Monday, October 22, 2012

7 Killed in Continuing Violence in Lebanon

At least seven people were killed during clashes in Lebanon, on Monday, following six being killed Sunday.

Fighting occurred in Tripoli and Beirut between Syrian sects, as well as military forces.

Protesters have blocked roads, in many areas, with burning tires, throwing rocks and bottles at anyone who came near.

Violence began, after the funeral for Brigadier General Wissam al-Hassan.

Al-Hassan was the head of Lebanon's domestic security forces' intelligence division and was very prominent in fighting Syrian influence in the country.

Syria has been accused of orchestrating his death, and calls have come for the resignation of anyone in the government perceived as having ties with them.

Italian Court Convicts 7 For Not Predicting Quake

A court L'Aquila, Italy convicted seven scientists for not predicting an earthquake, in 2009, that killed three hundred and eight people.

The seven scientists were charged with manslaughter, and are facing fines of hundreds of thousands of euros, but there are chances for them appeal the decision.

Seismologists across the world have been calling the court a "witch hunt" ever since the trial was announced.

Scientists have pointed out that there is simply no way, by current science, for anyone to predict when and where a quake is going to happen.

UCI Removes Armstrong's Wins

Lance Armstrong was officially stripped of his seven Tour de France titles, on Monday.

He was also banned, for life, from cycling by the International Cycling Union, who recognized
United States Anti Doping Agency's charges against him.

The UCI had avoided doing so for a time, but with mounting evidence against Armstrong they felt they had no choice left anymore.

Over the last week Armstrong has been dropped by several sponsors, and removed himself from being the head of his cancer fighting organization, Livestrong.

Teen Growing Out Hair to Donate Threatened With Suspension

A teenager in Canton, Ohio is being threatened with suspension over the length of his hair.

Canton South High School Junior Zachery Aufderheide is growing out his hair, so that he can donate it to Locks of Love.

The organization takes long enough hair to make hair pieces for cancer survivors, under the age of eighteen.

Zachery is close to his goal of having enough to donate.

Now the staff of his high school have told him he must cut it, or face suspension as it violates a school dress code.

According to Zachery, back in September, when school started, he explained to the school what he was doing, and they verbally approved it.

He is now fighting for an exception, so that he can grow the last bit and continue his plans to donate the hair.

Finnish Police Keep Man From Stabbing Prime Minister

Finnish police stopped a man from stabbing the Prime Minister, on Monday.

Jyrki Katainen was in Tukru, campaigning for local elections when a man came at him with a knife.

According to witnesses, the man was behaving erratically.

At this time no further information has been released about the assailant.

The Prime Minister was unharmed and later continued his greeting of citizens. 

Katainen has unified the Finnish government in ways previously rarely seen, getting most of the parties of Parliament to unite behind him.

Early Voting in Colorado Begins

Early voting began in Colorado, on Monday.

That option will be available through November 2.

Offices of the county clerk and recorder can tell voters where their early locations are located.

Voters still have until October 30 to request a mail in ballot.

Over thirty thousand have already used the mail to vote.

Votes put through by mail or early will not be counted until election day, on November 6.

Korean Activists Launch Their Balloons Despite Ban

Despite being banned from doing so by South Korea, activists launched their balloons on Monday.

Many of the activists were blocked by police, from reaching their launch area, but some made it and went ahead with the launch.

It is yet unclear if the balloons, carrying messages critical of the North, made it over the border.

The North had threatened military action if the launch occurred, but so far nothing has happened.

South Korea has warned citizens, who live near the border, to get into bomb shelters, just in case the North goes through with their threats.

Troops in South Korea are maintaining their highest alert level.