Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Chinese Man Drives Car Into Crowd of Middle Schoolers

Forty-eight year old Yin Tiejun was arrested in Fengning, Hebei, China, on Monday after he drove his car into a group of children.

Twenty-three students were standing outside of Fengning Number 1 Middle School, thirteen of whom were injured.

Yin then attempted to light his car on fire.

Luckily police were able to stop him before he could so, as they found a tank full of gas and firecrackers in the trunk.

According to authorities, Yin has been angry for three years, ever since a court did not give the death penalty to four men found guilty of killing his daughter.

It is unclear why he attacked this group of children.

They, nor the school, had any connection to his daughter.

Russia's Upper House Passes US Adoption Ban

On Wednesday, Russia's upper house, the Federation Council, passed the Yakovlev Initiative, unanimously.

The initiative is a bill than bans Americans from adopting Russian children.

When it was proposed, law makers cited nineteen cases of Russian adoptees dying, in the US, including Dima Yakovlev.

President Putin is expected to sign it into law, as last week he spoke in support of the initiative.

It is the second part of Russia's strike back at the US for the Magnitsky Act.

Under the Magnitsky Act a visa ban was implaced on Russian officials, believed to be responsible for the death of Sergei Magnitsky, it also placed a freeze on their financial assets.

Last Friday, Russia's lower house, the Duma, passed the anti-Magnitsky Act, which blocked certain US citizens from entering Russia or adopting Russian children.

Over a hundred thousand Russians signed a petition against the passage of the anti-Magnitsky Act.

The passage of the Yakovleve Initiative has already, and will continue to, received backlash from the international community.

Wales and England Drenched Yet Again

Wales and England continue to be drenched by rain causing major flooding in some areas.

Flood warnings and alerts blanket much of the area from Wales to the West Central Plain.

After a couple of landslides, warnings are now in place for Wales and southeast England.

Power has been knocked out in some areas.

The rain is expected to continue, through at least Friday.

2012 will finish as one of the top ten wettest years, since record keeping began in 1910.

Further north, in Scotland and northern England, icy roads and snow have conquered much of the country side.

Firework Factory Explodes in Nigeria

At least one person was killed and thirty were injured when a firework factory exploded, on Wednesday.

The explosion happened in Lagos, Nigeria, and many feared it was another terrorist bombing.

Flames quickly spread to neighboring buildings, burning at least nine of them.

Hundreds came and watched the fire, causing firefighters to be delayed in reaching the scene.

Their efforts were then hampered further by a lack of water and further explosions.

5 People Killed in Oklahoma City Fire

Five people and three dogs were killed by an early morning fire in Oklahoma City, on Wednesday.

Fire fighters arrived at around 06:30 to find a home engulfed in flames.

The fire was too far advanced and hot for the fire fighters to enter the building.

Two of it's residents escaped, one unharmed, the other with third degree burns.

That man is at the hospital in critical condition.

Four of the five people killed were children under the age of ten, the other was their mother.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

According to Fire Department Major Tammy McKinney there were no working smoke detectors in the home.

Missing From Maryland: Aria White, 17

Seventeen year old Aria White is missing from Baltimore, Maryland.

She was last seen at the White Marsh Mall, on Saturday.

Aria is described as five foot seven, one hundred and thirty pounds, with blonde hair, green eyes, and a small scar under her left eye.

Police believe she may still be in the Baltimore area.

Anyone with information should call the Baltimore County Police Department at 410-887-2222.

Christmas Storms Lead to 6 Deaths in The US

Christmas came with storms for much of the United States.

From north central Texas to Ohio and the the Great Lakes blizzard warnings came with snow and slick roads.

Four deaths were recorded due to icy roads, two in Oklahoma and two in Arkansas.

Further south, from south central Texas to the Florida panhandle, tornado warnings and high winds swept through.

As many as thirty-four tornadoes were spotted, on Tuesday.

Winds were blamed for felling trees, which led to a death in Louisiana and another in Texas.

Nearly three hundred thousand people, across the south, were still without power, on Wednesday.

The storm continues it's path across the country as it heads north east, covering the Great Lakes and central east coast, making it's way towards New England.

George H W Bush in ICU

Eighty-eight year old George H. W. Bush's condition has worsened, and he was placed in an intensive care unit, on Sunday.

On November 7 the former President was admitted to Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas, due to bronchitis.

He was released on November 19 only to be readmitted November 23, when his cough flared back up.

According to a spokesman, he had several setbacks, including a high fever, which required the move to the ICU.

The spokesman did say that he has greatly improved, since then, and is able to banter with his family and the hospital staff.

Bush will be kept in the ICU, until his condition has been upgraded above the current one of guarded.

Missing Texas Teen Found Safe

Killeen, Texas police have confirmed that a missing teen has been found safe.

Sixteen year old Madison Kelleigh Morris had been missing since Monday afternoon.

Concern had been high for her safety, as she requires medication for her health.

On Wednesday afternoon, police announced that she had been found safe and was back with her family.

Police did not release any further details.

MSNBC Under Investigation For Violating Gun Laws

Washington DC police are investigating MSNBC for violating gun laws, on Sunday.

While interviewing National Rifle Association chief Wayne LaPierre, on Meet the Press, host David Gregory used a prop to attempt a point in his argument.

His prop was a thirty round magazine, without a gun.

According to District of Columbia laws, that is still illegal.

NBC had asked for permission to show the "high capacity magazine", but they were denied permission by DC Police.

Despite the lack of permission, they went ahead and used it.

Police are now deciding whether or not charges will be pressed.

Here is the whole interview, the magazine was shown at 9:45 in it.

Aurora Police Investigating Body Found Wednesday Morning

Police in Aurora, Colorado are investigating a body that was found Wednesday morning.

A man's body was found near a dumpster at the intersection of East Iliff Avenua and South Peoria Street.

Despite there being no signs of foul play, police did say they found the death suspicious.

They are waiting for the coroner's report to determine the cause of death.

The man's identity has not yet been released, as police attempt to notify his family.