Saturday, December 15, 2012

Oklahoma Police Arrest Teen For Plotting School Shooting

Seventeen year old Sammie Eaglebear Chavez was arrested Friday morning.

The Bartlesville, Oklahoma police are charging him with conspiracy to commit mass murder, as well as other charges.

A fellow student at Bartlesville High School warned police that Chavez had tried enlisting him in a mass shooting plot.

Chavez was reportedly planning to lure the entire student body into the auditorium, where he would then chain the doors shut, and shoot everyone.

He also planned to place explosives on the doors, so that they would blow when police tried to enter.

Police are holding him on a one million dollar bond.

9 Dead After Attack on Pakistani Airport

Militants in Pakistan attacked the airport in Peshawar, Saturday night.

They began the attack, on Bacha Khan International Airport, with a volley of RPGs and then engaged in a fire fight with security forces.

By the end of the several hour gun battle, nine people were dead and at least forty-five were wounded.

Four of the dead were civilians, while five were militants.

No damage was done to the airport itself, or any of the airplanes.

Officials say that most of the RPGs struck homes, outside of the airport's walls.

3 Wounded in Alabama Hospital Shooting

Three people were wounded in a shooting in an Alabama hospital, on Saturday.

A gunman opened fire inside of St. Vincent's Hospital in Birmingham, early Saturday morning.

He wounded a police officer and two hospital employees, before another police officer shot and killed him.

It is unclear why the man had brought a gun into the hospital, or how he got in with it.

Police were alerted when someone noticed the man wandering around, carrying a gun.

The man opened fire as soon as he spotted the police officers coming to question him.

Saturday's Information on The Newtown Shooting

On Friday, a mass shooting occurred in Newtown, Connecticut. It began Friday morning when twenty year old Adam Lanza shot and killed his mother, Nancy, fifty-two, at their home, with one of her own guns.

He then took her car, as well as at least three of her five guns, to Sandy Hook Elementary. The K-4 school has about seven hundred students, from ages five to ten.

Leaving a rifle in the car, dressed in all black fatigues and wearing a bullet proof vest, he went to the building with two pistols. He forced his way through the door, by breaking the glass at about 9:30 EST.

Seeing several administrators come out of a meeting, he ran towards them, gunning at least two of them down, as she tried to stop him. They were the forty-seven year old school principal Dawn Hochsprung and fifty-six year old Mary Sherlach, the school psychologist.

One employee ran down the halls, warning people that there was a gunman, as they went. Another triggered the PA system allowing the entire school to hear gunshots, warning them of what was happening. Yet another staff member called 911, telling the police that there was a shooting. Lanza continued into two classrooms, shooting as he went.

His bullets would kill a total of twenty children and six adults, at the school. One of those victims was twenty-seven year old Victoria Soto, a teacher, who had just managed to hide sixteen kids in a closet. Another teacher, Lauren Rousseau, thirty, was among the dead. All of the children killed, were first graders, between the ages of six and seven. Three of whom were Ana Greene, Grace McDonnell, and Emilie Parker, all of whom were six.

At 9:36 police received a call, on their radios, that there was a shooting taking place at the school. Then all went silent at 9:38 and no more shots were heard. The first officers on the scene requested that the state police be sent, and then made their way into building, seeking the shooter. Some of the officers broke windows, as they came in from all directions. Others fanned out and searched the woods and nearby buildings and cars for a possible second shooter.

As the officers went through the school, they pushed badges under doors to let teachers know that they were the good guys. Students were evacuated to the nearby fire house, and kept there til parents could come pick them up. By the time police were done searching, they'd found the body of the shooter, in the school, after he had shot himself.

Originally it had been released that Nancy Lanza worked at the school, as a teacher. However that is now under question, and it is not clear what her relationship with the school was. Nor have police been able to figure out a motive for his actions, especially those at the school.

The medical examiners have said that each victim was shot multiple times. Only one of the people shot survived the shooting, and police are hoping to talk to them, to see what light they can shed on the incident.

Police are beginning to share the names of the victims. We've shared the ones we've received, so far.