronx. One of them was armed and Officer Juan Pichardo, who was working off duty, fought him for the gun.

Despite being shot, in the thigh, Pichardo and a coworker subdued and unarmed the robber. The other two robbers took off running, but were later caught by other officers. Pichardo was taken to Jacobi Medical Center, where he is expected to fully recover.

At a Brooklyn subway station, Officers Michael Levay and Lukasz Kozick approached a man acting suspiciously, about 19:30 EST. They had seen him riding between subway cars, which is illegal.

The man pulled out a gun and shot both officers, Kozick three times, as well as a bystander, before Levay shot and killed the gunman. Both officers and the bystander were taken to Lutheran Medical Center, where they are expected to recover fully.

According to police, that gunman had a criminal history in both New York and California. His records include assault, a stabbing, and hopping trains. Witnesses say he seemed to be deliberately aiming low, so as to miss the officer's vests.

Missing California Teen's Body Found

A body was found in a snow bank near South Lake Tahoe, Friday morning.

It was spotted, ten feet off a well traveled trail, by a utility worker who was in an elevated ladder.

The body has been identified as nineteen year old Alyssa Byrne, who had been missing since Monday night.

No signs of trauma were found and foul play is not suspected, in her death.

The investigation will continue while awaiting autopsy results.

Alyssa had left her friends behind at the Snowglobe Music Festival after apparently having a fight with one of them.

West Texas Hit by Blizzard

West Texas continued to deal with blizzard conditions, on Friday.

Interstate 10 was closed in both directions Thursday night and Friday morning, after the snow caused multiple accidents.

Some parts of West Texas have already seen more than four inches of snow, just within the last twenty-four hours.

As much as another eight inches are expected, by Saturday morning.

Flights in and out of El Paso have been cancelled and delayed, by the weather.

Missing From Texas: Laura Ashley Perez

Fifteen year old Laura Ashley Perez is missing from McAllen, Texas.

She was last seen Sunday night.

Laura is described as five foot three, one hundred and forty-five pounds, with dark brown hair, and brown eyes.

When last seen she was wearing a grey Hollister brand hooded sweater, black pants, and cheetah animal print boots.

Anyone with information is asked to call the McAllen Police at 956-681-2000.

4 Israelis Hospitalized After Palestinians Hit Them With Rocks

Palestinian throws rock at Israeli border guards
Three Israeli civilians and a border guard were injured, on Friday, near Ramallah and Nablus.

All four were hit by rocks thrown by Palestinians, in the West Bank.

They all required hospital treatment.

Two of the civilians were driving along the border, when their car was pummeled by rocks.

IDF troops fired into the air in order to rescue them.

Fatah's First Gaza Rally in Years Cancelled Halfway Through

Thousands of Fatah supporters rallied in the Gaza Strip, on Friday.

It was the first time, since 2007, that Fatah had shown their face after Hamas took control of Gaza.

Hamas approved the rally, showing improved ties between the two rival Palestinian groups.

However, the rally was cancelled half way through the event after twenty people were injured.

Officials stated that it was shut down due to overcrowding and they feared more people would be injured.

But according to witnesses the people had been injured when fighting broke out between two of Fatah's internal factions.

Missing From New York: Jessica Clarke, 15

Fifteen year old Jessica Clarke is missing from Syracuse, New York.

She was last seen December 29, in the area of Thompson Road and Salt Springs Road.

Jessica is described as five foot four, one hundred and thirty pounds, with brown eyes, and light bright hair dyed pink at the tips.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Syracuse Police Department at 315-442-5233.

Missing Kentucky Teen Back Home

Fourteen year old Madison York had been missing from Bell, Kentucky, since Wednesday.

According to the York family, their daughter was returned to them, Friday morning.

They did not release any further information, at this time, nor is it clear if police were involved in her return.

Police had been looking for a man and his vehicle in conjunction with the search for Madison, no update on that search was given by the police.

Malala Yousufzai Relased From Hospital

Malala Yousufzai was released from Queen Elizabeth hospital in the UK, on Thursday.

The fifteen year old girl was shot in an assassination attempt, back in October, when she was only fourteen.

She had been becoming a symbol of justice for education, especially for women, in Pakistan.

The Taliban's attempt on her life solidified her status and gave her world wide status.

In the shooting a bullet broke her skull and lodged next to her brain, nearly killing her.

Yousufzai will have to return to the hospital, for further surgeries, but she no longer needs to stay there.

She says she desires to return to Pakistan, but concerns for her safety may prevent that from happening.

1 Point Safety in the 2013 Fiesta Bowl

A one point safety happened at the 2013 Fiesta Bowl, on Thursday.

It is the rarest of all ways to score in football.

This is the fourth time, in history, that it has occurred.

Kansas State blocked an Oregon extra point attempt, and it was caught by a defensive end, who lateraled it back to another Oregon player.

However, that player was tackled in the end zone.

In a normal play, that would result in two points, but during an extra point attempt it is only worth one.

California Court Reverses Rape Conviction as Rapist Pretended to be Boyfriend

The 2nd District Court of Appeal in Los Angeles has reversed a rape conviction, as the man impersonated the woman's boyfriend.

According to the court's decision:
"A man enters the dark bedroom of an unmarried woman after seeing her boyfriend leave late at night, and has sexual intercourse with the woman while pretending to be the boyfriend. Has the man committed rape? Because of historical anomalies in the law and the statutory definition of rape, the answer is no, even though, if the woman had been married and the man had impersonated her husband, the answer would be yes."

It concludes with: 
"Therefore, we reluctantly hold that a person who accomplishes sexual intercourse by impersonating someone other than a married victim's spouse is not guilty of the crime of rape of an unconscious person"

So, rape is now no longer a crime if the attacker pretends to be the boyfriend of an unmarried woman?

According to police reports and the prosecution, at the beginning of the rape, the woman had been asleep, but when the act awoke her she realized it wasn't her boyfriend, and tried to fight him off.

It is unclear exactly how the man pretended to be her boyfriend.

The defense's argument based everything on everything being consensual and argued that the defendant's original confession, to police, had been changed, by the officers.

Julio Morales, who's first trial ended in a hung jury, will now see a third trial, for the same crime.

Missing From California: Sarah Alarid, 19

Nineteen year old Sarah Alarid is missing from Santa Clarita, California.

She was last seen early Tuesday morning, leaving a New Year's Eve party, in Canyon Country.

Sarah is described as five foot four, one hundred and fifteen pounds, with brown hair, and green grey eyes.

Her silver Ford Focus has not been seen since, either, and has a license of 4WXE737.

Anyone with information should call the Santa Clarita Sheriff's Office at 323-890-5500.

Missing Ohio Girl Found by Police

Twelve year old Raina Bennett had been missing from Lakewood, Ohio. She stormed out of her house, Sunday, after an argument with her mother.

On Monday, a friend received a call from her, which was traced to the Travel Lodge Motel on Edgewater Drive and West 117th.

When police showed the clerk a picture, on Thursday night, he immediately recognized her, and stated that she seemed out of it, at the time, not even sure what time of day it was. According to the clerk, Raina was in the company of an older black male.

The new information caused a Cleveland metro wide search for the girl. Police found her about 03:00 CST, on Friday. They did not release any further information, at this time.

Subaru to Recall 634,000 Vehicles

Around 634,000 Subaru's are set to be recalled, starting in February.

According to Subaru lights at the bottom of doors can be exposed to water causing a short.

The short can melt the plastic around it, which could then start a fire.

All Outbacks and Legacys from 2010 and 2011 are being recalled.

It also includes Tribecas from 2006 through 2012 and Foresters from 2009 to 2012.

Subaru will install an additional fuse, to prevent the shorts and fires, at no charge to owners.

Indian Men Charged With Murder After Gang Rape Victim Dies

Thousands of Indians protest after rape and death of woman.
Five Indian men, accused of gang raping a twenty-three year old student, were formally charged with murder, on Thursday.

They are also being charged with gang rape and criminal conspiracy.

A sixth person is accused of involvement in the attack, but is under eighteen, and so will be tried separately and in juvenile court.

The woman was attacked on December 16, and later died from her injuries.

Her father has led calls for the men to be hung, for their crimes.

Since the attack, India has seen mass protests, throughout the country, with thousands protesting in the major cities.

Indians are protesting what they see as a lack of protection for women, by the government.

Car Bomb Strikes Damascus Gas Station

A car exploded at a Damascus gas station, Thursday night.

At least nine people were killed, with thirty more injured, when the blast struck the Syrian capital.

Due to the severity of some of the injuries, the death toll is expected to rise.

It happened in the Masakin Barzeh neighborhood, which has seen little fighting, and is considered a loyalist area.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack, but Jabhat al-Nusra is being blamed.

Jabhat al-Nusra, is listed as a terrorist organization, by the US and other countries, and has claimed bombing attacks before.

Most of the group's bombings have hit government buildings, but all of it's targets have been aimed at loyalists.

On Wednesday, a government air strike hit a gas station, in a neutral part of Damascus, killing dozens.

The UN lists over sixty thousand as having died during the twenty-two month long conflict.

Boehner Reelected Speaker of The House

John Boehner was reelected as Speaker of the House, on Wednesday.

With a vote of 220-192 he won with the narrowest difference since 1997.

In his acceptance speech he promised to shrink the national debt and protect free enterprise.

Despite growing conflict inside the party, Boehner went unchallenged for the position from another Republican.

27 Shi'ites Killed in Suicide Bombing

Thousands gather in Kerbala earlier this week
Shi'ite Muslims had gathered by the thousands in Kerbala, Iraq, as part of a pilgrimage, this week.

On Thursday, as they began to leave, a suicide bomber struck outside a bus station, in Mussayab.

The car bomb killed twenty-seven and injured at least sixty more, when it exploded.

Another eight were wounded when a road side bomb exploded as a minibus drove by, in New Baghdad.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attacks, but Sunnis are being blamed.