Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Feedback on Headlines

Those who pay attention to our Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or G+ feeds are already aware of something new we're trying.

Today, for the first time, we recorded our headlines of the day.

We did both an audio only and a video format.

Clearly neither is perfect yet, and we've kinks to work out, but it's a brand new beginning for this brand new year.

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Thirty Injured in West Bank Violence

Violence broke out in the West Bank, Tuesday, leaving as many as thirty injured.

Disguised Israeli security forces had entered the village of Tamoun, to arrest a known leader of the terrorist organization Islamic Jihad.

After they arrested Murad Bani Odeh a mob grew and began throwing stones at the Israelis.

IDF troops were called in and dispersed the crowd with tear gas and rubber bullets.

Two soldiers were wounded in the extrication, neither seriously.

San Jose Police Arrest Naked Man Who Had Sword and Rifle

Just after 08:00 PST, on Tuesday, San Jose, California police received a call about a naked man with a rifle.

As they were on their way, the man left in a vehicle, but they were able to intercept it.

According to police, once stopped the man got out of the car, still naked, and began waving a samurai sword around.

He repeatedly told them, "You're going to have to kill me".

Eventually, police were able to talk him into dropping the sword and surrendering to their officers.

They found the rifle, inside his vehicle.

Senate Passes Fiscal Cliff Deal

The US Senate passed a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff, early Tuesday morning.

It passed 89-8, despite promises by Republicans, especially supposed Tea Party ones, to block it.

Under the bill, taxes will be increased for those earning more than four hundred thousand dollars a year.

Taxes will also go up for estates.

Jobless benefits for long term unemployed will be extended, for another year, while doctors will not see a lessening of payments they receive from medicare.

Energy efficient and renewable resource companies will also see tax breaks become available for them.

However, the bill did practically nothing to cut government spending, which was what Republicans had said they were fighting for.

Five of the 'nos' were Republicans, while three of them came from Democrats.

Richard Shelby of Alabama (R), Michael Bennet of Colorado (D), Tom Carper of Delaware (D), Marco Rubio of Florida (R), Charles Grassley of Iowa (R), Tom Harkin of Iowa (D), Rand Paul of Kentucky (R), and Mike Lee of Utah (R) were the eight who voted against the bill.

Despite the vote in the Senate, it is not expected to pass the House.

India Plans to Give Poor Money, Not Programs

India is preparing a new plan which would give up to forty thousand rupees a year to poor people.

The new plan would eliminate their receiving welfare and scholarships, but instead simply give them money.

Said money would be delivered to the people's personal bank accounts.

Supporters of the program say it will save the government money, by eliminating waste.

Opponents of the plan accuse the government of trying to bribe the citizenry, before the 2014 elections.

They also point out that most of the poor do not have bank accounts, and some villages do not even have a bank.

Others point out that it just makes the people more dependent on the government, rather than helping them make better lives for themselves.

Explosion Kills 2 in Karachi

A motorcycle bomb killed two and wounded fifty, in Karachi, Pakistan, Tuesday night.

Two of the wounded are listed in serious condition.

The explosion struck a crowded area, near where a political rally was being held.

It is unclear the rally was the target of the bomb.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack.

7 Killed After Teaching Girls in Pakistan

Seven people were killed when gunmen attacked their bus, in Swabi, Pakistan, on Tuesday.

Five of the seven were female teachers, the other two were health workers.

Their driver was wounded in the attack.

Four gunmen, on motorcycles, swarmed the bus after it left the community center, where a primary school for girls had been taking place.

No one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack.

The attacked happened in Peshawar, the same province in which Malala Yousufzai was attacked, in October.

Taliban forces have regularly attacked anyone trying to teach girls, especially if the teachers were women.

Fire Bomb Attack in Bethlehem

According to the IDF, a fire bomb was hurled at an Israeli vehicle, Tuesday night.

The attack happened around 21:00 IST, southwest of Bethlehem.

There is no word on injuries or whether the terrorists were apprehended.

Just three days ago, an IDF patrol was attacked by a fire bomb south of Shechem.

No one was injured in that attack, and two suspects were later arrested.

Nine in Littleton Poisoned With Carbon Monoxide

Nine people in Littleton, Colorado were sent to the hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning, on Tuesday.

It happened at 9531 West Hialeah Place, near South Kipling Parkway and West Belleview Avenue.

Just after 11:00 MST, ambulances were called to the home.

Once there they realized they were dealing with carbon monoxide poisoning and rushed five adults and four children to St. Anthony's.

Investigators are trying to determine where the poisonous gas came from.

No carbon monoxide detectors were in the home, making those present very lucky that it happened during the day, not over night.

61 Killed in Ivory Coast Stampede

Sixty-one people were killed in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, on Tuesday, and another forty-eight were injured.

Thousands of people were leaving a New Years firework show, when a stampede occurred about 01:00 local.

Most of the dead were trampled to death, when the crowd panicked.

About half of the victims were children.

It is not clear what sparked the stampede.

Missing Colorado Teen Found

Missing sixteen year old Ethan Ryder was found Monday night.

The special needs teen had been last seen Sunday after wandering away from home.

Highlands Ranch Police found him wandering the town and took him to the hospital.

He was checked for any signs of hypothermia, as he had gone missing without a jacket, and later released.

It is the second time that Ethan has wandered off, causing worry that he may do so again.

Farewell 2012, Greetings 2013

It's been quite a year for us here at the site. From our beginning as a blog on January 15, 2011 to the start of our transformation to news site, at the beginning of 2012, we had one writer, a total of eighty articles, and 21,415 views.

Now, at the close of  2012, we sit on 2,184 articles and 127,563 views. Since February 19, there has not been a day without a post. During 2012, a total of sixteen people wrote for us, some of them only once, but several many times. Those are some amazing increases. We also gained our first short term sponsor. There were even a few times in which we managed to beat all of the world's leading news sources, to major stories.

Not everything we hoped for occurred in 2012. We faced unexpected struggles that needed to be overcome, and they either have been, or will yet be. The goals which we didn't accomplish, we will at some point, in the future. Hopefully 2013 will see many of them fulfilled. If not there's always 2014.

Over the next year we truly hope to see our site designed. Part of that will include a move to a different name, which has been bought and paid for, and is just waiting for the building to occur. We hope to be making money, as a site, enough to pay our writers. Towards which we will be looking for more sponsors, and longer term ones. More time and effort will be spent on recruiting, for the site. Expansions into radio and youtube are definite goals, as well.

We are very grateful to all of you who have supported and spread us throughout our first two years of adventures. Special thanks to those who wrote for us and spread word of our site. We hope you will continue to bear with us through our continued growing pains, and that you are as excited as us to see what the next year (and the many beyond that) will bring. You the readers have made this all possible. Thank you!