Monday, October 29, 2012

Russian Vessel Carrying Gold Ore Missing

A Russian cargo vessel has gone missing in the Sea of Okhotsk.

The nine person crew put out a distress call, late Sunday, and has not been heard from since.

Hired by Polymetal, a mining company, the ship is carrying over seven hundred tons of gold ore.

Gold ore only contains a small percentage of gold, but it still makes for an extremely valuable cargo.

Iranian Ships Arrive in Sudan

An Iranian navy flotilla made it's way into the harbor of Port Sudan, Sudan, on Monday.

Iran stated that they wanted the visit to give a "message of peace and security to neighboring countries".

The flotilla, of two ships, is officially being sent to help the international effort against pirates.

Last week, a munitions factory exploded in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum.

Evidence came out that it was built with Iranian money and sending it's wares to Iran.

It is possible that the flotilla is there in connection to that incident, as well.

Meningitis Outbreak Continues to Expand

The meningitis outbreak continues to expand with 354 reported cases, including seven joint infections, in nineteen states.

Twenty-five people have died from the contaminated steroid shots.

Meningitis can take forty-two days to surface, leading to the still growing epidemic. 
All of the illnesses and deaths were caused by a contamination in anti inflammatory steroid shots, most of which were given via the spine.

Seventy-six locations, in twenty-three states, were sent the shots, which were given to as many as fourteen thousand people.

New England Compounding Center made the shots, and has complied completely with government officials who are conducting the investigation.

Officials are investigating at least two other drugs, made by NECC, for possibilities that they too may have been contaminated.

Things are only getting worse for the company, and now the government, as evidence comes out that they had been under investigation, for issues in their processing, since 2002. 

Sandy Makes Landfall, US Deaths Reported

As former hurricane, now considered a Superstorm, Sandy approaches landfall, which happened at 8:06pm EDT, the storm has picked up speed to nearly thirty miles per hour, as it aims at New Jersey. President Obama described it as "a big storm" and a "destructive storm".

Effects from the storm are already being felt in Canada, to the north, and the Great Lakes, to the west. Sandy is giving off sustained winds of ninety miles per hour, with gusts reaching towards one hundred and fifty miles per hour.

In Manhattan, New York, the top of a crane was knocked over by the winds, and it dangled eighty stories over the street. Several buildings across New York City, have reportedly collapsed. La Guardia Airport is among places that are flooded.

Sections of the Atlantic City, where the center of the storm made landfall, boardwalk were seen washing away into the raging surf, that is bringing storm surges as high as forty feet to New England, evacuations happened all along the coast. Flooding has already occurred all along the eastern sea board, with Delaware and Maryland reporting the worst damage from the rising waters.

More than three million were reportedly without power, from Virginia on north, and to avoid further damage power companies began shutting off power. Mass transits in major metros such as New York City, Boston, and Philadelphia either already have been shut down, or are considering doing so.

Most of the states, in the path, had already declared emergencies, with West Virginia doing so as it expects to see as much as two feet of snow, due to the storm. Nearly fifteen thousand flights, around the country and world, have been cancelled as airlines don't want to risk flying anywhere that the storm is.

Off the coast of North Carolina, the US Coast Guard rescued fourteen people from a replica of the HMS Bounty, after it was caught in the storm, two of the crew are believed to have gone down with the ship, early Monday morning. One of their bodies was found later.

Other death reports, in the US, started coming in, just before landfall. One in Maryland and two in NYC. The storm already killed forty-one as it crossed through the islands of the Caribbean.

Father of Benghazi Victim Learned of Son’s Death on CNN, Before Being Contacted by State Department

Last month, Ray Smith was hoping to get together with his son, Sean, whom he had not seen for fifteen years. But, it became devastatingly apparent, after seeing a story on CNN about the four Americans killed in Libya, that he would never see his son alive again. “I seen all these coffins come off the plane,” Smith recalled. “Four of them. Then I saw his picture in the corner. They mentioned Sean Smith was one of those killed.”

Smith received this gut wrenching news via television, prior to receiving a call, a form letter and a flag from Undersecretary of State Patrick Kennedy. But, the call did little to assuage Smith. Sean Smith, thirty-four, was killed during the September 11 attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, along with Ambassador Chris Stevens and ex-Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty.

Outraged by hearing about Sean’s death on TV, he contacted his congressman, Reresentative C.W. “Bill” Young (R-FL).  “He blew up when he saw that,” the congressman said. “I went to [Secretary of State] Hillary Clinton to see if she could talk to him about his son. She and his son were friends.”

According to Young, Clinton had Patrick Kennedy call Smith. “I got a call from Patrick Kennedy about three weeks ago,” Smith said. “We didn’t talk too long, about two or three minutes.”

A little about Sean Smith:

Sean Smith (c. 1978[1] – September 11, 2012) was an Information Management Officer with the United States Foreign Service.

Sean Smith was an only child, and he grew up in the Clairemont neighborhood of San Diego, California. He graduated from Mission Bay High School in 1995. He enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in July 1995, and he served as a Ground Radio Maintenance (2E) specialist. Smith served in the Air Force for six years, and he was promoted to Staff Sergeant in August 2000. He completed his military service in 2002. As a Foreign Service employee, Smith lived in The Hague, Netherlands with his wife Heather, and children Samantha and Nathan.[3][4] – Wikipedia

Commenting on his son’s tragic death, Ray Smith said: “I want answers. I want to know how he died. I want people brought to justice who did this to him.”