Thursday, January 3, 2013

Missing From California, Alyssa Byrne, 19

Nineteen year old Alyssa Byrne is missing from South Lake Tahoe, California.

She was last seen Monday night, around 23:30 PST, at the Snowglobe Music Festival, when she told friends she was going to take the shuttle back to their hotel.

Alyssa is described as five foot three, one hundred and twenty-five pounds, with black hair, and blue eyes.

When last seen she was wearing a black sweatshirt, black yoga pants, and black snow boots.

Anyone with information should call the South Lake Tahoe Police Department at 530-542-6100.

Missing From Kentucky, Madison York, 14

Fourteen year old Madison York is missing from Bell, Kentucky.

She was last seen Wednesday morning leaving the Page School, about 09:30.

Madison is described as five foot seven, one hundred and fifty-two pounds, with brown hair, and brown eyes.

When last seen she was wearing blue jeans, tan boots with holes, a gray top, a black jacket, and a red and grey scarf.

Police are also looking for a tan Chevrolet van, with yellow and dark stripes, that was being driven by a mid fifties Hispanic male.

They are not sure if there is any connection between the man, his van, and Madison.

Anyone with information, about any of the three, should call Bell County Dispatch at 606-337-6174.

Missing From Ohio, Raina Bennett, 12

Twelve year old Raina Bennett is missing from Lakewood, Ohio.

She was last seen on Sunday, when her mother left their house.

Raina is described as five foot four, one hundred and forty pounds, with blonde hair, and green eyes.

Anyone with information should call the Second District Detective Bureau at 216-623-5218.

Two Shootings in Switzerland

It's extremely rare for shootings to happen in Switzerland, but on Wednesday the country suffered two separate ones.

In one incident a man walked into a restaurant, with a gun, but only managed to shoot the ceiling, as customers jumped him and took him down.

However, in Daillon, three people were killed and two wounded when a gunman let loose over twenty shots.

Police shot and wounded him when he tried turning the gun on himself.

The man has a history of mental illness, and police had previously confiscated weapons from him, in 2005.

Al Jazeera Buys Al Gore's Current TV

Al Jazeera has announced it's purchase of Current TV.

The move will bring the Arab news network into the homes of forty million more Americans.

 They currently only reach less than five million.

Qatar's government owns Al Jazeera and plans to double or triple the size of Current TV, as well as rename it to Al Jazeera America.

It still won't be an easy move, as Time Warner Cable Inc has announced that it is immediately dropping Current TV, as the country's second largest cable provider does not want to work with Al Jazeera.

Current TV had been Al Gore's failed attempt to bring an admittedly left wing channel, into the US.

Clinton Released From Hospital

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was released from New York Presbyterian Hospital, on Wednesday.

Her family was there by her side as she was seen in public for the first time in almost a month.

On Sunday, a scheduled check up discovered a blood clot behind her ear. 

She had been hospitalized while doctors figured out what dose of blood thinners would be best, for her.

Doctors feel that there's no further threat to Clinton and expect her to recover fully.

According to the State Department, the Secretary had stayed actively working, via phone, and was anxious to get back to work.