Sunday, November 25, 2012

Preview: The Colorado Ballet's The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker ballet opened up Saturday at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House, in Denver.

It promises to "dazzle audiences with glittering snowflakes, shimmering sugarplums, unforgettable characters and stunning costumes and scenery".

Ever since Tchaikovsky composed the Nutcracker, audiences have been amazed by it's wonders.

This is the fifty-second year of the performance, for Colorado.

We went last year, loved it, and will be repeating our visit this year.

You can purchase tickets for showings through December 24.

If you're not in Denver, be sure to look for a performance in your area.

Bjork's Surgery Completely Successful

Icelandic singer Bjork announced that her surgery went perfectly well.

The forty-seven year old had to cancel most of her concerts in 2012 after finding a polyp on her vocal chords.

Various attempts including exercises and diets failed to get rid of the problem.

A few months ago she decided she had no other choice than surgery.

After undergoing laser surgery, Bjork had to wait three weeks before she could use her voice again.

Now she says that, "Surgery rocks! ... It's been very satisfying to sing all them clear notes again."

Bjork says she is already beginning to plan her 2013 tour.

Israel Says Iranian Vessel on Way to Gaza With Weapons

Iranian vessel on the Red Sea
Sources in Israel tell us that one of their spy satellites is tracking an Iranian vessel headed to Gaza.

They say that the vessel is loaded with weapons and ammunition, on it's way to Hamas.

The vessel left Iran on Wednesday, the same day that Israel and Hamas signed a ceasefire.

Currently the vessel is headed towards the Red Sea, and may pickup up Iranian naval escorts there.

At this time it is unclear what Israel can and will do to stop the vessel from reaching Gaza.

Deadly Robbery Attempt in South Africa

Seven robbers ended up dead after they tried to shoot it out with police, in South Africa.

Sixteen men attempted to rob a Protea Coin security services company office, Saturday afternoon, in Robertville.

When police arrived they opened fire on the officers, who returned fire as they called for back up.

Nine of the robbers ended up wounded and seven were killed in the hours long shoot out.

South African police did not issue any reports on wounded or killed officers, so it's unknown if there were any.

UK Foster Parents Lose Children Due to Political Affiliation

Social workers in the UK took three foster children away from their parents.

Their reasoning, that the parents belonged to a political party that socialists dislike.

The parents, who have asked for their identity to be hidden to protect the children, belong to the UK Independence Party, or Ukip.

Ukip believes in leaving the EU, decreasing government, lowering taxes, free markets, and immigration reform.

Basically, it's the British version of the Tea Party, except it's an official political party.

Before this, the parents have fostered over a dozen children, during the last seven years.

They're in their fifties, she's a certified natal nurse and he works with disabled people since he retired from the Royal Navy after thirty years of service.

But because they belong to a party that someone didn't like, they've had their children taken from them.

Politicians and activists from across the spectrum are aghast at the incident.

Demands have arisen for the children to be placed back with the couple, and some have asked that the social workers involved be fired.

Denver Police Investigating Two Violent Incidents

Denver police are investigating two violent incidents, early Sunday morning.

A confrontation in the parking lot of 7 Eleven at 7675 E. Colfax resulted in one man being shot.

He is in the hospital in critical condition.

Police have not released any details about a suspect.

Anyone with information should call the Denver Police Department at 720-913-2000.

In a separate incident three people were stabbed when a fight broke out on the 1300 block of South Canosa Court.

None of the injuries were life threatening.

Two of the victims drove themselves to the hospital whilst the third required an ambulance.

The police have not issued any information on arrests. 

Missing From Colorado: Dylan Redwine, 13: Located Deceased

Colorado police are still looking for missing thirteen year old, Dylan Redwine.

He was last seen Monday afternoon, in Vallecito, Colorado.

La Plata County Search and Rescue has spent the last week looking for him.

They were joined by hundreds of volunteers, on Saturday, who went door to door in the region, and searched through a section of the hills.

Focus on Sunday will be on Lake Vallecito, where diver teams are ready to search the waters.

No amber alert has been issued, as police think he might be a run away.

Dylan is described as five feet tall, one hundred and five pounds, with blonde hair and blue eyes.

When he was last seen, he was wearing a blue and white Duke Blue Devils baseball cap, a black Nike Tshirt, black basketball shorts, black Jordan tennis shoes, and a black backpack.

Anyone with information should call the La Plata County Sheriff at 970-382-7015 or 970-382-7045.

His body was found and confirmed to be his on June 27. 

Senior Alert: Colorado: Paul Bernard Spitler, 78

Larimer County Sheriff's have issued a senior alert.

Seventy-eight year old Paul Bernard Spitler, has not been seen since Saturday around 12:30pm MST.

He had left Loveland and was on his way to his daughter's in Evans.

Spitler is described as white, five feet eight, weighing one hundred and seventy-eight pounds, with brown eyes and balding brown hair.

His vehicle is a gold, four door, 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue, with Colorado license 151CBG.

Anyone with information should call the Larimer County Sheriff's Office at 970-416-1985.

Catalonia Could be Closer to Independence

Voters headed to the polls in Catalonia, on Sunday.

They are voting to choose who will represent them in their regional government.

However, it's much bigger of a decision than it sounds.

Artur Mas, who already leads the regional government, has promised that if enough of his supporters are elected he will push forward what would be an extremely important referendum.

Mas is prepared to propose a referendum asking Catalans if they should leave Spain and form their own country.

Spain has called such a referendum "unconstitutional", but there is huge support for it in Catalonia, and Mas very likely will win the support he's looking for.

With a population of seven million, the region is one of the wealthiest in Spain, producing a fifth of the country's wealth.

Many Catalans are tired of paying more than what they see as their fair share, as the rest of the country has major debt.

As Mas' referendum seems almost a certainty, and a yes vote very likely, the ball will soon be in the Spanish government's court.

Eleven Nigerians Killed in Sucide Bombings

Two suicide bombers struck a church in Nigeria, Sunday morning.

One of them drove a vehicle straight into the building's wall and then triggered his explosives, causing damage but no injuries.

The second bomber waited for a crowd to gather, blowing himself up.

Eleven people were killed and thirty injured in the second attack.

It came as a huge embarrassment to the country's military, as the church service was taking place inside military barracks.

Boko Haram, which is fighting to overthrow the Nigerian government and establish Shariah law.

The Islamist group regularly launches terrorist attacks, within the country.

Nigeria recently put a fifty million dollar price on the head of Boko Haram's leader, and ten million on each of his lieutenants.

Over 100 Killed in Dhaka Clothing Factory Fire

One hundred and eighteen people died in a fire Saturday night, in Bangladesh.

Flames roared through a clothing factory in Dhaka.

The fire started on the ground floor, trapping people working on the other floors.

Firefighters finally got the blaze under control, Sunday morning, nearly twelve hours after it began.

Investigators believe it was caused by an electrical short, but are continuing their search for answers.

The building did not have a single fire exit.

Two Dead in UK Flooding

Two people have been killed in flooding in the United Kingdom.

Nearly a thousand homes have been flooded by the waters.

At least five hundred flood warnings and alerts cross England and Wales.

Risks of flooding are expected to continue into Monday.

Nearly two and a half inches of rain fell over south west England, in the past twenty-four hours.

Iraqi and Kurdish Standoff Continues

Iraqi and Kurdish forces continue to face off, in north eastern Iraq.

Both sides are rushing reinforcements to the area, as fighting becomes a very possibly scenario.

Tensions flared up after Iraq set up a military command, specifically for regions which are disputed.

Politicians, from both sides, are trying to ease the tensions, and have planned meetings for Monday.

The Kurds have a mostly autonomous area in Iraq and many call for the formation of their own country, Kurdistan.

Kurdish people cover an area not just in Iraq, but Iran, Turkey, Syria, and Armenia as well.

Calls have come for their country to be formed out of areas from each of the countries.

For Iraq and Iran it would mean giving up some oil rich areas, while Turkey would be giving up the largest amount of land.

Turkey regularly has armed conflict, with the PKK, one of the most militant groups of the Kurdish separatist forces.

Italian Train Crash Kills Six

Six people were killed when a train struck their vehicle, running it over, on Saturday.

The accident happened at a private railway crossing, in Italy.

Two people had gotten out of the vehicle to raise the crossing gates, and they survived the crash.

All eight people were Romanian workers who were headed home from a day of work on a local farm.

It took emergency workers hours to retrieve the bodies and hours more to clear the tracks and let service resume.

China Begins Flying Jets Off Carrier

Two months after the Liaoning set sail jets have begun flying off of her decks.

J-15 fighters, built completely in China spent Sunday doing test landings and takeoffs.

It's a history event for the country, who never before had an aircraft carrier.

 China is increasingly boosting it's military spending, with 2012 expenditure jumping by over eleven percent.

This comes as the country pushes it's claims over disputed islands in the South China Sea and with Japan.