Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Obama’s Second Term Agenda Recycles Failed First Term Policies

On Tuesday, the Obama campaign released a 20 page pamphlet which outlines President Obama’s second term agenda, which is essentially the same as his first term agenda.

Mike Allen, of Politico writes: “This is a re-packaging of the plans the president has previously announced of manufacturing, education, energy.”

And, CNN’s Jessica Yellin commented that “there’s not anything significantly new in here.” Yellin went on to say: “He’s just never put it out in a booklet like this. We heard these same details at the Democratic convention. We’ve heard them from his mouth on the campaign stump for days and months and weeks. And so my point is there’s not anything significantly new in here. It’s just all compiled in a nice booklet now. So we get the point that there is something, but you can still critique it for lacking details about will he pursue immigration reform, what specifically would the tax reform plan look like drilling down into the details.”

While Obama continues to tout his big plan for the manufacturing sector, it should be noted that since he took office the US has lost 610,000 manufacturing jobs and is no longer the world’s leading manufacturer.

The president has also invested in a dubious lineup of green energy companies, to the detriment of US taxpayers.  He has funneled billions of dollars into failed investments such as Fisker and Solyndra, while coal production and employment has been falling. At the same time, oil production on federal lands decreased by fourteen percent in 2011 and natural gas production dropped by nine percent.

The president has promised not to raise taxes on some small businesses but has fondly embraced a plan to increase taxes on successful small businesses. Add to that the vast array of regulations this administration has imposed on businesses, it spells continuing doom for small businesses and for the economy.

Additionally, the president’s deficit reduction plan doesn’t hold up, upon closer inspection.  As policy director, Lanhee Chen explains it:
“The President repeats his brazen and false claim that he has a plan to reduce the deficit by four trillion dollars. In fact, as independent fact checkers have concluded that number simply doesn’t hold up. Instead of living up to his promise to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term, the President has instead racked up the four straight trillion-dollar deficits. Instead of slowing the growth of the national debt, President Obama has added more than $5.5 trillion to that debt. And the reality of the President’s budget plan for the future is illustrated perfectly by this chart from his own budget:” (chart)
So, if Obama wins the election, we can look forward to four more years of the same damaging policies that have wreaked havoc on this country and have caused damage abroad.

Click here to view the pamphlet.

17 Year Old Arrested in Ridgeway Case

Seventeen year old Austin Siggs has been arrested for the murder of ten year old Jessica Ridgeway.

He is also being charged with an attempted abduction in May.

The twelve year old was kidnapped on October 5, and her body was found on October 10.

Siggs was arrested by Westminster police, on October 23, after he called them and confessed.

When police arrested him he waived his rights, allowing them to completely interrogate him about both cases.

TORARADICALcom Endorses Romney Ryan in 2012

It's that time of an election year in which news sources give their endorsements to politicians. As this is our first year in service, it's our first chance to do so. The staff of the site have agreed, unanimously, upon a choice for President of the United States of America. At this time we only have plans for a Presidential endorsement, but that might expand.

President Obama has not actually done anything to improve the state of the country. His plans, in 2012, are the same ones he put forth in 2008. When he has actually accomplished things, they fly as insults to what the US is supposed to stand for. Under the President, things have gone from bad to worse. Instead of improving the economy, things have gone further down hill. Instead of creating jobs, he has lost more. Instead of ending wars, he has involved us in more. Instead of defending the Constitution, he has tried to make it irrelevant. There is no way we can conscience supporting him in any way, and we seriously doubt the country could survive another four years of him.

We believe, with the choices given us, that Romney is the one to back in 2012. Romney is the candidate who more closely embodies what America is supposed to stand for. He believes in a strong economy, strong military, and actually working to create jobs and decreasing government. The Governor has an actual plan, based in math, instead of just hope. His record proves that he is a capable leader and while we may not agree with every decision, he is clearly the better choice in 2012. Due to this, it is the Romney Ryan campaign who will be receiving our full backing.

Arrest Made in Ridgeway Case

Westminster Police have announced that they have made an arrest in the Jessica Ridgeway case.

Late Tuesday night, a call gave them a tip, which led them to a home near the Ketner Lake Open Space.

The person they arrested is being charged with her murder as well as an attempted kidnapping in May.

More information will be released at a press conference, to be held at noon MDT.

Missouri Amber Alert: Abigail Berthoff

Missouri police have issued an amber alert for five year old Abigail Berthoff.

She is described as having a "medium complexion, black hair, and brown eyes" and was last seen wearing a pink princess night gown.

Police say that she was kidnapped, just before 7am Wednesday, in Poplar Bluff, by convicted sex offender Jeffrey Dean Shelton, forty-six.

Shelton is described as being a six foot tall, white male, with green eyes, brown hair, and has a scar near his left eye.

He was driving a Silver 2001 Nissan Pathfinder with the license plate PJ8-Z5M.

Anyone with information should call the Butler County Sheriff's Department at 573-785-8444 or the Poplar Bluff Police Department at 573-785-5776.

Islanders Moving

There might not actually even be hockey this season, but things are still occurring in the league.

The New York Islanders will be moving in 2015 from the Nassau Colosseum to Barclay's Center in Brooklyn.

Their name will stay the same, under the new lease agreement, which will last until 2040.

At Barclay's they'll join basketball's New York Knicks.

6 People Injured as Hamas Throws Rockets at Israel

More than seventy rockets have been fired into Israel, from Gaza, during Tuesday and into Wednesday.

At least five people have been injured in the attacks.

Also on Tuesday, an Israeli soldier was injured when a bomb detonated near him, along the border.

Prime Minister Netanyahu promised that there would be retaliation for the attacks, and there was.

Israeli tanks and jets fired at rocket launch sites, killing four Hamas members, and injuring another three.

Hamas continues to fire rockets into Israel, but Iron Dome batteries have been brought in to protect the region, and they are now being stopped.

Due to the threat, more than two hundred thousand Israeli school children have been sent home, as schools are closed.

Possible Cease Fire in Syria

Lakhdar Brahimi, the UN's envoy to Syria, announced that he has worked out a cease fire.

According to Brahimi, President Bashar Assad will announced the government's acceptance of the terms, either on Wednesday or Thursday.

The cease fire is set to begin on Friday, and will last through the four day Eid al-Adha holiday.

Rebel forces are apparently going to wait to see if the government holds up their end of the agreement before fully backing it.

Emails Show White House Knew Benghazi Was Terrorist Act

According to emails that CNN obtained, and semi released, the White House, State Department, and FBI were aware that the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, was indeed a terrorist action. And they were aware of such within two hours of the attack, which killed four Americans, including the US ambassador to Libya.

Despite that, the administration called it an impromptu protest that ended up violent. It wasn't until eight days later, amidst public outcry, that they finally started calling it an organized terrorist attack.

So it wasn't enough that the administration failed to protect the staff, by not providing Marine guards, or allowing the locally hired guards to carry ammo, or that there was warning the attacks would occur, and time to call in troops from elsewhere to protect them, but the administration buried it's head in the sand.

It can only be surmised that they tried to deny the true nature of the attack, in hopes no one would figure out that they had abandoned this group of Americans. One must begin to wonder if Ambassador Stevens knew something damaging to the administration, and that this was intended as a quick way of making sure he kept quiet.

No Secretary Clinton, you can not take the full responsibility for this. Not only did Obama claim responsibility, in the second Presidential debate, but now, thanks to CNN, we know that he knew about it at the same time as you did. Both of you are to blame for the, at what is in it's best light, a bumbling of security. And you should both be held accountable for it.

Romney Ryan at Red Rocks

Tuesday night, the Romney Ryan campaign swung through Denver once again. This time the venue was Red Rocks amphitheater where at least ten thousand packed in, with hundreds more turned away, due to it's being over capacity.

A few Colorado politicians opened up the night, then introducing Colorado Rockies baseball player Todd Helton to the crowd, his introduction was the first truly loud moment of the night.

Following Helton, came country music star Rodney Atkins, who gave a great show, singing songs about the greatness of America, as well as some of his other hits. He in turn was followed by Kid Rock, who gave what for him was a toned down performance, mostly by it's acoustic nature. Both musicians gave a few words of why Romney was the right guy.

When the music ended, a few more speakers gave their talks, with New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez giving a well crafted speech and then coming back out to introduce Paul Ryan. Ryan's speech was superb and to the point. He showed off his qualities and had the leadership we'd come to expect.

However, the Romney that came out after Ryan was not the one we'd seen in the debates, or at CPAC Colorado. Romney at first seemed overwhelmed by the sheer mass of the crowd. His speech came off slow and long winded, and caused some interest to be lost. We got to see the politician much more than the leader that we'd come for. Most of the crowd was simply too excited by the night to stop cheering for him, but it was obvious that a lot of his support is still not for Romney, simply anti Obama.

One thing is sure though, Colorado is definitely not a clean cut victory for Obama, no matter what the main stream media says. Colorado is very likely still the purplest state in the country, and we'll still be waiting for election day to find out who the state will pick.

Wetmore Fire up to 2,000 Acres and 12 Structures

More than three hundred fifty people have been evacuated from Wetmore, Colorado due to a wildfire.

Evacuees are being sent to Florence's Southern Baptist Church.

The fire has burned over two thousand acres, taking at least twelve structures with it.

Luckily no injuries have yet been reported.

High winds have pushed the fire along, helped along by gusts as high as eighty-nine miles per hour.

Forecasts have winds continuing through Wednesday, but colder weather is coming in that might bring rain and snow.

Highway 96 is closed at Lake Pueblo, for westbound travelers.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.