Monday, November 12, 2012

Spence & Co Smoked Salmon Recall

Spence & Co, out of Massachusetts, has issued a recall for 1,563 packages of smoked salmon.

Two cases of listeria have been linked to the salmon.

Packages numbered with "9720704" are listed in the recall.

Most of the packages were sold in Massachusetts, but some made it to neighboring states.

Consumers should return the product to the store where they purchased it or call Spence & Co’s customer service at 508-427-5577.

Full refunds will be given.

Nesquik Recall

Nesquik chocolate powder which was manufactured in October is being recalled due to a salmonella contamination.

All recalled Nesquik has an expiration date of October 2014.

The following sizes and UPCs are part of the recall: 40.7 oz. Chocolate (72 servings) UPC code: 0 28000 68230 9, 21.8 oz. Chocolate (38 servings) UPC code: 0 28000 68090 9, 10.9 oz. Chocolate (19 servings) UPC code: 0 28000 67990 3.

Full refunds will be given, by either the store it was purchased from or by Nestle Consumer Services at 800-628-7679.

Golden Dawn, The Scary Side of Greece

Greece has become a bleak place. Socialist policies have wrecked the economy there and caused massive unemployment. Violence between protesters and police is all too common.

Now one political party is clearing gaining more and more ground. From having a few dozen supporters, just a few years ago, their rallies now bring in thousands. Depending on the poll you read, national support is somewhere between fourteen and thirty percent. And that support is only growing, as they become the third largest party in the country.

Begun in 1993, this party is known for it's violence, especially towards immigrants, and many Greeks support them because of that. They dress in black, shouting "Greece is for Greeks" and "Blood! Honor! Golden Dawn!" The party brags about being a military organization, in structure. Many have compared them to the German Nazi party, before the fall of the Weimar Republic.

A lot of Greeks see them as the only party which is for the rights of the Greek people, as they see all other parties as having sold them out. When the party is caught doing something violent, in public, they've seen their support not dwindle, but rise. And it's becoming worse, as police seem to be beginning to side with the Golden Dawn.

Immigration is a huge problem for Greece, with illegals pouring into the destitute country. The Golden Dawn's response, is of course violence against them. Groups of armed thugs have been known to go around, beating any immigrants they find. Party leaders have even gone so far as to call anyone, who isn't of Greek heritage, "subhuman". Another leader said, "Golden Dawn's target is simple. We want the absolute majority in parliament so we can replace the constitution with our own. It will then be easy to immediately arrest and deport all illegal immigrants."

The rise of this party, which has over thirty offices in Greece, should not just be scaring Greeks, but the world as well. History has shown us what happens when people with ideologies similar to this, gain power. And this group is spreading. During 2012, they opened offices in Cyprus and New York City.

Man Steals Delivery Car, Continues Deliveries

Forty-five year old Keith Hinds is under arrest in Connecticut.

Charges against him are drug possession and larceny.

Hinds stole a Chinese food delivery driver's car, and then continued to make the rest of the deliveries.

He finished the rounds so that he could pocket the cash from the deliveries.

The delivery driver had made the mistake of leaving the car running while he made one of his stops.

Police are using this as a reminder of how important it is to never leave your car running and unattended.

Downtown Denver Shut Down for Man Hunt

A section of downtown Denver was shut down, during Monday, while police performed a man hunt.

It all started when Aurora police were called to the scene of a domestic abuse case.

They quickly realized the man that they were looking for had two outstanding felony warrants in Centennial.

Information led them to believe he had hopped a bus to downtown, and the search began.

During their search, a man with an ankle bracelet ran from police, causing them to lock down the building he hid in.

They eventually found him, hiding in the ceiling of 110 16th St, but discovered he wasn't who they were looking for.

It is unclear why he ran from police, but he is being held on multiple charges.

Monday afternoon, the man police were originally looking for, turned himself in to Aurora police, allowing for the search of downtown Denver to be stopped.

Kidnapped Georgia Girl Found

Georgia fourteen year old, Griselda Cibrian, has been found safe and unharmed.

An amber alert had been issued for her, after she was kidnapped from her home, in Glennville, on Sunday.

Her kidnapper left her alone, in a Norcross hotel, Monday morning, and she immediately called her mother, telling her where she was.

The mother then called police who came and picked the girl up.

About an hour after that police located and arrested her twenty-four year old kidnapper.

Gazan Rockets Continue to Strike Southern Israel

Rockets from Gaza continue to rain down on Southern Israel. Over one hundred and twenty rockets have been fired since Saturday, by Hamas and other terrorist groups.

Some homes and businesses have received minor damages from the projectiles and explosions, while one factory took a direct strike. Luckily, no one has been injured or killed.

Part of that is thanks to the warning systems, including text alerts, that the Israeli government has in place. The Iron Dome Defense Shield has also been able to eliminate several rockets, that were headed for populated areas.

Israeli Defense Forces have fired counter strikes, at launch sites, and weapon depots, killing at least six Gazans.

Hamas called other factions together, for a discussion on how to keep from having anymore casualties on their side of the border. They did not hold not firing any more rockets, as an option.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a meeting with foreign ambassadors, within rocket range in Ashkelon, at an unprotected auditorium to drive in the fact of how vulnerable Israel is. With a collection of rockets, that had been fired at Israel, to his side he told the ambassadors that they had thirty seconds to find cover, if an alarm sounded.

Netanyahu told them, "This is the situation in which one million Israelis find themselves. That's families, old people, children, babies. I don't know of any of the citizens of your cities, who could find that acceptable and something that could proceed on a normal basis. Any fair minded person in any fair minded government in the world would understand that it’s our right to defend our people, and this is what we shall do."

The Israeli government is considering options, which include using ground troops, to put a stop to the rocket barrage. They've been forced to go that route before, but are doing everything they can to avoid doing so again.

Syria and Israel Exchange Fire for Second Day

Israeli tanks have responded to fire coming across the border from Syria.

On Monday, artillery fire, from Syria, crossed into the Golan Heights, of Israel.

Tanks quickly responded to the fire, striking "direct hits" on the Syrian unit.

Syrian forces quickly radioed asking the Israelis to cease fire.

It is not clear if the Israeli fire caused any injuries amongst the Syrians.

This comes just a day after Israel fired a warning, into Syria, after mortars crossed over the border, hitting Israeli territory.

Syrian MiG Bombs Ras al-Ain, Turkey Protests

A Syrian MiG bombed the town of Ras al-Ain, on Monday, killing twenty, injuring seventy, and destroying fifteen buildings.

The city, along the Turkish border, has been the scene of heavy fighting, for the last few days.

Turkish ambulances rushed across the border, to aid the wounded.

Across the border, in Ceylanpinar, Turkey, windows were blasted out by the explosion, but there have been no reports of injuries or other damage there.

Turkey sent a protest over the bombing, and warned it's citizens not to travel near the Syrian border.

For most of the last week Turkey has suggested that Patriot missiles be placed along it's border, to effect a no fly zone.

They've had tanks and artillery stationed along the border, for over a month.

Must See: From Here to Eternity (1953)

Anyone who’s seen The Godfather remembers the famous scene where the movie producer finds a horse’s head in his bed, left there to persuade him to give the singer “Johnny Fontane” a juicy part in a big war movie. “Johnny” was assumed by many to be based on Frank Sinatra, and the “offer you can’t refuse” was read as the way he got his role in From Here to Eternity.

Sinatra’s daughter Nancy was just one of many people who eventually busted this Hollywood/mafia rumor, and the real tale goes like this.

For the part Sinatra played, the character of “Maggio,” director Fred Zinneman first thought of Eli Wallach. Sinatra had read the bestseller, and so strongly identified with “Maggio” that he was determined to get the part, and sent a series of telegrams to the film’s producer, director and also to studio president Harry Cohn (who, by the way didn’t even own a race horse, to further put that Godfather connection to rest) hoping to convince them to just give him a tryout.

At that time, Sinatra had to beg for a shot because, despite once being the generation’s teeny bopper idol, teens were then as now, notoriously fickle fans, and Sinatra entered a down period of his career and personal life. He’d made a couple flop records and films and gone through a scandalous divorce, and though he was then with Ava Gardner, who tried to get the studio to consider him, he had neither traction nor attention in Hollywood.

He was so low down the totem pole that Columbia agreed to a screen test if he could get back from Africa (where Ava was shooting Mogambo) on his own dime; when they did give him the role they paid him $1,000.00 a week.

But he got his chance, and was great in the movie, drawing authenticity from his own recent experiences with defeat, despair, disappointment, and rejection; he won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar, kicking off one of the greatest comebacks ever seen in Hollywood. 

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