Sunday, October 21, 2012

South Korea on Highest Alert

On Monday, South Korean forces went to their highest alert level and has begun mobilizing troops north.

They are responding to reports that North Korean self propelled artillery and other troops have moved south towards the border.

North Korea has promised a military response if a planned leaflet dropping isn't stopped by the South.

Defectors from the North are working with humans rights group to use balloons to drop thousands of leaflets on the North through Monday.

The leaflets will contain messages critical of the North's government and encourage people to defect to the South.

Review: Halo 4 Forward Unto Dawn

Earlier today we finally got the chance to catch up on the live action webisode series, Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn.

The series, made by Machinima, and based on the Halo gaming series, started October 5, with episodes two and three coming out on the following Fridays.

For the most part we are following a squad of cadets at one of the UNSC's military academies.

Cadet Lasky being our focus, we see his struggles to stay in the academy and get along with his fellow cadets.

At the same time we see glimpses of Master Chief frozen in a ship, and Commander Lasky attempting to rescue him.

So far the series is off to a great start, the short fifteen to twenty minute episodes leave you wanting more.

You can catch episode four on Friday, October 26.

For now, you can start with the first three:

3 Killed in Mass Shooting in Brookfield Wisconsin

A mass shooting occurred at Azana Salon and Spa, across the street from Brookfield Square Mall in Brookfield, Wisconsin, just after 11am CDT, Sunday. Three people were killed in the attack and four were treated at Froedtert Hospital, with non critical injuries.

What is believed to be an improvised explosive device was found on the scene of the shooting, leading to bomb squad involvement. SWAT teams searched through the nine thousand square foot spa, not immediately finding a shooter, causing police to begin a manhunt.

The manhunt lasted a few hours before the body of the suspect was found somewhere in the building. He died of a self inflicted gun shut wound. During the manhunt Brookfield Square Mall, Westmoor Country Club, Froedtert Hospital, and the nearby Children's Hospital were all on lock down. Several roads in the were shut down.

Brookfield Square is located less than twenty miles from the Sikh temple in Oak Creek, which experienced a mass shooting, in August. Another mass shooting took place just a few blocks down the road from the mall, in March 2005.

Kuwaiti Police Disperse Protesters With Tear Gas and Concussion Grenades

Kuwaiti police tussle with protesters earlier this week
Police in Kuwait fired teargas into groups of protesters to disperse them, on Sunday.

Protesters had massed in several parts of the capital city, preparing to march on government buildings.

Security forces were sent out to surround each of the groups, giving them minutes to leave.

When the groups didn't leave in time, police fired tear gas, and in some cases concussion grenades into the massed people.

Injuries have been reported, but in what numbers is not yet known.

Officials of the Interior Ministry had warned that no protests would be allowed.

Preview: Chinese Zodiac

In May, Jackie Chan announced that Chinese Zodiac would be the last action film in which he acts.

Chan not only stars in this movie, but is the writer, director, and one of the producers.

He has been working on this film, for over fifteen years, and hopes it'll be his epitomizing work.

In the trailer you can definitely tell the martial arts master choreographed the fighting.

Jackie plays Asian Hawk, a world renowned thief, who is attempting to recover lost Chinese artifacts, for his home country.

Auction house in Europe are selling off the heads of statues that were stolen, hundreds of years ago, each of the heads represents a sign of the Chinese zodiac.

Asian Hawk must break into national museums, private homes, and secret bunkers as he avoids and escapes from private guards and military forces.

He also faces dissension and betrayal from amongst his own team of thieves.

Chinese Zodiac hits theaters December 12, 2012.

Steal a Base Steal a Taco During the World Series

Taco Bell has announced that, for the sixth time, it will hold it's Steal a Base, Steal a Taco campaign during the World Series.

During the World Series you can get one free, if anyone steals a base during the series.

If the base stealing occurs in games one through four free tacos will be available from 2-6pm, on October 30.

Any stolen bases during games five through seven will result in the tacos being given away from 2-6pm, on November 5.

This year the prize will be a Doritos Locos Taco, which the company came out with, earlier this year.

Doritos Locos Tacos are made with a special shell, which is really just one big Doritos chip shaped to form your taco shell.

Shophouse Southeast Asian Kitchen Expanding

Shophouse Southeast Asian Kitchen has had a successful first year in it's location at Dupont Circle, in Washington DC.

Now owner Steve Ells, who is also the owner of Chipotle, has announced two more expansions will be opened.

One of those will be in Georgetown, just about a mile away from the original location, the other will be clear across the country, in Los Angeles.

As the name of the restaurants state the food is southeast Asian focused, rather than all over Asia like Pei Wei, or just Chinese or Japanese like many places across the US.

It's based upon the same idea as Chipotle, with a line of staff creating your meal, step by step, prepping the food for you in moments.

The moves to expand it clear across the country have brought back talk that the new chain will eventually cover the country, just as Chipotle does.

Blue to Gold: ARMY Pfc. Shane G. Wilson

ARMY  Pfc. Shane G. Wilson, twenty, of Kuna, Idaho, died October 18, in Khost, Afghanistan.
Wilson was assigned to 3rd Battalion, 187th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), Fort Campbell, Ky.

His family released this statement: "Shane died in the service of his country, and this is a very sad day for our family. He wanted to be a military man from a very young age and was proud to be a soldier. Shane was a very humble young man and was indeed one of the best men we've ever known. We loved him for so many reasons, including his loyalty, and he knew how to keep a confidence. He was caring and compassionate, and he always placed others before himself. He will be missed by his entire family, including his mother, father, two sisters, grandparents and great-grandparents. We are very proud of him and we do not want him to be forgotten."

3 More US Banks Fail

Three more US banks failed, on Friday, bringing the 2012 total to forty-six.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. seized Excel Bank in Sedalia, Missouri, GulfSouth Private Bank, in Destin, Florida, and First East Side Savings Bank, in Tamarac, Florida.

Other banking establishments, around the country, took over the accounts of the three.

Bank closures are down from last week, but still averaging more than one a week.

Austere Challenge 12 Between US and Israel Begins

Israel and the US began Austere Challenge 12, on Sunday.

It is a series of anti missile exercises, set to take go on for the next three weeks.

Austere Challenge 12 is designed to test Israel's capabilities in missile defense.

Some of the exercises will have simulated missiles coming from all hostile nations in the area, seeing if Israel can withstand that kind of all out attack.

Thirty-five hundred US troops and a thousand Israelis are involved in the defense exercises.

Only a thousand of the US troops will actually be in Israel, the rest are in Europe and the Mediterranean.

Argentina Evacuating Ship Seized by Ghana

Ghana has seized an Argentinian navy vessel, the ARA Libertad, holding it until NML Capital Ltd., based in the Caymans, is paid money that it says Argentina owes it.

NML Capital Ltd. says that the country owes them close to three hundred and fifty million dollars, but will allow the ship to be free for twenty million.

Argentina is calling the move "an attack that is nothing more or less than a kidnapping, an extortion and an act of piracy against a sovereign nation".

President Cristina Fernandez has for now announced that all but a skeleton crew, of the original 326, will be removed from the vessel.

A Ghanian judge ruled that the ship could not be refueled, leaving it without even basic power.

They've tried arguing with Ghana that military vessels are not eligible for seizure as collateral, but that was rejected by the judge.

Beirut Descends Into Riot

Angry protesters in Beirut have attempted to storm the Lebanese government offices, on Sunday.

Police are defending the complex, firing tear gas at the rioting mob, in attempts to stop them. They've also fired live rounds into the air, in hopes of deterring them. Latest reports have the military deploying around the perimeter.

The protesters are demanding that the Prime Minister resign, after the car bombing, which occurred Friday. Saturday the PM did tender his resignation, but the President rejected it, stating that he was still needed.

Protesters feel that the Prime Minister has too close of ties with Syria, who is widely accused as being behind the bombing, which targeted Brigadier General Wissam al-Hassan. Al-Hassan was the head of Lebanon's domestic security forces' intelligence division and was very prominent in fighting Syrian influence in the country.

Denver's 2012 Zombie Crawl

Zombies invaded Denver, on Saturday, by the thousands.

Horrible sites awaited many as they saw the torn apart flesh of their neighbors, of all ages.

The sixteenth street mall was the area for their congregation.

Over ten thousand people were drawn by the 2012 Zombie Crawl.

For some people it was just a little make up, others took it to creative levels that Hollywood artists would be jealous of.

The festive mood brought in thousands of more people who weren't dressed for the occasion.

Zombie Crawl began in 2006, founded by Danny Newman, who got the idea from seeing a similar event in San Fransisco.

Every year it draws more people, and is one of the top zombie meetups in the world.

Even Governor Hickenlooper was caught take part this year.