Saturday, December 22, 2012

Suicide Bombers Target Cell Phone Companies in Nigeria

Two suicide bombers hit Kano, Nigeria, on Saturday, leaving themselves dead, but only injuring one other person.

Both bombers targeted cellphone firms, in the city.

At the Airtel office building military troops shot the gunman before he could get to the building, his bomb did explode, but injured no one.

One security guard was injured, when the second bomber attacked MTN's offices, hitting a fence, which caused his bomb to explode.

Boko Haram is being blamed for the attacks.

The conflict with the terrorist group has seen nearly three thousand people die, since beginning in March of 2009.

Most of their attacks are carried out via suicide car bombs.

9 Killed in Suicide Blast at Pakistani Political Rally

Nine people were killed and twenty injured when a suicide bomber blew himself up, in Pakistan, on Saturday.

The target was a rally being held by the Awami National Party, in Peshawar.

A chief minister and senior police officer were among the dead.

The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the bombing.

Awami National Party events have been targeted by the terrorist organization before.

They are targeted because they regularly speak out against the Taliban.

Italian Parliament Dissolved

Monti, left, Napolitano, right.
On Saturday, Giorgio Napolitano, Italy's President, signed a decree that dissolves Italy's Parliament.

This comes one day after Prime Minister Mario Monti resigned.

Monti had been in office for thirteen months.

He had specifically been brought in, because of his economic background.

Italians thought he would be the answer to their economic woes, but his raising taxes and cuts in spending had become increasingly unpopular.

A general election will take place in February, most likely on the 24th.

Man Shot by Police in Colorado Springs

A man was shot by police, in Colorado Springs, Friday afternoon.

He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Police say they were following the suspect in connection with felony warrants.

After he led them into a 7-11 parking lot he rammed his pickup into their cruiser.

According to the police he then pulled a weapon, so they shot him.

The officer who fired the shots was put on administrative leave, as is standard practice.

As the incident happened outside of Colorado Springs Police jurisdiction, the El Paso County Sheriff's Department is handling the investigation.