Friday, December 14, 2012

400 US Troops Headed to Turkey

Four hundred US troops are headed for Turkey.

They are going as part of a NATO agreement to send six batteries of Patriot missile batteries.

Germany and the Netherlands will both be sending about four hundred soldiers as well.

Each country is sending two batteries and the troops to go with them.

The deployment is solely to defend Turkey from any overflow of the Syrian civil war.

Plans are for the six batteries to be operational by the end of January.

Israeli Foreign Minister Lieberman Resgins

Israeli Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Avigdor Lieberman resigned from both of his posts, on Friday.

He resigned after being charged with breach of trust in a financial scandal investigation.

Originally, police had been planning to press charges of money laundering and bribery.

Police say they switch to the lesser charge, due to lack of evidence.

Lieberman says he will fight to clear his name of the charges, and that he hopes to do so in time for the national elections, in which he is a candidate.

The elections are set to take place, January 22, 2013.

He leads the second largest party in Israel, Yisrael Beitenu, which is allied to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud.

Building in Englewood, Colorado Firebombed

An unidentified suspect has been arrested after they threw a Molotov cocktail into a building in Englewood, Colorado.

No one was injured in the fire, which took place at a HealthOne rehab hospital, Friday morning.

Police arrested the suspect, on the scene, before firefighters could even get there.

Firefighters were able to put the fire out, but not before it did an estimated fifteen thousand dollars worth of damage.

No motive was given by police, who did not release the identity of the suspect.

Missing From Texas: Breann Olivas, 18, and Her Baby

Eighteen year old Breann Olivas and her seventeen month old daughter, Mallory, are missing from West Waco, Texas.

They were last seen Monday afternoon, after Breann left her cosmetology class at McLennan Community College, in Waco.

Breann drives a 2002 Dodge Ram, quad-cab pickup, with Texas license BN4-3193, it hasn't been seen since Monday, either.

Police did not issue a description, other than the picture.

Anyone with information should call Detective Malissa Malone at 254-750-7616 or the Waco Police Department at 254-750-7500.

Missing From South Dakota: Melissa Herrboldt, 17, and Her Baby

Seventeen year old Melissa Herrboldt and her sixteen month old daughter, Josie, are missing from Harrisburg, South Dakota.

They were last seen Monday morning.

Melissa is described as five foot six, one hundred and ten pounds, with green eyes, and light colored hair.

She almost always is wearing the black rimmed glasses, seen in the picture.

Anyone with information should call the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office at 605-764-5651.

Missing From Louisiana: Anna Mae Linn, 17

Seventeen year old Anna Mae Linn is missing from Bossier City, Louisiana.

She was last seen on Saturday, December 8.

Anna is described as five foot three, one hundred and thirty pounds, brownish hair, and brown eyes.

Concerns are high for her, as she has health issues, and doesn't have her medicine with her.

Anyone with information should call the Bossier City Police at 318-741-8605.

Body of Missing North Carolina Girl Found

The body of sixteen year old Kayla Campbell, was found, after police drained a pond, near her home.

She had last been heard from Sunday evening, when she called to say she would be a few minutes later than her curfew.

Monday afternoon, her bike, helmet, and cell phone were found near a pond in Mint Hill, North Carolina.

A dive team found nothing in the pond, on Monday, but on Wednesday, police began draining the pond to be sure they had covered all possibilities.

Thursday evening, her body was found at the bottom of the drained pond.

Due to a past history of severe depression, police are not looking at foul play, but are running a full investigation, just to be sure.

Her family though, says she had moved past her depression, thanks to professional help.

Missing From New York: Jennifer Ramsaran, 36

Thirty-six year old Jennifer Ramsaran is missing from New Berlin, New York.

She was last seen on Tuesday, when she left to do some shopping in Syracruse.

On Wednesday, her cell phone was found in Plymouth, on State Route 23.

No description of her was given, by police, other than that she was planning on changing the color and style of her hair, so it may different from what is in the picture.

They did say that she was driving a maroon 2006 Chrysler Town and Country.

Anyone with information should call the Chenango County Sheriff’s Office at 607-334-2000.

6.3 Quake off San Diego

A 6.3 earthquake struck off the Pacific coast, early Friday morning.

It was centered about eighty-eight miles from San Diego.

Residents along the coast, in California and Mexico, reported feeling it.

No damage was reported, and no tsunami warnings were issued because of it.

4 Injured in Denver Weed Sprayer Fire

Four people were injured in Denver, Thursday night, after one of them was lit on fire.

According to police two men knocked on the door of an apartment along the 4300 block of Lipan Street.

When the door was answered, one of the men used a weed sprayer to douse the woman with a flammable liquid and the second man threw a lit match.

The woman, who was sprayed, ended up in the hospital with serious injuries.

Three other people, who were in the apartment, suffered minor injuries.

Police are investigating if an attempted robbery, that happened near 32nd Street and Champa earlier Thursday, is related, as a weed sprayer was used to start a fire there, as well.

23 Injured in Knife Attack Outside Chinese Elementary School

Police officer guards the crime scene
Twenty-two children and one adult were injured when a man went on a slashing spree, on Friday.

Four seriously wounded children had to be transported to a more distant hospital, that has an intensive care unit.

The attack happened outside of Chenpeng Village’s Wanquan Elementary School, in China.

Thirty-six year old Min Yingjun is accused of the attack.

Police also say that he is mentally unstable.

27 Dead in Connecticut Elementary School Shooting

Twenty-seven people have been killed, more wounded in Newtown, Connecticut shooting.

A gunman walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School about 9:30 EST, with two guns and a bullet proof vest, and opened fire.

After shooting through the school, leaving at least twenty-six other people dead, the gunman, who was twenty years old, shot himself, committing suicide.

Police began searching the school as soon as they had arrived, calling for back up as soon as they entered the building.

Twenty of the dead are children, the rest were staff and visiting parents.

Teachers and emergency workers evacuated the children, as soon as possible, doing their best to keep them calm.

Police in full tactical gear spent part of the day searching the town, and roads out of it, for a possible second gunman, but eventually called that off.

Parents were sent a reverse 911 call, and were asked to pickup their children at the local fire house.

The fire house is now being used as a place for the families of the victims to gather.

Counselors have been made available for the families, first responders, and survivors.

Five hundred and seventy-five students go to Sandy Hook, with forty-two teachers and staff.

This is the second worst school shooting in US history.

The shooter's mother was found dead at her home, she was a teacher at Sandy Hook.

All three of the guns, one was found in the trunk of the shooter's car, belonged to his mother, who had legally obtained them.

We will continue to update as more information becomes available.