Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fifteen Killed by Car Bombings in Iraq

Shia Muslims were once again the target of car bombings in Iraq.

Fifteen people were killed and thirty-three injured in three separate attacks, on Sunday.

This followed the deaths of almost forty and injuries to around one hundred, on Saturday.

The Eid al-Adha holiday was this weekend, and people were crowding public places in celebration.

I-96 Shooter Back at It

Police in Michigan are looking for a shooter, who seems to be haunting Interstate 96.

On Saturday, two different people were shot at, as they drove the interstate, one of whom was shot in the buttocks.

Two weeks ago there were twenty-two reports of shootings happening along the freeway, none of them resulted in injuries.

Ballistics have proven that the earlier shootings were carried out with the same handgun, and police believe that Saturday's incidents were carried out by the same man.

In each case, a driver in a dark 1998 Toyota Camry or a 1998 Oldsmobile Alero took a shot at other motorists along the freeway.

Anyone with information should call Michigan Crime Stoppers at 800-773-2587.

Kansas and Missouri Looking for Missing Fourteen Year Old

Police in Missouri and Kansas are looking for missing fourteen year old, Adrianna Marie Deyarmond, of Kansas City, Missouri.

Adrianna was last seen on October 25, around 9pm CDT.

She is described as five foot four, one hundred and thirty-two pounds, with blue eyes and brown hair, and has a small round scar on her left cheek.

When she was last seen she was wear a navy blue hoodie with white writing, dark blue skinny jeans, and grey tennis shoes.

No amber alert has been issued, as police consider her a run away.

Anyone with information should contact the Kansas City Police at 816-234-5043, with case number 1205173.

CBI Releases 2012-13 Index

The Country Brand Index has been released for the eighth year.

CBI grades countries in various categories, each year, and then releases them in a ranked system.

For 2012-13, the United States will be listed eighth, dropping two spots.

The only category in which the US leads the world, is night life.

Switzerland and Canada switched first and second place, with Switzerland leading in the most categories.

Despite leading many of the other categories, Sweden came in fourth, behind Japan.

New Zealand, Australia, and Germany all finished ahead of the US, with Finland and Norway closing the top ten.

Saudi Arabia Attempts to Keep Politics Out of Haj

Syrian pilgrims attempted to begin an anti Assad regime protest, in Mina, Saudi Arabia, on Sunday.

Saudi Arabian police moved quickly to disperse the protesters, and no violence occurred.

The country is working hard to keep politics from becoming involved in the annual haj, asking pilgrims to focus on the rituals involved.

Muslims are required to make the pilgrimage to Mecca, at least once in their lives, the haj began on Wednesday and ends Tuesday.

In efforts to keep it safe, Saudi Arabia has spent millions on installing security cameras into place in the area.

Ukraine Holds Parliamentary Elections

Ukrainians hit the polls on Sunday, as Parliamentary voting takes place.

All four hundred and fifty seats are being voted on, during this election.


Canadian Spy Shared Allied Information

For five years, Lieutenant Jeffrey Delisle gave secret information to the Russians, and it all began when he found out his wife was cheating on him.

Delisle was a Canadian naval intelligence analyst who had access to the top secret "Stone Ghost" system, where Canada, the US, UK, New Zealand, and Australia share naval intel.

When he found out about his wife, he went to the Russian embassy and offered to share information in exchange for three thousand dollars a month.

He shared the information by copying the information to a floppy disk, which he then transfered to a memory stick, that he would take home. Once home he loaded the information onto a private email account, where he saved it as a draft. His Russian handler would then log in to the email and take the information.

It is unclear what all information he gave the Russians, but that it was five years worth of information suggests that there very likely is some extremely crucial information.

Upon being caught, earlier this month, Delisle confessed everything and pleaded guilty, meaning there will be no trial.

Hurricane Sandy Begins US Strike

Hurricane Sandy began to effect the Eastern US, as it closed in on the seaboard.

As it collides with a winter storm, heading down from the arctic, it will bring as much as a foot of rain or two feet of snow, to twelve different states.

Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, DC, and parts of North Carolina have already declared varying levels of emergencies and warnings, as they brace for the impact.

In New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, and other cities all mass transit will be shut down as of 7pm EDT, schools will be closed on Monday, and low lying areas are being evacuated.

Evacuations of coastal areas, all up and down the eastern coast, have been announced, with most being voluntarily, but some being mandatory.

Airlines have cancelled more than five thousand flights, due to the storm, and Amtrak has announced a suspension of service in the affected areas.

Sandy is expected to make landfall, somewhere in the Mid Atlantic, on Monday evening, but hurricane winds will be striking the coast by Sunday night.

Expectations are for millions to lose power, land line phones, and possibly cell service.

The Hurricane killed at least sixty people, as it made it's way through the Caribbean.

Israel Swiftly Responds to Rocket Attack

Gaza militants launched rockets into Israel, on Sunday, ending a three day halt in the fighting.

The rockets did not cause any casualties.

Israel quickly responded with an air strike, which killed one militant and injured another.

It is yet unclear if this was an isolated occurrence, or whether rocket attacks will return to the numbers seen last week.

Last Tuesday and Wednesday saw around a hundred rockets launched, injuring at least six people in Israel.

Third Day For Chinese Protests Against Chemical Plant Expansion

Hundreds to thousands of people have continued to protest in Ningbo, China, for a third day.

They are protesting a planned expansion of a chemical factory.

Friday and Saturday saw dozens arrested and some injuries as protesters clashed with police.

Sunday saw the government agree not to expand, but they wouldn't give much details, causing the protesters to doubt their word.

Meetings between local citizens and the government have not gone well, according to local activists.

Some have reported that social media sites and photo uploading have been blocked, in the area.

La Parada Riots Enter Third Day

Riots in Peru have continued into their third day.

Authorities are trying to shut down La Parada, an extremely popular market, in Lima.

Officially they are doing so due to concerns over the cleanliness of the market, but it is used quite heavily by black marketeers.

Police have used tear gas, rubber bullets, and batons as they try to accomplish the closure.

At least four people have been killed, dozens injured, and over one hundred arrested.

Ten Dead After Suicide Bombing in Nigeria

A man drove an explosive loaded vehicle into a Nigerian church, Sunday morning, killing eight and injuring over one hundred.

The blast took out a wall of St Rita's and shook the town of Malali.

After the attack, angry Christian youths went into a Muslim neighborhood and killed at least two, before police were able to block their path.

Boko Haram, while not claiming responsibility, has been blamed for the attack, as they've attacked churches in similar ways before.

The terrorist group has been trying to turn Nigeria into a Muslim state, since 2009.

Around three thousand people have been killed since they began their attacks.

7.7 BC Quake Evacuates Hawaiian Beaches

A 7.7 earthquake was recorded just after midnight PST in the Queen Charlotte Islands, off British Columbia.

Aftershocks up to 6.3 have followed the quake.

Tsunami warnings were issued for the BC, Washington, and Hawaiian coasts.

Entire communities were evacuated from some British Columbian islands, but they have since been allowed to return.

Over 100,000 people were evacuated from Hawaiian coastal areas, but no big wave came.

Officials in Hawaii are keeping beaches closed, for now, as a precaution.

No major damage or injuries have been reported, anywhere, due to the quake.