Saturday, December 29, 2012

United Airline Slides Off Albany Runway

A United Airlines plane slid off a runway, Saturday night.

It happened in Albany, New York, as the plane was taxiing, before heading to Chicago.

Light snow had been falling all day and the plane slipped right off the runway, into a snow bank.

None of the sixty-five passengers or crew were injured, in the incident.

They were, however, bused back to the terminal and had to wait for a new place.

No other delays took place at the airport.

The plane has been removed from the snow bank and will be investigated, before further use.

Earlier Saturday, a Russian airliner went off a Moscow runway, killing four.

Explosion in Karachi Kills 5

Five people were killed and fifty more injured when a bomb exploded on a bus.

The explosion happened in Karachi, Pakistan, on Saturday.

Nearby buildings, vehicles, and people were all hit by the bus, which had just left the Cantonment Railway Station.

Fires burned for some time, before all of them could be extinguished.

No one has claimed responsibility for the blast, and it is not clear if it was a suicide bomber, or not.

Russian Airline Crash Kills 4

A Russian airliner skidded off it's runway and crashed into a highway, on Saturday.

As it slid, it split into three separate pieces.

Luckily there were no passengers aboard, but sadly four of it's twelve crew members were killed in the crash.

Part of the Vnukovo airport, as well as the highway, were closed while the investigation and clean up took place.

The plane was a Tu-204, about the size of 757, and was operated by Red Wings, a Russian carrier.

This was the first major accident for the Tu-204s, which were produced in the 1990s.

French Tax on Rich Deemed Discrimination

French President Francois Hollande's plans have run into a slight problem.

Much like US President Obama, he had proposed and strongly supported a higher tax rate on the rich.

Hollande's plan would have added a seventy-five percent tax rate for those who make more than one million euros a year.

Parliament had approved the tax, in September, and it had already been calculated into the 2013 budget.

However, on Saturday, the Constitutional Council decided that such a tax "failed to recognise equality before public burdens".

According to them, because the tax singled out individuals, it was a form of discrimination.

Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault stated that the government will still go ahead with the new tax rate, adding "the government will propose a new system that conforms with the principles laid down by the decision of the Constitutional Council".

China Requires People to Visit Elderly Parents

China passed new legislation, on Friday, that requires people visit their elderly parents, "often".

Under the new law, parents who feel neglected or abandoned can sue their children, for not visiting them enough.

The law does not say just how often "often" is.

It was made as an attempt to bring back the importance that family once had, for the Chinese.

Very few assisted living and retirement home options are available, in China, leaving the elderly dependent upon family or charity.

Missing From Montanta: Tammy Salle, 41: Located Deceased

Forty-one year old Tammy Salle is missing from Anaconda, Montana.

She was last seen Sunday, December 23. Her daughter reported her missing, on Wednesday, and police began their search.

They talked to her boyfriend, thirty-eight year old John Goldberg, who told them that he and Salle had had a fight Sunday night. According to Goldberg, she then left their home and drove off in his car.

Police asked Goldberg to come to the station, later in the day, for further questioning, but he never returned, and stopped answering his cell phone. They are now looking for him as well.

On Friday morning, police found the vehicle, on the side of a road. They say that it appeared to have had a blow out.

Tammy is described as five foot five, one hundred and forty-five pounds, with brown hair, and green eyes.

No description or picture of Goldberg has been released. Police did say he drives a 2010 GMC pickup, but did not release a color or plate number.

Anyone with information should call the Anaconda Police at 406-563-5241.

A fisherman found her body, in a river, on March 2.

Missing From Connecticut: Linda DeJesus, 14

Fourteen year old Linda DeJesus is missing from Hartford, Connecticut.

She was last seen on Friday, near 186 Franklin Avenue.

Police believe she is a run away, and still in Hartford, which is why no amber alert has been issued.

Linda is described as five foot four, one hundred and twenty-five pounds, with brown hair, and brown eyes.

When she was last seen she was wearing a tan sweater and grey pants.

Anyone with information should call the Hartford Police Department at 860-757-4000.

National Amber Alert Canceled, Clearys Safely Recovered

A nation wide amber alert has come to close.

Nine year old Ben Cleary and seven year old Henry Cleary had been taken from Roswell, Georgia, on Thursday morning.

They had been taken by their father, forty-six year old Daniel Cleary, who did not have custody.

The amber alert went national when security cameras caught the three, in Tennessee.

Saturday afternoon, Austin, Texas police confirmed that they had found them.

Daniel has been arrested, and the boys are set to be returned to Georgia, on Sunday.