Sunday, December 9, 2012

Missing From Tennessee: Whitney Edmonds, 16

Sixteen year old Whitney Edmonds is missing from Memphis, Tennessee.

She was last seen Thursday at Youth Villages, in Memphis.

Police are concerned about her well being as she requires regular medication for her mental health.

Whitney is described as five foot three, one hundred and forty pounds, with brown skin, black hair, and dark eyes.

Anyone with information should call the Memphis Police at 901-545-2677.

Missing From South Carolina: Charlie Powers, 77

Seventy-seven year old Charlie Powers is missing from Greenville, South Carolina.

He was last seen Saturday afternoon.

His family is highly concerned as he suffers from Alzheimer's and has regular medications he needs.

For the last while he had been talking about how he missed the mountains in North Carolina, causing his family to think he may have headed there.

Charlie drives a 2007 white Ford Focus with South Carolina license BLV750.

Anyone with information should contact the Greenville County Sheriffs Office at 864-271-5210.

Mahama Wins Reelection in Ghana

President John Dramani Mahama has won reelection, in Ghana.

Mahama managed to receive 50.7% of the votes.

Opposition leader Nana Akufo Addo came in second with 47.7%.

Nearly eighty percent of registered voters turned out to vote.

Due to the close nature of the results, the opposition has already vowed to challenge the election.

The military and police had to come out in force to protect the electoral offices.

Worries are that if Addo doesn't accept the results, it could lead to civil war.

Missing From Kansas: Taysia Moren Rhoades Jackson, 14

Fourteen year old Taysia Moren Rhoades Jackson is missing from Derby, Kansas.

She was last seen Thursday afternoon, leaving Derby Middle School.

Taysia is described as five foot two, one hundred and thirteen pounds, with strawberry blonde hair and green eyes.

When she was last seen she was wearing a black coat and jeans.

No Amber Alert has been issued at this time.

Anyone with information should call the Derby Police at 316-788-1557.

Egypt's Opposition Says No to Morsi's Referendum

Egypt's opposition council has stated that they will not work with Morsi over the proposed constitution.

They also called upon Egyptians to refuse to vote in the referendum set for December 15.

To get them at a table to discuss things, Morsi must scrap the constitution and cancel the referendum.

One leader called Morsi's actions an "act of war" against the Egyptian people.

This comes after Morsi agreed to back down from most of his November 22 decree, in which he took near absolute power.

He only did that after the military suggested he do so, but they also had suggested that the opposition work with him.

The balance is precarious right now in Egypt which in all actuality could see civil strife if not war, if this issue is not resolved, and soon.

Many on the side of the opposition fear the power of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist groups, in the new government.

Worries are that too much of their proposed constitution is part of nearly Shariah law.

USL Takes Majority of Romanian Parliament

Elections in Romania were held Sunday, for Parliament.

With only a thirty-seven percent turn out, people massively showed their dissatisfaction with the government.

The country has been dealing with an awkward power share between the President and Prime Minister.

In July, Prime Minister Victor Ponta attempted to have President Traian Basescu impeached, but failed.

Since then things have been extremely hostile between the two main political camps.

Ponta's Social Liberal Union looks to be the big winner in this election, with the party gaining fifty-six percent of Parliament, a definitive majority, especially when they're joined by the members of their coalition.

However, the President can choose who will be the next Prime Minister, and has sworn Ponta won't get it.

Baseuscu would have to choose from among the USL, so realistically it might not matter much, but he could continue the personal war between himself and Ponta.

Missing From Kansas: Sixteen Year Old Krisitna Richey

Sixteen year old Kristina Richey is missing from Sabetha, Kansas.

She was last seen Friday afternoon, after telling friends she might leave for Oregon.

However, her car was found Friday evening in Nebraska City, Nebraska at the VF Shopping Outlet.

Kristina is described as five foot three, one hundred and twenty pounds, with dark brown hair and hazel eyes, and wearing glasses.

No amber alert has been issued as she is a likely run away.

Anyone with information should call the Sabetha Police at 785-284-2158.

Four People Hospitalized by Dog Vomit Fumes

According to the Vail Daily, four people in Edwards, Colorado were hospitalized due to dog vomit, on Friday.

The dog was brought into Vail Valley Animal Hospital in Edwards, in serious distress.

While veterinarians were working on the animal it vomited causing three of the four people present to have difficulty breathing.

They were rushed to the hospital, and the fourth person was taken as a precaution.

Other vets were unable to save the dog, which is believed to have eaten rat poison.

When a chemical contained in rat poison is mixed with water it creates a toxic gas.

That toxin was released into the air when the dog vomited.

All four people were released after treatment.

North Korea Considering Delaying Rocket Launch

The weather may be doing what the international community could not.

On Sunday, North Korea announced that they "are now seriously examining the issue of readjusting the launching time of the satellite for some reasons."

Weather reports show that the area is in for some decent amounts of snow.

If snow does come in it could cause problems for the launch.

North Korea is unlikely to take the added risk that it would bring with it.

The original window was set to see a launch by December 22, with many expecting it to be on the 17th, due to it's being the anniversary of Kim Jong Il's death.

Countries around the world have heavily suggested that North Korea not have a launch at all, but they have been ignored.

Vietnamese Protest China

Hundreds of people marched in anti Chinese protests, in Vietnam, on Sunday.

Protests took place in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and other cities.

Security police acted quickly and shut down each of the protests within an hour of their beginnings.

At least twenty people were arrested, under charges of instigating the protests and refusing to disperse.

The protesters are angry with China over her continued claims of disputed islands, in the South China Sea.

Problems only increased when China revealed their new passports, which show the islands as Chinese property.

Other countries have shown their displeasure as well, as islands belonging to them are also being claimed by China.

It is a very rare occurrence for protests to take place in Vietnam, showing just how angry people are.

AU Troops Take Jowhar From Al Shabaab

African Union forces once again pushed Al Shabaab further back, in the fight for Somalia.

They took the town of Jowhar from the terrorist group, which is Al Qaeda's wing in Somalia.

It was the biggest town remaining under Al Shabaab's Shariah law rule.

Al Shabaab is increasingly pushed into the country side, and out of towns, by the African Union's forces.

The group pledges to fight on, to establish an Islamist state, in the area.

Since the AU began pushing against them, they have picked up terrorist acts in neighboring countries, especially in Kenya, where suicide bombings have become a weekly occurrence.

Kidnapped American Doctor Rescued in Afghanistan

US forces joined by Afghan allies rescued an American doctor who had been kidnapped, by the Taliban.

Dr. Dilip Joseph, of the Morning Star Development aid group, and two of his Afghan colleagues were kidnapped on Wednesday.

Their kidnappers eventually released the two Afghans, on Saturday, after negotiations, but refused to release Joseph.

It was decided a military operation was necessary, due to the imminent threat upon the doctor's life.

No information was released on the actual events of the operation, other than that Joseph was rescued safely, and that seven of his captors were killed.

Joseph is set to under go medical checkups, and then will be headed home to Colorado Springs, by Tuesday.

Bopha Striking Philippines Again

Tropical storm Bopha is coming back around to hit the Philippines again.

This time the storm is hitting the northern part of the country.

Winds of up to thirty-five miles per hour are expected, as well as several inches of rain.

Last week the storm struck the south of the country, whilst it was a typhoon.

Five hundred and forty people were killed during it's several day pounding.

Over a thousand people were injured and eight hundred and fifty are still missing.

In some areas, as much as ninety percent of housing was destroyed, causing nearly four hundred thousand people to need shelter.

President Benigno Aquino declared a state of national calamity in the typhoon hit areas, on Saturday.