Saturday, December 8, 2012

Missing Sixteen Year Old From Florida Found

Sixteen year old Savannah Liberadzki is missing from Gainesville, Florida.

She was last seen Thursday morning, when she left home in her car.

Savannah is described as five foot six, one hundred and twenty-two pounds, blonde, with blue eyes.

Her car is a 2004 Chrysler Sebring, with a Florida plate. No license number has been released, a this time.

The sixteen year old's family says they have no idea where she could have gone, without letting anyone know.

No amber alert was announced, as police believe she could be a runaway.

Anyone with information should contact the Gainesville Police at 352-334-2400.

She was found Saturday night thanks to awareness brought about by the official search.

Eagle Hits Plane Landing in Colorado

A Cessna 172 suffered damage when coming into land at Centennial Airport, in Colorado.

As it was landing an eagle struck the plane at it's windshield.

Both the pilot and passenger suffered minor injuries, from the breaking glass, but were released after treatment.

No word has been released on the eagle's condition, after the collision, but it apparently made it's escape.

Centennial Airport has recorded 108 wildlife strikes, since 1990, but this was the first eagle.

Since opening in 1995, Denver International Airport has recorded 4,121 bird and wildlife strikes, but never an eagle.

Gun Found in Package of Meat

Roswell, New Mexico has become accustomed to unusual sightings, but this one stood out, even for them.

On Wednesday, while stocking the shelves, an Albertsons' worker found a gun and seven rounds of ammunition inside a box of meat.

The semi automatic Rock Island Armory .38 Super has not been reported missing, and police are checking to see if it was ever used in any crimes.

If it's ground beef, they might want to double check that it's all beef.

Authorities did track the box of meat to Swift Packing Plant in Greeley, Colorado.

But, here comes the best or worst part of the story.

The meat is marked with the packaging date of June 8, 2011.

Guess Albertsons' meat really is fresh.

Gaza Celebrates 25 Years of Hamas

Thousands of people gathered in Gaza City, on Saturday, to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of Hamas being founded.

During the celebrations Hamas leaders pledged to continue refusing to recognize Israel, or her right to exist.

They also pledged that soon the leadership of Palestine would be united.

At this point Hamas is not part of the PLO, which is the only body recognized by the UN as a representative for Palestine.

If Hamas does actually join the PLO, it would significantly unify the people they represent.

A model of an M75 rocket, the type most commonly fired at Israel, stood as a back drop for the speakers stand.

Hamas' charter states that it's very reason for existing, is to see Israel destroyed, and to establish an Islamic state in it's ruins.

Kurds and Iraq Continue Stand Off

Kurdish and Iraqi forces continue their stand off, in north eastern Iraq.

Both sides continue to bring troops to the area, but fighting is continuing to become less likely.

Tensions flared up after Iraq set up a military command, specifically for regions which are disputed.

Politicians, from both sides, are trying to ease the tensions, but they are also enjoying the boost in support it is gaining them.

Because of that, neither side is really attempting to push for an agreement, nor do they actually want it to turn to fighting.

The Kurds have a mostly autonomous area in Iraq and many call for the formation of their own country, Kurdistan.

Kurdish people cover an area not just in Iraq, but Iran, Turkey, Syria, and Armenia as well.

Calls have come for their country to be formed out of areas from each of the countries.

For Iraq and Iran it would mean giving up some oil rich areas, while Turkey would be giving up the largest amount of land.

Turkey regularly has armed conflict, with the PKK, one of the most militant groups of the Kurdish separatist forces.

Syrian Rebels Name Head General as Video of Rebel Nerve Gas Surfaces

Syria's rebel groups have announced the selection of a new top general.

Brigadier Selim Idris was chosen from among hundreds of officers, who have defected, to lead Syria's rebel military.

His selection took place in Turkey, amid the heavily Islamist leaders of the opposition, backed by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Damascus continues to be a scene of extremely heavy fighting. Rebel forces claim to have taken a military base full of tanks, on Saturday.

As the international community warns the national government to not use the nerve gas they've begun preparing, a video has surfaced claiming to be from the rebel forces.

In the graphic video we see a lot of bottles labeled with names of chemicals. During the entirety of it Islamist chants can be heard. Then we see two rabbits in a glass cage, a man puts a substance, and then seals the cage. 

Within minutes the rabbits are dead after suffering through convulsions, apparently caused by a nerve agent. A voice then states, "You saw what happened? This will be your fate, you infidel Alawites, I swear by allah to make you die like these rabbits, one minute only after you inhale the gas."

Again this is a graphic video, you may not want children seeing.

Morsi Surrenders Extra Powers After Egypt's Military Gives It's Suggestions

On Saturday, Egypt's President Morsi held talks for discussion over the political troubles that are crippling the nation. However, the opposition boycotted the talks, sticking with their demands that he resign.

The military responded to this by releasing a statement on what the country needs to do, in order to avoid civil war.

"Serious" dialogue must take place between the two sides. Both sides must live by and heed "legitimacy and the rules of democracy". Morsi must completely take back his decrees, in which he took near absolute power. The new Constitution must be rewritten, so that it isn't so full of Shariah law. 

A spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood said that an edited Constitution was an impossibility, and that this was the only one the Egyptian people would see. Other Morsi supporters have been heard saying they should mobilize and attack their opponents, driving them from the streets, until they were too scared to show their faces.

Word has just come that Morsi has canceled the decree in which he took powers. He has also offered to hear suggestions on how to amend the constitution. Now it remains to be seen if that will be enough for his opposition. Or is it too late for his government.