Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Missing Sixteen Year Old Found

Lincoln, Nebraska police are looking for missing Kieran Richey.

The sixteen year old was last seen Tuesday evening when he said he was headed to the University of Nebraska at Lincoln library.

He failed to return home at 10pm CST, but then made a call just after midnight saying his cell battery had died and that he had lost track of time.

Surveillance video showed him leaving the campus at 12:10am Wednesday.

His family and police are concerned as he has Asperger Syndrome, a high functioning form of autism characterized by social awkwardness, repetitive behavior and obsession with certain topics.

Richey is described as five foot nine, one hundred and fifty-five pounds, with brown hair and hazel eyes.

When he was last seen he was wearing blue jeans and a navy blue coat with "UCONN" on the back.

The Lincoln Police Department announced that Kieran was found safe, Monday night thanks to a phone tip.

Uefa Considering Merging Champions and Europa Football Leagues

Big news for football in Europe could be coming.

Uefa president Michel Platini confirmed that they are discussing merging the Champions and Europa Leagues.

If the merger happens it would bring about a super league with sixty-four teams.

For the most part, the Europa League takes a second seat to the Champions, especially financially.

Teams in the Champions League make at least ten times as much money as those in Europa.

Ironically, some of the richest Champions League teams have threatened to split off and form their own league, if the merge doesn't happen.

A decision on the matter may come soon, and it may not.

Uefa wouldn't actually make the change til 2015 or 2018, if they decided to go ahead with it.

Louisville Headed for ACC

Sources tell us that Louisville will be the Atlantic Coast Conference's replacement for Maryland.

Last Monday, Maryland announced that it would be leaving the ACC for the Big 10 conference.

The Kentucky school will be leaving the Big East, likely in 2014, as that's when Maryland will make it's start in the Big 10.

Louisville will be the seventh school to leave the Big East, within the last decade.

At this time, it is unclear who the Big East will bring in, to fill Louisville's spot.

30 Tennessee Courthouses Evacuated

Thirty different Tennessee courthouses were evacuated at various times, Tuesday.

Each one of them received a bomb threat call, at some point during the day.

Bomb squads, bomb sniffing dogs, and other explosive experts were called in, to help with checking each building.

While they were searched they were each closed.

Most of them were county courthouses, but one was the federal courthouse in Memphis.

No bombs were found in any of the buildings.

UN Vote on PLO Status Showing Divisions of EU

The United Nations prepares to vote, on Thursday, about upgrading the PLO's status from observer to non member observer state.

As they do so, lines are being drawn and sides taken.

This is perhaps the most notable amongst the members of the European Union.

France and Spain have stated they will fully support the PLO.

At the same time the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands are standing with Israel and the US, stating that the PLO should not be recognized at all, until it actually works on coming to peace terms with Israel.

The rest of the twenty-seven member EU will likely split fairly evenly, on the issue.

Expectations are for the measure to pass, as much of the rest of the world will back the PLO, but it is just one more thing showing the splitting factions in the EU.

Aurora Police Shoot Naked Knife Wielding Man

An Aurora, Colorado police officer shot and killed a man, Tuesday afternoon.

A man in the 1600 block of South Buckley Road, near East Mexico Avenue, began acting strangely.

Concerned neighbors called for emergency assistance.

Three police officers arrived on the scene to find a naked man wielding a machete and a carving knife.

According to police, the man refused to put down the weapons and came towards police, striking two of the officers.

The third officer then shot him, killing him.

Neither of the other officers were injured.

The incident is under investigation, and per regulations the officer, who shot the man, is on administrative leave while his actions are reviewed.

Egyptian Protests Hit 6 Figures and Clash With Police

Well over a hundred thousand people are now protesting President Morsi, from Tahrir Square.

They are joined by thousands more protesting in other cities, across Egypt.

In Cairo major clashes have occurred with police.

Protestors throw rocks at the police, who respond with tear gas, beatings, and arrests.

Morsi's supporters, including the Muslim Brotherhood, seem to have pulled back, waiting for the president to do something.

With the largest protests seen, during his time in office, calling for his resignation, Morsi must act in some fashion, or be swept from power by the masses.

North Korea Preparing For Missile Launch

Ground activity suggests that North Korea is prepared to attempt a missile launch within the next couple weeks.

Satellites from private companies and governments have shown a buildup of fuel tanks, tents, people, and vehicles over the last few days.

The level activity at the Sohae launch facility is almost exactly the same as seen before previous launches from the site.

It is considered most likely that the launch will be of a Taepodong 2, long range, missile.

December 17 will mark the first anniversary of Kim Jong Il's death, and therefore could make an ideal launch date, for the country.

Sigg to be Tried as an Adult

Seventeen year old Austin Reed Sigg will be tried as an adult in the Jessica Ridgeway murder case.

That was the decision handed down by a Jefferson County, Colorado judge, on Tuesday.

Sigg is charged with the kidnapping and murder of ten year old Jessica Ridgeway, in October, and the attempted abduction of a twenty-two year old woman, in May, as well as other charges.

According to police, he has already confessed to all of the charges against him.

He could see a minimum of forty years in prison, if convicted.

Even being tried as an adult, Colorado law keeps him from the death penalty, due to his being below the age of eighteen.

34 Killed in Syrian Suicide Bombings

At least four bombs went off in the Syrian town of Jaramana, Wednesday morning.

Two of the blasts were suicide car bombings.

Those two combined to kill at least thirty-four people and injuring ninety-three.

The other two bombs, were smaller, and there are no reports of injuries or deaths from them.

Fighting in the civil war has become more and more focused in Damascus and it's suburbs.

Rebel forces captured an air force base to the south of the capital, and held off counter attacks, on Tuesday.

Tuesday saw one hundred and thirty-one people die, across the country.

Over forty thousand have died since the conflict began nearly twenty-one months ago.