Friday, December 7, 2012

Second Preview: Star Trek: Into Darkness

Star Trek fans at least get a teaser now, as the first teaser for Into Darkness has been released.

The Enterprise returns to Earth only to find it in chaos as an evil force has risen from the ranks of Starfleet, and only they can stop him.

From the teaser it looks like at least some of the battle will take place on Earth, though hopefully Earth won't suffer the same fate as Vulcan did in the first movie.

Other than that, not a lot is known.
We can confirm that most, if not all, of the main characters will return with the same actors playing them.

Benedict Cumberbatch is playing the villain, and it's rumored to be someone named Khan.

If you wish to see more, beginning on December 14, you can see the entire first nine minutes of the film.

All you have to do is go see a movie at one of five hundred IMAX 3D screens.

Star Trek: Into Darkness hits theaters May 17, 2013.

Peterson Farm Brothers 'Farmer Style'

The Peterson Farm Brothers are back.

Three brothers who regularly post videos of working on their farm, they decided to start doing parodies of songs.

Their first music video "I'm Farming and I Grow It" was a parody of LMFAO's "I'm Sext and I Know It".

That video has gained them almost eight million views in five months.

Now they've done a parody of Psy's "Gangnam Style".

"Farmer Style" came out Tuesday and is already set to hit three million views.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Egypt Analysis

Egypt has become a decidedly bleak place. Military forces and police are having to protect government buildings from the two political sides.

Morsi supporters kept blocking the judiciary, while Morsi opponents tried storming the Presidential palace. He and his supporters are not likely to back down. Nor are his opponents likely to back down as long as he's in office.

They seem him as too much of a threat to their new democracy, and the constitution he and his supporters tried pushing through is decidedly based in Shariah law. If Egypt is to survive as a free nation, in any way or shape, Morsi can not be allowed to stay in power.

The alliance of his opponents says it. Every group, except the Muslim Brotherhood has banned against him. Only the police and military have tried to stay out of the mess, and they've barely forced a tenuous peace between the groups. If the military or police backs either side, then it's over. O not easily or without some bloodshed, but the side that gets them, especially the military, wins.

At this point, it's just a matter of time until an actual civil war happens. The only way to avoid that is a quick coup, or for the opposition to sit down and watch their country go Shariah. Really, the best choice is the quick coup.

Terror Bombings Continue to Hit Kenya

Eastleigh, Kenya continues to be a scene of terrorist bombings.

On Wednesday, an explosion injured nine people.

Friday saw two people killed and another eight injured during another blast.

The suburb of Nairobi has been a hot seat for violence since Kenya went to war with Al Shabaab, Al Qaeda's wing in Somalia.

The terrorist group had begun raiding into Kenya, causing Kenya to send troops into Somalia, and remove the group from power.

Al Shabaab abandoned the cities, but has kept fighting in the country side, as well as continued terrorist actions in Kenya.

While no one has claimed responsibility for this week's attacks, Al Shabaab is considered the likely suspect.

Supreme Court to Decide on Homosexual Marriage

The US Supreme Court has announced that they will take up cases over homosexual marriage.

They will review two rulings, by states, that have banned the controversial marriages.

Just last month, three states approved marriage for homosexuals.

Expectations are for arguments to be heard in March 2013, with a final decision coming down in June.

Jordanian Soldier Wounded by Syrian Fire

A Jordanian soldier was wounded by gun fire from Syria, on Friday.

He and his unit were patrolling along the border when a fire fight broke out between Syrian government forces and the Syrian Free Army.

During their battle some of the rounds crossed into Jordan.

One of the bullets struck Oday Hussein Momani in the shoulder.

Jordanian forces returned fire, at the source of the incoming rounds.

It is unclear which side of the Syrian civil war was responsible for the incident.

Momani was taken to the hospital in stable condition.

The kingdom of Jordan released a statement saying that they will not be drawn into the war, and reminding everyone this was an isolated incident and considered an accident.

This is the third time, during the Syrian civil war, that Jordanian troops have been hit by fire from across the border.

In the first incident a soldier was wounded, but in the second one Jordanian soldier was killed.

US and Russia Normalize Trade but Restrict Certain Citizens

Obama and Putin
The US and Russia may finally be agreeing on Syria, but the relationship between the two countries is anything but smooth.

On Thursday, the US Congress passed a bill which would end all trade restrictions between the two countries.

But to get it to pass and amendment was added that Russia is not happy with.

In the bill, any Russian citizens who might be guilty of human right violations can be banned from entering the US and it also allows for the freezing of their financial assets.

Russia was quick to announce an equal measure placed upon US citizens.

However, top opponents of the Russian government came out calling it a very proRussian bill.

Some went as far as berating their own country for not having the guts that the US has shown.

Syrian Rebels Declare Airport a Battleground as US and Russia Agree on Mediation

Syrian rebels declared that the international airport is no longer safe, and now it too has become part of the battle for Damascus.

Rebel forces are now converging on Damascus, as some believe that taking the capital will end the war.

With government forces preparing sarin nerve gas bombs, an end is all the more a necessary thing.

Since the conflict began twenty-one months ago, it has killed over fifty thousand people.

Working towards an end Russia and the US have finally agreed that mediation must take place.

The two powers have discussed the Syrian civil war, regularly, since the conflict began.

However, til now Russia has refused to consider any kind of mediation, backing the Assad regime completely.

It is unclear how much of an influence out side help could be at this point, if any, but it is very possibly an important step forward.

7.3 Quake off Japan

A 7.3 earthquake struck off Japan, Friday.

It sent a three foot tsunami at the eastern coast, near Fukushima.

Five people were injured in the quake that caused minor damages.

People as far away as Tokyo reported feeling the shaking.

It's proximity to Fukushima brought back memories of the March 2011 quake and tsunami.

That disaster killed almost twenty thousand and became all the more infamous for the damage that hit nuclear plants, which leaked radiation.

Remembering: Pearl Harbor

Western Europe lay conquered, with only Britain left in the fight, as World War II raged in Africa and Eastern Europe.

In Asia, the empire of Japan was spreading through China, as the civil war there kept the two sides from presenting a united front. With the fall of France, Japan had begun marching into French Indo China.

The US was the lone major country not actively involved in the war. They already were involved as they were supplying the UK and her allies, they also had begun restricting trade with Japan.

Japan was feeling the pinch from embargoes, especially that of oil. The oil rich Dutch East Indies were just within their reach, but they knew that attacking there would draw in the British Empire and the US. Britain wasn't much of a threat, as she was busy fighting to defend the homeland and Africa. However, the US had a large Pacific fleet, and it had been moved from San Diego to Pearl Harbor.

In early 1941, the Japanese began plotting an attack on Pearl Harbor, to eliminate the US threat to their moves into the Dutch East Indies. For months they trained specifically to hit the shallow harbor. While the US knew war was basically inevitable, for those in charge an attack on Pearl was unthinkable. Despite warnings from various sources they continued to ignore threats to her, worrying about sabotage not an actual attack. Then one morning decoders read that Japan would attack within hours, but their message to Pearl was sent by regular telegram, and wouldn't be seen til too late.

On December 7, 1941 large blips of planes appeared on experimental radar screens, but their operators were told to ignore them, as they must be an expected flight of bombers, coming from the mainland. Then as the Stars and Stripes rose above the US Pacific fleet, 353 Japanese planes attacked.

By the end of the day of infamy 2,402 Americans and sixty-four Japanese had been killed and 1,247 Americans and one Japanese sailor were injured in the battle. For Japan it would be a monumental victory, that would cost them the war. After the attack, they failed to send another wave, to wipe out dry docks, oil storage, and other very important facilities that would've knocked Pearl out of the war for years. They also failed to hit the US carriers, as they had been sent out just days before.

But the most important thing was that the anger from the US was not something most of their leaders had expected, at least not to such an overwhelming degree. That anger would feed an American war effort that would not stop until both Germany and Japan were completely knocked out of the war.

Pearl Harbor would remain the worst attack, against Americans, for almost seventy years. Only the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2011 would be more deadly and more scarring to the American psyche.