Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Universal Sports Moving to Denver

Universal Sports Network has announced that it will be moving it's production and broadcast operations to Centennial, Colorado.

Currently the company is in southern California.

Colorado Economic Development Commission awarded Universal Sports a three hundred and seven thousand dollar grant, for the move.

They will create forty-four jobs at the Comcast Media Center in Centennial, a suburb of Denver.

David Sternberg, USN's chief executive released a statement saying, "The proximity of CMC's facility to many of our distribution partners, advertisers and Olympic sports programming suppliers makes it an ideal location for our production and operations team, and will enable us to continue delivering world-class sports programming to our viewers across the country."

Five US States to Extend School Hours

Eleven school districts, in five US states, will be extending their school year by three hundred hours.

They are doing this as part of a government funded program to see if doing so actually helps students learn more.

The program will last for three years, starting in the fall of 2013.

Til then, each school has the ability to decide how they'll use the extra hours.

Districts are being encouraged to try different ways in each school, so that all possibilities are looked at.

Schools could try longer hours, more days, and different teach styles.

Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and Tennessee are taking part.

Expectations are for about five thousand students, in each state to participate.

So far, only Colorado has announced which districts, they will be, Adams, Boulder, Denver, and Jefferson.

San Diego Airport Time Lapse

Photography and film professor Cy Kuckenbaker is a master of film.

Earlier this year he saw a photo by Ho-Yeol Ryu, which gave him an idea.

Ryu's photo was a composite of planes taking off from Hannover airport.

After seeing it Kuckenbacker decided he would modify the concept and take a time lapse video of planes at San Diego Airport.

His twenty-six second video shows planes from a single day, between 10:30am and 3pm.

It's pretty cool.

Israel Continues Plans to Build More Settlements

Israel continues to stay defiant against growing European opposition to it's plans to build new settlements.

European nations began sending messages of concern and displeasure via Israeli ambassadors, on Saturday.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, "We will carry on building in Jerusalem and in all the places that are on the map of Israel's strategic interests".

On Friday, Israel announced that it would build new homes for three thousand people.

They will be built in an area east of Jerusalem, and fill the last gap between Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Israel had been holding off construction, in that area, for over a decade, mostly due to US pressure.

But after Thursday's UN recognition of Palestine as a state, they felt there was no choice left to them.

While the US has not condemned the move, they have reiterated their opinion that building in that area would be a bad idea.

Golden Dawn HQ Bombed in Athens

Golden Dawn Headquarters in Athens were hit with a bomb, Monday night.

No one was injured in the blast, but the building was severely damaged.

The third biggest party in Greece is extremely controversial, and has been rapidly gaining support in the bankrupt nation.

Earlie on Monday, PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos had called on Parliament to outlaw the group.

Venizelos said, "We have in parliament an unconstitutional, Nazi style, junta friendly, provocative party."

The Greek Constitution does now allow the banning of any party that has been democratically elected.

"Our answer is Golden Dawn will continue, no matter what the other parties do. We will not stop, even if they take up arms against us." said Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kassidiaris.

Syrian Mortar Hits School Killing 30

Aftermath of nearly 2 years of battle in Damascus
Damascus continued to show just how dangerous a place it has become.

On Tuesday, a mortar shell hit a school, killing twenty-nine students and their teacher.

Syria's government was quick to blame it on rebel forces and terrorists, but the army was shelling that area, at the time.

Over fifty thousand people have been killed in the twenty-one month long civil war.

For the last few days, international worries have focused on Syria's chemical weapons.

US intelligence showed movement near where they are stored, and fears have come that the Assad regime may consider using them against the rebels.

The US was joined by NATO and most western countries in condemning any such action.

Israel announced that they are closely watching the weapons, as well.

Egyptian Riot Police Fight Off Protesters From Both Political Sides

Protests in Egypt continue to become more violent as both pro Morsi and anti Morsi factions clash with police and each other.

On Tuesday, the press joined the protest against Morsi and his constitution.

In an extreme show of protest eleven newspapers didn't print, three TV stations went blank, and dozens of websites joined them.

Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians took to the streets, demanding Morsi resign.

They attempted to march on the government's buildings, only to be blocked by riot police.

Violent clashes began, as protesters threw rocks, bottles, and gas bombs while police fired tear gas and rubber bullets.

Other riot police were given the job of securing the Supreme Constitutional Court's building.

Those police had to fight their way through Morsi supporters, who had begun blocking the building, on Sunday, to keep the court from meeting, and looking over the new constitution.

Throughout Egypt supporters of either side fought each other, with fears of a civil war beginning.

Hundreds have been injured and a few killed during the violence.

Growing Conflict in The South China Sea

China's continued claims on other country's islands, heated up again after confrontations between Chinese and Vietnamese boats.

Vietnam has condemned several incidents of attacks upon it's research and fishing vessels, by Chinese craft, inside of Vietnam's waters. To prevent further incidents Vietnam is creating a civilian led patrol, that will be backed by police and the military, to stop foreign vessels from entering Vietnam's waters, without permission.

China responded by authorizing their police to board and seize foreign ships, throughout the South China Sea. This is sure to lead to confrontations, not just with Vietnam, but with many other countries in the region.

During 2012, China pressed claims to islands belonging to several other nations, and not just in the South China Sea, but the East China Sea as well. In the East China Sea, China, Japan, and Taiwan have clashed over islands, which all three countries claim.

Having been at least halted there, China seems to be back to focusing on the South China Sea. China is trying to claim islands belonging to the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia. Some of the islands are claimed by all of the countries, causing even greater problems.

The Philippines and China have already had some clashes, in one case the US Navy almost became involved. In April, Vietnamese fishermen were kidnapped by China, and then later released. And in July, China placed a new city and military base, upon one of the disputed islands.

As China presses it's claims, countries not in the South China Sea are becoming involved. India, Australia, and the US all have economic ties to the region. They've shown their support of the allies there, but none so much as India, who like China is a growing power in the area. India says that it is not just ready to protect it's interests there, but is actively preparing to do so.

47 Dead as Bopha Wrecks Havoc on The Philippines

Bopha seen from space
At least forty-seven people have been killed as Typhoon Bopha wrecks havoc upon the Philippines.

Bopha brought heavy rains along with winds of up to one hundred and thirty miles per hour.

Flooding is the norm, power is out everywhere, amid fears of landslides as forty thousand people have been evacuated.

Forty-three of the deaths occurred in Andap village, when a wall of water came down a mountain striking the town hall, where the village had took shelter, and sweeping away an army truck, filled with soldiers and civilians they had tried to rescue.

Another wall of water swept through a military base, leaving twenty people missing.

The entire south of the nation is shut down as the country bears out the storm.

Moving west at about seventeen miles per hour the nearly four hundred mile wide storm is expected to leave the Philippines by Friday.

Iran Claims US Drone Capture, US Says Not Ours

Iran claims to have intercepted and captured a ScanEagle drone, belonging to the US.

Footage shown of the drone was aired on Iranian TV.

According to Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi, Commander of the Revolutionary Guard, the drone was spotted a few days before and hunted down.

However, the US denies that is missing any drones, "The US Navy has complete control over every unmanned vehicle we operate in the Middle East", said Commander Jason Salata of the Fifth Fleet, which handles operations in the area.

He further suggested that the ScanEagle model is fairly easy to buy, so it could have belonged to anyone.

Family Struck by Car as They Crossed Aurora Street

Four people were taken to hospitals after an accident, in Aurora, Colorado Monday night.

A mother and her four young children were crossing the street near Abilene and Exposition when they were struck by a car.

The woman and one of the children were pinned under the car.

An on duty police officer and two witnesses helped lift the car off of them as an off an off duty officer got them out.

The woman suffered a serious head injury and some internal bleeding.

Her two year old, that had been pinned with her, suffered cuts and scrapes.

The other two children were physically unharmed in the accident.

Police say the drive of the car cooperated with police and is not being ticketed, as the family had not being using an approved crosswalk.

USCG Chief Petty Officer Terrell Horne III

Chief Petty Officer Terrell Horne III, of the US Coast Guard, was killed Sunday when the inflatable boat he was on was rammed, by a smuggling vessel.

The USCG's commandant released a statement that began, "It is with deep regret and sadness that I report the loss of Chief Boatswain’s Mate Terrell Horne, the Executive Petty Officer of CGC HALIBUT, who died early this morning from injuries sustained while conducting maritime law enforcement operations off the California coast."

And it ended with, "BMC Horne stood the watch on the front lines of Coast Guard operations throughout his nearly fourteen years of active duty. He previously served at Coast Guard Stations Emerald Isle, Humboldt Bay and Charleston, and also sailed aboard the CGC DALLAS. Throughout his Coast Guard service, BMC Horne's professionalism and commitment, like those before him, ensured that we were always ready to answer the nation's call."

The Halibut's commanding officer, Lt. Stewart Sibert, stated that, "He was my friend, he was my confidante, he was the glue that held my crew together."

Earlier this year Horne was credited with personally saving three people, during rescue operations.

Horne is survived by his pregnant wife and one child.