Sunday, December 30, 2012

Nine Killed in Oregon Bus Crash

An Oregon bus crash has left nine people dead and twenty-six more injured, Sunday afternoon.

It happened on I-84 about ten miles out of Pendleton, Oregon.

The bus slipped on ice, went through a guard rail, and down an embankment.

Each of the passengers were having to be rescued by specially trained emergency workers trained in rope rescue.

They are then being airlifted to the nearest hospital, via three helicopters.

Investigators are working to confirm that weather was responsible.

Officials have not yet released any information about which company the bus belonged to, where it was from, or heading.

Secretary Clinton Hospitalized With Blod Clot

Secretary of State Hilary Clinton was sent to the hospital with a blood clot, on Sunday.

Doctors believe that the clot began when she suffered a concussion, a few weeks ago.

The clot was noticed during a follow up visit.

She is being treated at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, with anti-coagulants.

 Clinton will stay there for forty-eight hours as doctors observe how well the medication works.

2 Killed in Attack on Coptic Church in Misrata

Woman praying at the Misrata Coptic church earlier in 2012
An explosion hit the Misrata Coptic Church, in Libya, on Sunday.

Two people were killed and another two injured in the blast.

All four were Egyptian citizens, who were preparing the church for the New Years Eve mass.

After the explosion, Egypt's ambassador visited the church, and urged Libyan security forces to protect the building.

No one has claimed responsibility, for the explosion, which is under investigation.

Misrata is the third largest city in Libya.

Brazilian Robbers Take 9 Hostages After Failed Heist

Nine Brazilians have been taken as hostages, by a gang of bank robbers who are fleeing from police.

Around 02:00 local time, the gang hit a jewelry factory in Cotipora.

Quick reacting police arrived at the factory, and a shootout began.

Two officers were wounded and three robbers killed, during the shootout.

One of the dead robbers was Elisandro Falcao, the leader of the gang and most wanted man in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

The rest of the gang made off into the forest, with their hostages.

Over two hundred local and federal police are now searching for them, in the surrounding areas.

Governor Tarso Genro said that the, "top priority is to make sure we rescue the hostages alive".

Falcao's gang had become infamous for using explosives to rob banks, shops, and other businesses, in the region.

Comet ISON Could Put on Show For Earth

Comet McNaught in 2007 over Chile
Comet ISON is set to go right past the sun, in late 2013.

Scientists believe that it's trajectory should put it close enough to give Earth quite a show.

While they say it doesn't pose any threat to Earth, it could be very visible for us.

According to astronomers, if it gets close enough to the sun to "create a tail of ice particles" it will be "brighter than even the full moon".

In 2007, Comet McNaught was quite visible over Chile, and others have been throughout the years, with the most notable being a 1680 sighting which was visible even during the day.

19 Shiite Pilgrims Killed in Pakistan

At least nineteen Shiite pilgrims were killed, on Sunday, in the Mastung district of Baluchistan Province, of Pakistan.

Another twenty-five were injured when a bomb blew up next to one of their three buses, Sunday morning.

The explosion destroyed the one bus and damaged the other two.

Wounded pilgrims were taken to the hospital in Quetta, the provincial capital.

The pilgrims had been making their way to Zahedan, Iran, after gathering in Quetta.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Two Wounded in Attack on Iraq's Deputy PM

Two people were wounded after a mob attacked Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister, on Sunday.

Saleh al-Mutlak had been speaking at a rally, in Ramadi, when protesters appeared.

At first they just threw words, but that turned into water bottles, rocks, and shoes.

Mutlak's security then tried to get him out, but the protesters attacked, broke through the guards, and attacked the deputy.

Federal police then shot "into the air" to disperse the mob, wounding two people.

Missing From Colorado: Sean Sanders, 23

Twenty-three year old Sean Sanders is missing from Commerce City, Colorado.

He was last seen Saturday evening near 112th Avenue and Chambers Road.

Police are worried about his safety, as he is believed to be suicidal.

Search and Rescue officers searched Saturday night and resumed their search Sunday morning.

Sanders is described as five foot eight, one hundred and ninety pounds, with brown hair, and blue eyes.

When last seen he was wearing a red Nike hoodie, blue jeans, black shoes, and a black beanie.

Anyone with information should call the Commerce City Police Department at 303-287-2844.

Missing Women's Boyfriend Sought For Questioning Found Dead

John Goldberg, thirty-eight, was found dead at a truck stop in Missoula, Montana. He was found shot inside his pickup truck, in the parking lot, and police believe he shot himself.

His girlfriend, Tammy Salle, forty-one, was last seen Sunday, December 23. Her daughter reported her missing, on Wednesday, and police began their search.

On Wednesday, police talked to her boyfriend, thirty-eight year old John Goldberg, who told them that he and Salle had had a fight Sunday night. According to Goldberg, she then left their home and drove off in his car.

Police asked Goldberg to come to the station, later in the day, for further questioning, but he never returned, and stopped answering his cell phone. Friday morning, police found the vehicle, on the side of a road. They say that it appeared to have had a blow out.

A Saturday search of a trash receptacle used by Goldberg found black garbage bags containing bloodied towels and throw rugs. According to police, what appears to be pieces of human tissue was also found on the items.

Despite this, police have not given up their search for Tammy. She is described as five foot five, one hundred and forty-five pounds, with brown hair, and green eyes.

Anyone with information should call the Anaconda Police at 406-563-5241. 

IDF Patrol Attacked South of Shechem

An IDF patrol south of Shechem was attacked, on Saturday evening.

Two men threw a firebomb at the patrol and then took off running.

None of the soldiers were injured in the attack.

Other soldiers later arrested two suspects.

They were caught with knives, a fire bomb, and an "improvised gun".

Both suspects will face charges of terrorism.

UK Judge Rules Christians Can't Say No to Working on Sundays

A judge in the United Kingdom ruled that Christians do not have the right to say no to working on Sunday.

The judge stated that not working on Sundays is not a "core component" of Christianity.

Justice Langstaff made the decision on an appeals case, in which a Christian woman was suing over being fired for refusing to work on Sundays.

Langstaff's decision was met with outcries that the decision is an attack against Christianity, that it is an attempt by the court to control the faith, and that it violates freedom of religion.

The Justice explained his decision by stating that since all Christians do not require the day off, it can not be a tenant of the faith.

Bodies of Kidnapped Pakistani Police Found

Twenty-one of the twenty-three kidnapped Pakistani police were found dead, early Sunday.

One of the others was wounded and survived, by playing dead, while another escaped completely.

The wounded officer has been hospitalized, and is expected to recover.

They were kidnapped, on Thursday, during attacks on their bases, by the Taliban, in the Khyber Paktunkhwa province, near Peshawar.

Their bodies were found in the Jabai area of the Frontier Region, not far from where the attacks occurred.

Pakistan's government had given the Darra Adam Khel tribe until Monday to find the police, or face financial punishment.

Under Pakistani law, tribes can be held responsible for attacks which happen in their territory.

Bush Moved Out of ICU

Former President George H. W. Bush was moved out of the ICU, on Saturday.

He will still be staying at the hospital until doctors feel he has recovered enough.

On November 7, the former President was admitted to Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas, due to bronchitis.

He was released, on November 19, only to be readmitted, November 23, when his cough flared back up.

According to a spokesman, he had several setbacks, including a high fever, which required the move to the ICU, on December 23.

At eighty-eight he is the oldest living former President of the United States.

33 Die In Pakistan From Cough Syrup

Over the past four days at least thirty-three people have died in Pakistan, from what is suspected to be bad cough syrup.

Another fifty-four have become ill after using the medicine.

All of the deaths and illnesses have occurred in and around Gujranwala.

Doctors believe that either the medicine was bad, or the people may have also consumed too much of the cough syrup, in hopes of getting high off of it.

An investigation, of the medicine, is underway to determine which it is.

So far, the investigation has shown that multiple brands of cough syrup were used, including some home made varieties.

The home made ones increase the likelihood of bad medicine, but the multiple brands raise the chances of it being misuse of the syrup.

Ronorvirus Strikes Queen Mary 2

A struck the Queen Mary 2 cruise ship, this week.

Over two hundred of the passengers and crew fell ill to the sickness.

It is believed to be ronovirus, which is highly contagious, and deadly if not treated.

The cruise had left New York, last Saturday, for a twelve day cruise through the Caribbean.

Due to the illness, the ship was quarantined once it docked at Saint Maarten.

According to Cunard Line there are 2,613 passenger, and an unlisted number of crew, aboard the vessel.