Saturday, November 24, 2012

Second Person Dead From Brand New Coronavirus Strain

The World Health Organization announced that a second person has died from a brand new coronavirus.

Four other people are sick with the disease.

WHO has confirmed that it is genetically different from SARS.

So far they've narrowed it down to coming from either Saudi Arabia or Qatar.

They warn that it could be further spread than they realize, as they know so little about the disease's incubation time.

Aurora Police Arrest Man For Shooting Inside Target

Aurora, Colorado police arrested a man after he opened fire in a Target, Friday night.

The man apparently walked into the Target on South Havana Street, pulled a gun, and then fired into the ceiling.

Police are still trying to sort out what happened after that, but no one was injured.

The charges would suggest that at lot more, than the story they're releasing, occurred.

John Robert Pomeroy, thirty-three is being charged with aggravated robbery involving a controlled substance, felony menacing, robbery, and attempted homicide.

Sunnis Continue Attacking Shiites in Pakistan

Seven people were killed and thirty wounded when a road side bomb went off in Pakistan.

The explosion happened in, Dera Ismail Khan, as a Shiite procession went past.

Pakistan announced that it would be blocking all cell service, in major cities.

Hopes are that blocking service will prevent more explosions, as many recent ones have been triggered by cell phones coming near them.

It's been a bloody past week for Pakistan, with Thursday seeing the worst of it.

The Sunni Taliban has promised more attacks will occur.

Anti Airport Protesters Clash With French Police

French police spent Saturday clearing out a camp of protesters, near Nantes.

The protesters were camping in and on an area that is scheduled to be made into an new airport.

Most of the protesters belong to the green party, and are against the airport due to the required cutting down of trees.

They are doing everything they can to block it's construction, including throwing stones and bottles at police.

Police used tear gas, riot shields, and batons to force the protesters out.

It's the second day in a row that police and protesters have clashed.

Raw video from the scene showed campers attempting to sneak back through police lines, in an attempt to climb back into the trees.

Seven people were injured on Saturday, one of whom was a police officer who was hit by a rock.

Italians March Against Austerity

Thousands of Italians took to the streets, on Saturday.

They were protesting austerity measures planned by Prime Minister Mario Monti.

Rome, Naples, Florence, and Catania all saw major rallies.

Many of the marchers were students, who for the past weeks have staged sit ins in various schools, across the country.

Police organized the marches, so that different political groups went at different times.

This kept groups that normally disagree with each other, from clashing, and limited the numbers of each march, making them easier for police to control.

Italy's government is trying to lower a debt of more than one hundred and twenty-six percent.

Thai Protesters Clash With Police

Thousands of Thais massed for the biggest protest yet against Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, on Saturday.

Her government is accused of corruption and disloyalty to the monarchy.

Things turned violent when around five hundred protesters tried to break police lines.

They attacked police with stones, bricks, bottles, steel bars, injuring seven police.

The police fired back with tear gas and batons, injuring at least thirty-five and arresting one hundred and thirty two.

Police claim they confiscated knives and bullets from the protesters.

3 Injured in State Department Fire

A fired broke out Saturday at the US State Department building, in Washington DC.

Three people were injured by the flames.

One of them is in critical condition, whilst the other two are in serious condition.

Construction workers were able to put out the fire before firefighters arrived.

The cause of the fire is under investigation, but it is believed to have been started in the construction zone.

Judges Stand Against Morsi's Decrees

Egypt's Supreme Judicial Council has declared President Morsi's seizure of power an "unprecedented assault" on the judiciary, on Saturday.

Among the powers that Morsi declared to now be his, was removing the ability of the judiciary to over rule his decrees.

Since the President made his decrees of power, tens of thousands have taken to the streets, in protest.

Political uproar is once again sweeping the country, as Morsi is called dictator, pharaoh, and an usurper of the revolution.

In Alexandria, scene of the most violent protests, the judges and public prosecutors have joined together and are going on strike until Morsi recants his decrees.

Tharir Square, in Cairo, is once again the scene of camped out protesters.

Across the country over two hundred were injured in clashes with police, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other Morsi supporters.