Sunday, December 2, 2012

Recall: 2013 Ford Escape and Fusion

Ford has announced a voluntary recall of their 2013 Escape and Fusion.

There have been thirteen cases of engines catching on fire, due to over heating, while running.

No injuries have been reported because of the fires.

Affected models have the 1.6 liter, four cylinder engine.

Seventy-three thousand Escapes and sixteen thousand Fusions are under the recall.

Drivers who's engines caught on fire reported seeing “warnings about their engine temperature before the fires started.

Ford is advising anyone who sees similar messages to pull over and turn off the car, immediately.

The company will provide loaner cars to owners, while their cars are being checked over and fixed, free of charge.

Owners should contact their local Ford dealer or call 866-436-7332.

Moving Through Atmosphere and Space With Only One Engine

A UK company may be close to solving the need for huge rockets to put space craft into space.

Reaction Engines Ltd had managed a lot of secrecy around it's Sabre engine, but now the European Space Administration is behind it, so the secret is out.

The company has developed a heat exchanger that is capable of sucking air, directly into the engine, and cooling it from nearly two thousand degrees down to only about three hundred.

That capability would allow an engine to go much faster than is normal now, as well as allowing for less fuel to be used, making jet engine travel cheaper.

It could also allow for only a single engine to be needed in both atmosphere and space.

With ESA backing and funding they'll be closer yet to building a prototype jet to test the engine on.

But this definitely seems to be an exciting jump forward in travel.

Carrie Underwood to Star in New Sound of Music

Carrie Underwood has landed a new role.

The country singer will be playing Maria von Trapp.

NBC has announced that they are remaking the Sound of Music, for an on TV musical production.

Underwood was given the leading role, of the based on a true story musical.

The story of the von Trapps was made famous in the 1965, Oscar winning, movie The Sound of Music, which starred Julie Andrews, and has become one of Hollywood's top all time favorites.

Music from the film is some of the best known, as well.

As of yet, no title has been given, and it may stay as The Sound of Music.

Whatever it's title may be, it's set to come out in late 2013.

Boko Haram Continues AntiChristian Violence

Boko Haram had a busy Saturday and night, in Nigeria.

The Islamist terrorist group spent Saturday burning down three churches in Gamboru.

They then later went through the village of Chibok, setting house on fire, killing at least ten, with machetes and guns.

Their victims were chosen simply because they were Christian, and not Muslim.

Over a thousand people have been killed in Boko Haram's attempt to see a Shariah law ran state, take over the country.

Recall: Trader Joe’s Butter Chicken with Basmati Rice

Both the US and Canadian governments have ordered a recall of Trader Joe’s Butter Chicken with Basmati Rice.

Twelve and a half ounce boxes of product code 2012-10-31 and lot code 30512, are being recalled due to possible listeria contamination.

A total of four thousand pounds of the chicken is in the recall.

The chicken is made in Canada and then sold at all of Trader Joe's locations in Canada and the US.

Listeria has a twenty percent mortality rate, so possible contaminations are taking very seriously.

There have been no actual reports of sickness from the chicken.

If they have the chicken, with that right codes, consumers are encouraged to throw it away, and then bring their receipt in for a full refund.

Anyone with questions should call Trader Joe’s Customer Relations at 626-599-381.

French Judge Jokes About Slapping a Witness on Twitter

In France it's quite common and acceptable for judges and lawyers to tweet from the courtroom. One lawyer even has ninety thousand followers.

Unwritten rules such as using a pseudonym and not giving specifics about a case keep them out of trouble. Least til now.

@Proc_Gascogne and @Bip_Ed found themselves in a bit of trouble, earlier this week, and ended up closing their Twitter accounts. The two judges were tweeting back and forth during an attempted murder trial.

Ed, tired of their head judge, suggested they strangle him, so that he and Gascogne might actually get somewhere in the case. Gascogne at one point pondered on what legal troubles he could get into for slapping a witness, after making them cry.

Unfortunately, for the judges, they offended a member of the local press, who outed them not just for their comments, but exposed their identities as well. Both judges have since closed their Twitter accounts and are currently under investigation.

Other journalists have been joined by lawyers and judges, in coming to the support of Ed and Gascogne. In their support they mention that no laws were broken and that it's a matter of freedom of speech. They've also slammed the paper, Sud Ouest, for publishing the article exposing their identities.

Colorado Man Killed After Pulling Gun on Deputies

A man was killed in a shooting involving Jefferson County, Colorado sheriff deputies, Saturday night.

Just after 9pm MST King Soopers called about a man with a gun, acting strangely.

A deputy kept an eye on the man, as he wandered the store, muttering to himself, with a gun visible in his waist.

When the man finally left the store, deputies approached him, and he pulled the gun.

The man was shot at least once, by deputies, and some witnesses say he fired at them as well.

He later died of his wound, at the hospital.

Deputies found another gun, in the man's jacket, and on Sunday were searching the man's home, in Littleton.

Egypt's Supreme Court Blocked From Reviewing Constitution

Egypt's renewed turmoil has grown yet again.

Members of the Muslim Brotherhood blocked the members of the Supreme Constitutional Court from being able to reach their building, on Sunday.

In a statement, the court announced that the judges will be returning until they can do so safely.

The court had been expected to challenge the legitimacy of the body which recently passed a new constitution for the country.

According to witnesses, government trucks brought supplies to the hundreds in the crowd, who were blocking the court, throughout Friday night.

Morsi's supporters continue to clash with those who oppose him.

Sunday saw one person die and sixty-six injured in the violence between the groups.

Opponents of Morsi, and the new constitution, say that it is a betrayal of the Egyptian revolution and moves the country into Shariah law.

Taliban Suicide Bombers Attack US Base

Five people are dead after three suicide car bombs went off at Forward Operating Base Fenty, near the Jalalabad Airfield, in Afghanistan, Sunday morning.

Three of the dead were Afghan soldiers, the other two civilians.

Fourteen more soldiers were wounded, as well as another four civilians.

Forward Operating Base Fenty is a NATO base, mostly used by American troops, but there have been no reports of casualties amongst them.

The attack set off a gun battle, which lasted over two hours, between coalition troops and Taliban forces.

At least nine members of the terrorist group were killed.

It was the third attack on the base, in 2012.

Emergency Workers Continue Search After Deadly Tunnel Collapse

Several people are dead and at least seven are missing after a tunnel collapsed in Japan.

Over one hundred and fifty feet of concrete tunnel collapsed in the Sasago Tunnel on the Chuo Expressway, Sunday morning.

The tunnel is located about fifty miles west of Tokyo, and the collapse happened to the Tokyo bound lanes.

Rescuers have had to be extremely careful so as to prevent a secondary collapse.

 Their efforts have also been hampered by where in the tunnel the collapse occurred, about a mile inside the tunnel.

Emergency workers plan to continue until all vehicles are found.

At this time authorities aren't giving any official numbers on dead and injured.