Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Congo Seeks Allies to Help Against M23

President Kabila
Within hours of M23's announcement that they would seek to take all of Congo, President Kabila's government began seeking out allies.

On Tuesday the rebel group captured the key city of Goma, and followed it Wednesday by stating they would "liberate" all of the country.

Kabila met with Rwandan President Paul Kagame in Uganda, Wednesday afternoon.

Congo's military has been unable to stand up to M23, which is widely thought to be back by Rwanda.

If Congo can find allies, in their struggle, it could spread the war further through that part of Africa.

Judge Gives Hostess Go Ahead to Shut Down

Mediation wasn't enough to save Hostess.

On Wednesday, a judge gave the company permission to let go fifteen thousand employees and begin shutting down operations.

Thirty-two hundred employees will be kept during the shut down process.

The judge also gave the company permission to begin negotiations with potential buyers.

Several companies have already expressed interest in buying parts or all of the company.

Toyota Recalling 2001-04 Tacomas

Toyota has announced a recall of 2001-04 Tacomas.

One hundred and sixty thousand Tacomas are part of the recall.

It covers Canada and cold weather parts of the US.

The recall has been issued after two accidents in which the spare tire fell off of Tacomas.

Corrosion had caused the plate, that holds the tire in place, to fall of the truck.

Letters will go out to owners of the vehicles, in December.

If necessary, Toyota will replace the spare tire mount assembly, at no cost.

1 Killed in Colorado Plane Crash

A small plane crashed near Front Range Airport, in Adams County Colorado, on Wednesday.

The pilot was practicing take offs and landings, Wednesday afternoon, when his plane went down.

He did not survive the crash.

His plane was a replica of a British RAF SE5a biplane, which were used in World War I.

The Federal Aviation Agency is investigating the crash.

Missing, Colorado: Dylan Redwine, 13: Located Deceased

Police in Colorado are looking for missing thirteen year old Dylan Redwine.

He was last seen Monday afternoon, in Vallecito, Colorado.

La Plata County Search and Rescue spent both Monday night and Tuesday looking for him.

No amber alert has been issued, as police think he might be a run away.

Dylan is described as five feet tall, one hundred and five pounds, with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Anyone with information should call the La Plata County Sheriff at 970-385-2900.

His body was found and confirmed to be his on June 27. 

Ceasefire Agreement Reportedly Reached Between Gaza and Israel

According to officials from both Gaza and Israel, a ceasefire agreement has been reached.

It was to begin at 21:00 IST, or 12:00 MST.

The terms of the agreement will be announced, from Cairo, within the next couple of hours.

Israeli sources tell us that the agreement will not include the lifting of the blockade.

Time will tell if this ceasefire agreement actually pans out.

One of the top difficulties towards that will be if Hamas can control all of the terrorist groups within the borders of Gaza.

Five Israelis and more than one hundred and thirty Gazans have died in the current violence.

Preview: The Hobbit an Unexpected Journey

Tolkien fans are nearing another gleeful rejoicing, as the time comes closer for the first Hobbit movie to be released. The Hobbit is Tolkien's book which takes place before The Lord of The Rings trilogy.

Peter Jackson is once again bringing the story to the screen, and has split the book into three parts: An Unexpected Journey, The Desolation of Smaug, and There and Back Again.

This is the tale of Bilbo Baggins' adventures and eventually how he comes to be the holder of the one ring. He accompanies Gandalf and a group of dwarves on their quest to reclaim the Kingdom of Erebor from the dragon Smaug.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will still be coming out December 14, 2012, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug is due out December 13, 2013, and The Hobbit: There and Back Again has been announced for July 18, 2014.

A note: Normally we don't share fan made trailers, but only official ones, however this one is extremely well done. It blends multiple previews together, into a seven minute trailer. Some scenes are actually from each of the movies.

Russia and Europe Agree on Mars Missions

Russia and Europe have come to further agreement on their planned joint venture to visit Mars.

In 2016 they plan to launch a satellite which will search for methane emissions.

Then in 2018 a rover mission will be the goal.

Europe had feared they would have to cancel their ExoMars plans, after the US dropped out of the program.

But Russia has gladly jumped in, to fill the place of the US.

Russia already is working on several moon missions, on their own.

Yemen Plane Crash Kills 10

A small plane crashed into a market, in Yemen, on Wednesday.

The military aircraft was apparently on a training mission, when one of it's engines went out.

It was attempting to make an emergency landing, but was unsuccessful.

All ten people aboard were killed in the crash, including five military officers.

There are no reports of injuries on the ground.

M23 Vows to Liberate All of Congo

M23 soldiers celebrate as they enter Goma
Fresh off their victory in taking Goma, on Tuesday, Congolese rebels have now vowed to "liberate" the entire country.

M23 rebels took the town after the government's army fled as UN troops watched.

The UN has taken serious flak for that, but says that their job is to protect the citizens, not fight a war.

A serious change from just a few days before when they warned M23 not to come any closer to Goma, or they would face the UN troops in battle.

Now the UN Security Council has passed a resolution demanding that M23 leave Goma and other towns it has captured.

At the same time, the UN is praising M23 for their humane capture of the cities, as they haven't sacked or pillaged their conquests, as was expected.

As M23 gains ground, in also seems to be gaining support throughout the country, it's treatment of conquered territory is no doubt helping with this.

Congo's government is often derided for it's lack of action, and many Congolese are now seeing M23 as more effective.

Bus Bombed in Tel Aviv, Hamas Mourns Lack of Deaths

Hamas' terror attacks continue into Wednesday as they expand their forms.

Rockets are no longer enough, they've moved to bus bombings as well.

A Tel Aviv bus, full of people was attacked with a backpack bomb.

Witnesses say one of the passengers dropped his back pack and took off running, just before the explosion.

Twenty-two people were wounded in the terrorist attack, much to the disappointment of Hamas, who's press prayed to see "body bags in a short while".

Already on Wednesday over fifty rockets have hit Israel, with the Iron Dome defenses blocking at least twenty more.

Tuesday saw Hamas fire 197 rockets out of Gaza, 138 of which struck Israel after Iron Dome Defenses knocked out fifty-one of the incoming rockets.

Two Israelis were killed by the rain of terror, including one IDF soldier, bringing the total of Israelis killed to five with several dozen injured.

Israeli air strikes, into Gaza, continue leaving at least one hundred and thirty dead, with at least that many injured.

Pictures of bombed out bridges and buildings continuing hitting the internet, as Israel targets Hamas infrastructure and retaliates at sites where rockets have launched from.

Food supplies for Gaza, from Israel, have renewed, now that Hamas is no longer targeting the border crossing.

Meanwhile, in Egypt, US, Israeli, and Hamas representatives meet to try and work out a ceasefire.

They are hoping to come to an agreement, before Israel finds it necessary to launch a ground war, in order to stop the rocket attacks.