Friday, November 2, 2012

Longmont Police Arrest 17 in Gang Drug Ring Bust

Longmont, Colorado police made a huge break in a gang related drug ring, Thursday night.

Operation Little Red Riding Hood had been ongoing since December 2011.

During the investigation police were able to gain enough evidence for four search and twenty-five arrest warrants.

In raids on the four locations, carried out jointly with the Boulder Sheriff's Office, seventeen arrests were made.

Most of the arrests are for drug possession, drug distribution, and conspiracy to contribute to drug distribution.

Drugs such as methamphetamine, cocaine, controlled prescription medications, and marijuana, as well as drug paraphernalia and counterfeit identification cards were all ceased during the raids.
Police are still looking for another ten people, in connection with the operation.

Anyone with information should call the Longmont Police Department at 303-651-8501 or Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Meningitis Cases Up to 404

There are now 404 reported cases of meningitis in the US, nine of which are joint infections.

Twenty-nine people have died from the disease, in nineteen states.

Meningitis can take forty-two days to surface, leading to the still growing epidemic.
All of the illnesses and deaths were caused by a contamination in anti inflammatory steroid shots, most of which were given via the spine.

Seventy-six locations, in twenty-three states, were sent the shots, which were given to as many as fourteen thousand people.

The numbers should stop growing soon, as the recall happened thirty-seven days ago.

New England Compounding Center made the shots, and has complied completely with government officials who are conducting the investigation.

Officials are investigating at least two other drugs, made by NECC, for possibilities that they too may have been contaminated.

Things are only getting worse for the company, and now the government, as evidence comes out that they had been under investigation, for issues in their processing, since 2002.

Their sister company, Ameridose LLC, which has the same owners, is voluntarily recalling all of their products.

Twitter to Add Picture Filters, Like Instagram's

A source in Twitter has given us some interesting news.

Sometime within the next couple of months, the company will be updating their apps to allow for picture filters to be added.

The filters will work much in the same way as Instagram's, which allow you to change how a picture looks.

Twitter should be making the update by the end of the year, but it might come early in 2013.

Facebook's buyout of Instagram, which had been a third party friendly to both companies, likely sparked the need for Twitter to bring it's own system about.

NYC Marathon Cancelled

New York City's Mayor Bloomberg has announced that the 2012 NYC Marathon is now cancelled.

He said that it had become a "source of division", after receiving heavy criticism for planning to continue it as planned.

A mounting call had come for it to be postponed, due to the current ongoing recovery from super storm Sandy.

It became a controversy, after it became known that generators, that are giving emergency power supplies to various areas of the city, would be moved to specifically used to power marathon festivities.

Then it came out that food being given those aiding in recovery efforts would be diverted to those helping run the marathon.

Adding to that controversy was Bloomberg's cry for more help from the from federal government.

It seems that Bloomberg, while unable to listen to the public's cries for sodas, does have the ability to hear the angry townsfolk, eventually.

Officials Ask UK Citizens to Wash Over Tree Fungus

Officials in the UK are asking citizens to make sure they wash their dogs, boots, and children to save ash trees.

Over one hundred thousand ash trees in the UK have fallen victim to a fungus, which is killing them off.

The theory is that by washing, after going into woodland areas, the fungus will not be spread.

Chalara Fraxinea, the fungus in question, was first discovered in the UK on March 7.

It was brought over by infected wood from the Netherlands, and since has been declared a national emergency.

Concern, over the spread of the fungus, is such that there's even an app to map locations where it has spread to.

The same fungus has killed over ninety percent of the ash population in Denmark.

Man Sues Wife Over Ugly Baby and Wins

A Chinese man, Jian Feng divorced his wife and sued her for infidelity, after she gave birth to a baby girl that he said was too ugly to be his.

After a blood test proved he was the father, his wife confessed she had had plastic surgeries totally over one hundred thousand dollars.

Feng then changed his law suit to being on the ground of false pretenses, saying she hid who she really was to trick him into marrying her.

The judge awarded Feng an amount worth about one hundred and twenty thousand dollars, in the case, agreeing that the wife was in the wrong, since she hid the surgeries from her ex husband.

Winter Classic Falls Victim to NHL Lockout

Another victim has been claimed by the NHL lockout.

This time it was the Winter Classic that was canceled.

That one hurt.

The Winter Classic is the NHL's show off game, more so even than the all star game or the Stanley Cup.

It's how hockey brings in the new year, and it's well classic.

The league has offered the players all the way up to a fifty fifty split of all profit, but that wasn't enough for their union.

It's beyond time for the players to suck it up and play puck, if they have any actual love for the game.

UK Fears Flooding Over Winter

After the wettest April, May, and June on record, followed by more rain yet in July, September, and October the United Kingdom is concerned about flooding over the winter.

Concern is specifically high for western, northern, and south western England and Wales, where winters often bring a lot of moisture.

The ground is completely saturated and rivers are at their peak levels, leaving no room for any further rain.

Due to this floods are a heavy concern, as even a light amount of rain could lead to it, with moderate rains ensuring flooding.

People can sign up for flood warnings, from the government, which can be sent via email, text, or a voice mail to their land or cell phone.

So far over one million people have signed up the alerts.

Syrian Army Abandons Saraqeb as Rebels are Accused of War Crimes

Another Syrian base has fallen to the rebel forces.

National forces abandoned a base near the northern town of Saraqeb, on Friday.

A heavy assault by rebels pushed the army out of the area.

It is yet one more blow against the Assad regime's control and one more move for the rebels to cut Aleppo off.

However, Thursday a video came out of what appears to be Syrian rebels executing captured military forces, during the assault.

The UN has condemned the video as proof of war crimes, which the government has regularly accused the rebels of.

18 Killed in Pakistan Bus Shooting

Two gunman, in Khuzdar, Pakistan, shot up a bus on Friday, as it was fueling at a station.

Eighteen people were killed in the attack, sixteen on the bus, and two in a nearby car.

No arrests have been made and no one has claimed the attack, but suspicion is definitely on the Taliban.

Attacks by the group have becoming increasingly unpopular, after their failed assassination of Malala Yousufzai, last month.

Their growing unpopularity is forcing the Taliban out of the cities and into the country side, but they are still a force for Pakistan to have to deal with.

FBI Name Man The Brady Bunch Bandit

The FBI has nicknamed a man the Brady Bunch Bandit, after witnesses said he looked like one of the cast from the show.

He has gone into six Colorado banks, each time giving a note demanding money, and then runs out of the bank.

Each time he used a different disguise, including a beard and wigs.

Police describe him as a white man between twenty-five and thirty-five, six foot tall, weighing about one hundred and sixty pounds.

Anyone with information should call the FBI Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force at 303-629-7171.

Preview: Call of Duty Black Ops II

Significant others of gamers know it's just a matter of time til they lose their partners for another period of time. It's going to be a busy combination the next couple weeks.

Halo 4 comes out on the sixth, and is followed one week later by Call of Duty Black Ops II. Preorders are all ready reaching record levels for both games.

Black Ops II features three story lines, in single player mode, one in the 1970s, 1980s, and in 2025. In the 70s and 80s you play as Alex Cross, the main character from the first Black Ops, whereas in 2025 you play as his son, David.

The game features branching story lines, where the player's decisions effect what choices they will have in the future, to such a degree that the Cold War could end in a different fashion than it did historically.

With the 2025 campaign, expect a lot of focus to be on futuristic weaponry.

Zombies will be returning for the game, but with their own campaign as well. Unconfirmed rumors have it that you may even be able to continue playing, after being turned into a zombie.

Multiplayer co-op mode has been expanded, allowing for eight players, instead of just the four seen in the first game.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II hits stores Tuesday, November 13.

October Employment Numbers -- Still Not Good News

Despite rumors of a delay due to Hurricane Sandy, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released the October report on-time.

The report predicts that there will be little change to employment due to the storm.

The report also indicates a rise in unemployment to 7.9%, up .1% from the initial September numbers.

The report also revises the September and August numbers, making the employment situations worse than initially reported for those months. This should come as no surprise, as it has been the trend over the past 44 months under this, our 44th president.

The U6 numbers are also relatively unchanged, despite a small increase in full-time employment.

The number of applications for food subsidies increased more than new hires for the 44th month in a row.

SSDI numbers were not available at the time of publication. However, the trend of new people claiming anxiety or depression for Social Security Disability has been staggering over the past few years. That means more and more people leaving the workforce, but taking disability handouts because they have mental anguish over the inability to find employment, after 99 weeks of receiving unemployment insurance payments.

The Workforce Participation Rate reportedly increased by a very small, almost negligible, amount. A number of students preparing for seasonal work during their break between semesters as well as those preparing to graduate at the end of the fall term could account for that slight shift in job seekers.

Overall, this is not good news. It is bad news in the effect that it demonstrates a largely stagnated economy. Jimmy Carter would have called this "malaise" during his term. Ronald Reagan demonstrated that it was poor Keynesian economic policies that caused the "malaise". Obama would have you believe that it was the supply-side and more laissez-faire policies of Reagan, Newt and the congress who twisted Clinton's arms, the tax cuts to increase revenue under JFK, and similar policies that utilize the Laffer Curve that lead to this current economic condition.

However, unemployment is lower in "right to work" states, especially those with less-progressive, lower, or non-existent state income taxes. Ironically, those states doing the best have also proposed legislation or constitutional amendments to nullify the PPACA.

Full article originally published at P-G Matuszak's Mental Aikido:

46th CMA Awards

Thursday night held the 46th Country Music Awards.

Entertainer of the year went to Blake Shelton.

Male vocalist of the year went to Blake Shelton.

Female vocalist of the year went to Miranda Lambert.

Vocal group of the year went to Little Big Town.

Vocal duo of the year went to Thompson Square.

New artist of the year went to Hunter Hayes.

Album of the year went to Chief by Eric Church.

Single of the year went to Pontoon by Little Big Town.

Song of the year went to Over You by Miranda Lambert.

Musical event of the year went to Feel Like a Rock Star by Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw.

Music video of the year went to Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith.

There was also a special tribute to Willie Nelson.

Just in case you were worried, the awards weren't all fun and games, things did get pretty serious.