Monday, December 3, 2012

LA Port Strikes Nearing Finish of Seventh Day

Ships remain off the California coast due to a strike of clerks.

The eight hundred clerks of International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 63, walked off the job last Tuesday.

They are demanding that the ports keep all current jobs as unions ones, while the ports are trying to remove some of the jobs, after people retire, saying they don't need so many workers.

Other unions have refused to cross the picket lines, meaning longshoremen, shippers, and every other job at the anchorage has been brought to a stop as well.

Eleven ships are waiting off of Los Angeles and Long Beach, while another eleven have already left to head for other ports.

Los Angeles' mayor and other unions have called for mediation to begin, in the labor dispute, but the clerks' union has refused it.

Some have gone as far as asking President Obama to intervene in the case.

Estimates show that the ports are losing over one billion dollars, each day, that they are closed.

Over one million Californians have jobs, related to the ports, that have been affected by the strike.

Two Men Arrested For Death of Coast Guard Sailor

Chief Petty Officer Terrell Horne III, of the US Coast Guard, was killed Sunday when his boat was rammed.

The Coast Guard was investigating a suspicious boat, off the coast of California.

As part of the investigation, Horne and other crew members left the USCG cutter Halibut.

They approached the suspect boat in an inflatable boat.

When they neared the suspect boat gunned their engine, striking the Coast Guard inflatable, and then sped off.

In the impact, Horne and another sailor were thrown over board.

Horne suffered a head wound and was pronounced dead, after being rushed to land.

The other sailor was treated for minor wounds and released, without being identified.

Late Sunday, Jose Mejia-Leyva and Manuel Beltra-Higuera, both of whom are Mexican nationals, were arrested on charges of smuggling and the murder of Horne.

They were formally charged on Monday, in a federal court.

Palestinian Killed After Attacking Israeli Intelligence Officers

A West Bank man is dead after he attacked Israeli intelligence officers, on Monday.

The officers were riding in a jeep when the man rammed them off the road.

He then jumped out and attacked them with an axe, injuring two them, before one of their number could shoot their attacker.

Israel is calling it a terrorist attack, while Palestinians in the West Bank have kept mostly quiet as there were too many witnesses who confirmed the Israeli's story.

Tensions in the area have calmed down as the cease fire between Israeli and Hamas continues.

Nine Killed in Japanese Tunnel Collapse

Japanese officials confirmed that nine people were killed when a tunnel collapsed, Sunday.

Rescue workers recovered the bodies, Monday morning.

A length of about one hundred and fifty feet of the Sasago Tunnel, on the Chuo Expressway, fell down, on top of several vehicles.

The tunnel is located about fifty miles west of Tokyo, and the collapse happened one mile inside of the three mile long tunnel.

Central Nippon Expressway Company, who inspects and maintains the tunnel, is under investigation for not accurately portraying the state of the tunnel.

Northern California Receives Third Strike of Rain

Northern California was hit again, Sunday, for the third time in a week.

Heavy rains, with up to an inch coming down an hour, continued and worsened flooding.

Flooding was actually not as bad as expected, as the storm system moved through faster than anticipated.

Some areas saw the rain turn to up to five inches of snow.

Wind gusts nearing sixty miles per hour were seen from the San Fransisco area on north.

The winds brought down branches and trees, cutting power to almost seventy thousand people.

Work crews spent much of Monday cleaning up from the aftermath and restoring power.

Forty-eight People Hospitalized After Carbon Monoxide Poisining at Atlanta School

Five hundred people were evacuated from Finch Elementary School in Atlanta, Monday morning.

Firefighters were called to the school just before 8am EST.

When they arrived they recorded extremely dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

Forty-two students and six adults ended up being taken to local hospitals for treatment.

The rest of the students were moved to Brown Middle School, for the rest of the day.

Trained personnel spent the rest of the day ventilating the school.

After being blamed for the toxic gas, the school's furnace will be replaced.

There is no word yet on when the school will reopen.

Shots Fired During Aurora Bank Robbery

Aurora, Colorado police are looking for two people who robbed a bank, Monday morning.

The suspects came in to the bank, fired shots into the ceiling, took an unknown amount of money, and were gone by the time police arrived.

Both suspects wore hoodies and masks to keep from being identified.

The robbery occurred just after 9am MST, at the US Bank at 10190 E. Colfax Ave.

Eleven local schools were put on lock down, for an hour, as police searched the area.

Police found nothing in their search.

Anyone with information should call Detective Mike Thrapp at 303-472-0350 or the FBI Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force at 303-629-7171.

3 Colorado Homes Lost in Fire and Explosion

Three homes were lost in Red Feather Village, Colorado over Sunday/Monday night.

A vacant summer home caught fire during the night.

As it burned the fire spread to a second structure and hit a propane tank, which exploded.

The explosion severely damaged a third home, and helped spread the fire to nearby trees.

No one was injured in the blazes and explosion.

Fire fighters were able to contain and stop the fire, before it spread much further into the forest and before it reached any other buildings.

The cause of the initial fire is under investigation.

Kate and William Expecting

It's official the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting.

The royal couple made an official announcement of Kate's pregnancy, on Monday.

Kate is in the hospital with severe morning sickness, but doctors are saying it will pass.

That has started rumors that it could be twins, as severe morning sickness is often associated with multiple children.

Congratulations have flooded in from all over the world, wishing the royal couple the best.

USMC Cpl. Christopher M. Monahan Jr.

MARINE Cpl. Christopher M. Monahan Jr., twenty-five, of Island Heights, New Jersey, died November 26 in Helmand province, Afghanistan.

U.S. Marine Cpl. Christopher M. Monahan, Jr., age twenty-five of Island Heights, died Monday, November 26, 2012 defending his country in Helmand province of Afghanistan. 

Born in Toms River, Chris spent most of his life in Ocean Gate, and most recently lived in Island Heights before his deployment. He was a 2006 graduate of Central Regional High School, Berkeley Twp. where he played football. 

After graduation, Chris joined the U.S. Marine Corp. This was his third deployment overseas, having been deployed twice to Iraq before his deployment to Afghanistan. Chris was a motor vehicle operator assigned to Combat Logistics Battalion 2, Combat Logistics Regiment 2, 2nd Marine Logistics Group, II Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Lejeune, N.C. Chris was an amazing and loving father, son, brother, grandson and friend.

Left behind are his wife Sarah, and his children Nathan, Kierlyn and Caleb; his parents Christopher M. Monahan, Sr. and Sandra Monahan; maternal grandparents Lenny and Linda Adams of Toms River and paternal grandmother Leah Monahan of Bayville; his brother Matt, sister Kaitlyn and his best friend and second brother Rob Zilavetz. Chris is also survived by many loving aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and cousins.