Friday, December 28, 2012

23 Pakistani Police Missing After Taliban Attack

Twenty-three Pakistani police are believed to have been kidnapped by the Taliban, on Thursday.

Militants attacked two police outposts in the Darra Adam Khel tribal region, killing two officers.

Twenty-five officers had been stationed, between the two outposts, but only the two dead were found.

On Friday, Pakistan announced that it might punish the tribe, if the police are not rescued.

The tribe was given until Monday to accomplish their mission, or financial aid from the government may be cut off.

Under Pakistani tribal law, tribes can be held responsible for attacks which happen in their territory.

3 Officers Wounded, Gunman Killed in New Jersey

Three police officers were wounded in their own station, early Friday morning.

An as of yet unidentified man had been brought into the Gloucester Township Police station for a domestic abuse case.

While undergoing processing he began to struggle with officers, and somehow managed to get hold of one of their guns.

Officers shot the man, killing him, but not before he had shot and wounded three of their number.

One of the officers required surgery for his wounds, at Cooper University Hospital , while the other two were treated and released for minor wounds.

Velayat 91 Underway in Iran

Velayat 91, Iran's latest war games, began on Friday, and will continue through Wednesday.

Taking place in the Strait of Hormuz, the Gulf of Oman, and northern parts of the Indian Ocean the games will be Iran's largest ever, geographically.

Guardianship 91, as it would be in English, is set to involve almost all of Iran's navy, amphibious forces, and land to sea missile batteries, as well as some of their air power.

During the games, Iran will once again show the world how easy it would be for Iran to close off the Strait of Hormuz, through which forty percent of the world's oil travels.

Iran did so last December as well, prompting US and allied forces to hold their own war games there, in August, to test how they would fight to keep it open.