Thursday, November 29, 2012

Colorado Springs Man Arrested After Ramming Police Car

A Colorado Springs man was arrested Thursday after he rammed a police car.

The man and his passenger had stolen the car, and when police blocked their escape route, he rammed the officer's car.

The officer was taken to the hospital with minor injuries from the crash.

Police are charging the man with assault, careless driving, eluding police, resisting arrest, and theft.

His passenger was also arrested with a charge of theft.

Hostess Given Permission to Shut Down

It's now official, Hostess will close.

US Bankruptcy Judge Robert Drain approved their request to shut down, on Thursday.

The company will now begin selling off it's pieces.

According to the company, they have one hundred and ten parties interested in purchasing parts or the whole.

Consumers worried about never having Hostess products, ever again, shouldn't stress too much.

The new owners will likely continue the popular products.

Remembering: The UN Partition of Palestine in 1947

After decades of fighting between Arabs and Jews, Britain was tired of dealing with it. They had tried many various ways to appease both sides.

Then World War II happened, and they were distracted for a time. When it had ended the issue was still there though, but the world dynamic had changed.

Now the US and several European nations fully supported giving the Jews a country of their own. Unable to get the two sides to reach an accord, the British turned the matter over to the United Nations.

On November 29, 1947 the UN voted to split Palestine in two. The Arabs would be given some areas and the Jews others. Their solution would last half a year.

Israel was declared an independent nation on May 14, 1948. The next day Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq invaded the new country. Despite being outnumbered and under equipped, Israel not only held their own, but gained territory.

UN Recognizes Palestine as a State

With a vote of one hundred and thirty-eight for, nine against, and forty-one abstentions the United Nations has recognized Palestine as a state.

The nine who voted no were Israel, the US, Canada, Czech Republic, Panama, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, and Palau.

It passed despite the fact that many of the PLO's leaders are members of groups recognized as terrorist groups.

It was also done despite this so called state not having any actual geographic border, at this point.

Ironically it was done sixty-five years, to the day, after a UN vote to grant land to a Jewish state, now known as Israel, a nation that the people who make up Palestine regularly attack.

Now will the Palestinians actually be willing to negotiate, with Israel, over borders and other issues?

Or will they continue their normal listing of ridiculous demands?

Syrian Internet Shut Off

As Syrian rebels gain more and more ground the government has turned to a new tactic.

On Thursday, they shut off internet to the whole country, as well as cell service to specific regions.

The Assad regime denied that they internet was down everywhere, and that it was their fault in any way.

But network security firms have been able to confirm that Syria dropped completely off the internet at 12:26pm EET, or 3am MST.

All of Syria's internet is government regulated, so only they could effect a full shut off.

The government forces likely hope that cutting the internet will remove the main way rebels communicate.

Physical battles continued throughout the country, with one happening right near the international airport, in Damascus.

It is looking more and more like it's just a matter of time til the rebels win the whole country.

Forty-eight Dead in Iraq Bombings

Thursday morning a suicide bomber blew up his vehicle outside of a busy restaurant in Hilla, Iraq.

Another bomber waited for emergency workers to gather, and then he too detonated his explosives.

Thirty-two people were killed and one hundred and thirty-eight were wounded there.

Across the country other attacks occurred killing sixteen more and injuring another seventy.

Attacks in Baghdad, Falluja, Karbala, Mosul targeted military checkpoints and police.