Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bloody Thursday in Pakistan

Thursday was a bloody day for Pakistan.

It began with a suicide bombing, right around midnight, that killed twenty-three and injured sixty-two.

Further attacks and kidnappings followed Thursday evening.

By the end of the day thirty-seven had been killed, over a hundred injured, and five were missing.

The Taliban has claimed responsibility for all of the attacks.

Friday will begin an international summit, in Islamabad, for how to deal with Shiite vs. Sunni violence.

2 Dead, 80 Injured in 140 Car Pileup in Texas

Two people are dead and at least eighty were injured after a pileup on Interstate 10, in Texas, Thursday morning.

At least one hundred and forty vehicles were involved and both sides of the freeway were closed, near mile marker 833, eighty miles east of Houston.

Authorities say that the jaws of life had to be used on at least two vehicles.

They also tell us that two hazardous material vehicles are involved, but there was no sign of leaking.

Emergency workers spent most of Thursday searching for more people in the mass of vehicles.

Fog is being blamed for the multiple accidents.

Preview: Rise of The Guardians

An evil spirit Pitch (Jude Law) begins a campaign of darkness in order to take over the world.

None can stand against his magical might, except for the immortals.

Even gathered together North (Alec Baldwin), Tooth (Isla Fisher), Bunny (Hugh Jackman), and Sandman can't stop his schemes.

They need the help of Jack Frost (Chris Pine, yes Captain Kirk) to ensure evil doesn't triumph, but will the mischievous power join them.

Made by Dreamworks the film should be a good beginning to fun family films, for the year.

Rise of The Guardians hit theaters November 21.

Preview: Life of Pi

Based on the novel by Yann Martel, the movie tells us of the adventures of a boy named Pi.

When his family decides to not just move themselves, but their zoo as well, from Pondicherry, India to Canada they embark on a journey across the ocean.

A shipwreck leaves Pi stranded in the Pacific Ocean, with the zoo's bengal tiger the other survivor.

Through the movie we see them fight the Ocean and each other for survival.

Directed by Ang Lee, this movie simply looks beautiful.

Life of Pi hit theaters November 21.

Twenty-three Killed in Pakistani Suicide Bombing

A suicide bomb went off in Pakistan around midnight Wednesday/Thursday.

Twenty-three people were killed and sixty-two injured when the blast hit the city of Rawalpindi.

The bomber struck a Shiite procession of celebration, that was going through the middle of town.

Witnesses say that he was also carrying grenades, some of which were detonated in the blast, others of which went off shortly afterwards.

The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack, as well as two other bombings from earlier on Wednesday.

Both earlier bombings happened in Karachi, combining to kill one and wound a dozen.

Israel and Hamas Ceasefire Holding

The ceasefire between Israel and Hamas has been held for nearly a full day now.

Under the agreement, all Palestinian factions are required to stop firing rockets into and at Israel, and Israel agreed to end targeting of militants.

Both sides will also begin talks on ways to successfully open more border crossings and work on easing up restrictions on travel of people and goods, between the areas.

In the Gaza Strip, Hamas declared Thursday a day of celebration of their "victory over Israel".

Hundreds took to the streets, celebrating by firing weapons into the air.

Israel has taken a calmer approach to things, with school still canceled, in the areas under threat of rockets.

Defense forces are still maintaining their readiness, along the border.

Riots in the West Bank saw fifty-five people arrested, as Palestinians there mourned the lack of war with Israel.

Parts of Israel saw small protests of Israelis who were angry that the government hadn't punished Hamas more.

Over all though, attitudes are hopeful for the future.

Syrian Rebels Capture Strategic Military Base

Syrian rebels claim to have taken a military base outside of Mayadeen.

Following the capture of the base, opposition forces claim they control all of the territory between Deir Ezzor and the Iraq border.

That area is very important to Syria, as it produces a large amount of oil.

Fighting continues elsewhere, throughout the country, and is especially heavy in Damascus, this week.

As the opposition's coalition gains further international support and continues to move forward in battle, it seems that the Assad regime's days are growing ever fewer.

Over forty thousand people have been killed during the twenty month long conflict.

Remembering: JFK's Assassination

On November 22, 1963 President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, along with other important figures, took part in a ten mile motorcade parade, through Dallas, Texas.

As the motorcade moved past the Texas School Book Depository Building shots were fired.

With a shot to the head, JFK would be pronounced dead when he finally reached the hospital.

Within hours Vice President Lyndon Johnson, who had been just three cars back, would be sworn in.

Lee Harvey Oswald would be arrested for the assassination, but would never face trial, as two days later Jack Ruby would kill him, as he was being moved between jails.

Ruby would be charged and convicted with first degree murder.

JFK was the fourth US President to be assassinated.

In 1865 Abraham Lincoln, was the first, followed by James Garfield in 1881 and William McKinley in 1901.

Kennedy's death has the most controversy around it, as it has become one of the most talked about conspiracy theory's, in history.